*NEW Cordless Flat Iron by Conair 🤔

– Hello, my lovelies. Today we’re testing
another cordless flat iron. So this one is the new
brand Unbound by Conair, So I’m just gonna heat this up. I’m gonna heat it up to 320 They have four heat settings, 280 until 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So, 280, 320, 360, and 400. So, let’s try this out. I’m excited, I’m slightly nervous because the cord-free run
time is only 25 minutes You can’t use this plugged in You can only use it unplugged. So it’s a huge already negative for me, but the huge positive is titanium plates. So, I’m excited for that. Let’s see what the hair looks like before. I am going to be curling my hair. I wanna see how long
this battery will last. If it’s gonna last for a full 25 minutes or if it’s gonna last for a
good 15 or even 10 minutes. Give it a little twist and take it down Seems pretty smooth, nice, nice. I like that. I am on 320 degrees Fahrenheit. So far it’s pretty easy, the hair is sliding really nicely through and it is feeling pretty warm on the hair, but it doesn’t feel like
it’s burning my hair. I’m gonna have Andrey
check the temperature, but he’s gonna check the
temperature of the hair because this right here,
the plates are very shiny and they’re mirror-like,
so it’s gonna be hard to get a really accurate reading. So he’s gonna get accurate
reading for the hair. I wanna see how hot the hair is getting after getting off of the plates, and I do like the curvature of the plates. They’re not like a regular
straight flat iron. It has a nice curve on both sides. So, it does make it a little bit easier to curl the hair and I am
going in alternating directions just to kind of break it apart. All right, it’s running
roughly around 170 on the hair which is actually really good. The one thing I don’t like about this, it’s not really telling me
how much battery I have left ’cause when it charges, it actually shows the
battery at the very bottom. So, why wouldn’t it show the
battery while it’s in use? I feel like it’s running
a lot less than 320. – [Andrey] Yeah.
– I feel like it’s high 200s, not 320. So I’m gonna bump this up because the hair is not really heating through as well as I want it to, so
I’m gonna bump it up to 360. And I don’t wanna leave it
on too long on the plates. So you see, you can curl your
hair multiple different ways. You can curl it using
up, the plate’s going up and kind of just twisting away from you or you can use it like I have been and just go with the, I keep
calling it curling iron. Go with the flat iron down. I’m just measuring it right now
using my digital thermometer and I’m just pressing
the plates on top of it. I wanna see if it goes above. It might just because
I’m putting force on it, so it’s 350. Nope, it’s not going above 352. So it’s between 351 and 350 and 352 and it’s just kind of staying between that and I have it set at 360. So, 10 degrees below, 10 degrees above. That’s usually what I have. Noticed with a lot of
other heat-styling tool, that’s usually where the
temperature will gauge. I really am enjoying the
plates, they’re very smooth. They’re working with
you and not against you which is a huge positive in my book. It reminds me of the Kristin
Ess Flat Iron, very good, except this is cordless
which is really awesome and I know a lot of people are enjoying the cordless hair tools,
great for on the go. I’m just going over the ends
even though I don’t need to. I really wanna see how it works. If it smooths it out, if it
creates a little bit extra frizz and so far I’m actually quite happy with how it’s performing. Like I said, I really like the
curved plates on the outside. That’s making it really easy and it’s not creating as
much tension on the hair. It’s kind of helping to curve the hair. You see, it kind of just
curves around the plates and around the packaging
and it really helps. Like I said, it’s working with you and not against you which is
a huge positive. A lot of times, flat irons, they’re very hard to work with and to curl your hair, it’s a lot harder and that’s when I find that the plates and the packaging around the plates, it’s so straight, it kind of starts sheering your hair and it creates that extra tension and it creates these lines in your hair that is not flattering. So, I find that a lot of flat irons that have a little bit
of a curve on the outside actually goes a long way. The one negative I do wanna
say is because the plates, they don’t reach the very
top of the packaging, there’s a good half an inch in between the spacing of packaging
before it gets the plates. When the hair reaches that, it can kind of create a
little bit of extra tension and it kind of sounds like
it’s sheering the hair. I’m trying to be very careful
as to where I place my hair so it doesn’t fall off the plates. Hm, what is going on here? Having a hard time curling
these sections of hair and it’s not like they’re
thick or anything. The heating in here is a
little bit inconsistent. Yeah, it looks like it’s slowing down. It’s not even hitting 300, it’s 268, 269, and we’re at 360. Like I said, something
with the temperature. It keeps fluctuating a lot. And we’re at 20-minute mark right now, so pretty much I have five minutes left. I’ll definitely
finish in five minutes. This usually takes me roughly 10 minutse. I’m just trying to really
take my time and see how much I can get out of it, yeah, you can see right away
it’s not even heating the hair through. It’s having a really hard time. I have to go super slow. And I can actually feel it in the hair. It’s not as hot anymore. At 360 the hair should
feel hot to the touch. This is not even warm. All right, definitely finished
the hair, happy about that. Gonna spray a little bit of texture spray ’cause my hair is super silky right now ’cause it’s really freshly cleaned. Just to kind of help
break apart these curls. And I’m using the Oribe Texture Spray. All right so overall I
think it did actually a pretty good job for what
I was trying to achieve. Like I said, some curls are a
little bit more inconsistent, but that’s totally fine. That’s kind of just if somebody asked, be like, “That’s exactly
what I was going for, “thank you for noticing.” (laughs)
You know what I mean? But the one other thing, like I said, That’s very worrisome to me is the inconsistency of
the heat, it fluctuates. I thought it was gonna
be 10 plus 10 minus 10, but it fluctuates 100
degrees plus or minus. Not plus, it’s more minus. It doesn’t really even get to your desired temperature setting. I think I understand why they’re doing it is because it is cordless and they’re trying to get as much battery as they possibly can out
of this tool in 25 minutes and because you do have so many various temperature settings. It’s trying to work as long as possible, but it’s very inconsistent
heating which is rough and it doesn’t make it as enjoyable and it doesn’t really give it the best results in the long run. The positives, I like
that it’s titanium plates. The plates are actually
very smooth on the hair, but they had enough tension that the hair didn’t
fall out of the plates. I like that the packaging
around the plates is curved a little bit so
it actually works with you instead of against you
when you do curl your hair. It doesn’t really straighten
as well as I would like. If you could just go over a section. Like I expect this to straighten very well and I would have to give
this multiple passes to actually straighten it. So, keeping that in
mind, I am curious to see how this works on super curly hair, someone’s naturally curly hair. This only has 25 minutes
for cord-free run time, so that, like I said,
makes me very worried for people that do have a lot of hair, a lot of very thick or super long hair or even longer hair than I do and if you tried to straighten your hair and it’s naturally curly, you might run out of time. This is more for touch-ups. This is more for curling the hair if you already have
curly hair or like I do, just giving it a nice
little bend here and there, giving it a curl. I like that you have temperature settings. I think that’s great. I like that this has a lock
button for traveling purposes. Another positive, cordless. I mean, that’s phenomenal. I think it’s great, it
doesn’t get in your way. You can go left to right in the back and you don’t have to
fix your cords around you which I think is a huge positive. I do wanna say the negative is that it doesn’t come
with a charging block. I don’t get why they don’t. I understand they’re trying
to save on packaging. They’re trying to save on
I don’t know what else, but it doesn’t come
with the charging block Please keep that in mind if you don’t have a charging block for a USB or a micro USB, you will need to go out and purchase one from, like I said, either Amazon, Target, Walmart or wherever else
you can buy electronics. [Andrey] Did you already say the battery indicator? – Oh yeah, the battery,
that’s a huge negative. It doesn’t have a battery
indicator anywhere, and I tried to turn it on and off again and the same thing, there’s
no battery indicator on the LCD, it’s so weird,
it’s so inconvenient. This is kind of the whole thing. I wanna see how much
battery life I have left, so either I can stop, put it
back on the battery to charge, go do my thing and then
come back and finish or please let me know
because I need to charge this for my next time use if
I still wanna use this or when I’m out camping doing something where I can’t charge how much
battery life do I have left? So, that’s a huge negative,
huge oversight in my opinion. How do they not think this is
something that a normal person or normal consumer would want to see? But then again, this tool,
this whole line was rushed to get on the market and a lot of things
that are happening here were not thought about
before it was released. So, I do wanna measure,
actually, the plates. Just out of curiosity. This is also by Conair,
this is their Infinity Pro. Wow, the plates are so much smaller. Look at the difference of that. But this right here, this is also titanium plates
by Conair Infinity Pro. It’s so good, it’s 45 bucks. So, overall, I’m sure a
lot of you are wondering, is this worth $100? In my opinion, no it’s not. Like I said, with the other
automatic cordless curling iron, these tools are in that 50
to $70 price range, not more. The reason why they’re still
in that $100 price range is because they’re one of the
very few cordless hair tools on the market and I’m not
talking about the butane, I’m talking more about the USB, the micro USB charged cordless flat irons, curling irons, hair tools
just in general, cordless. They’re still expensive just because they have pretty much
nobody else to compete with, so they’re gonna upcharge and overcharge as long as people are buying, but when other brands and
other tools start coming out on the market that are cordless,
definitely you’ll be able to find something cheaper
and, in my opinion, this is not $100 worth. This is, like I said,
50 to $70 price range. So, I think it’s great that our brands are trying to come out
with more of convenience type of tool, but I think the battery life and so many other details are
still such a far way to go. I do wanna show you guys a quick comparison with
another flat iron miniature and just a regular flat iron
you can find at the drug store. So this right here is a
mini T3 travel flat iron and, I mean, it’s tiny. Look how cute she is, but she works great because she has a little
bit of extra power because she’s corded, but, again, the plates are a lot smaller and they’re thinner. So I just wanted to show you
guys a comparison. The Conair Unbound are slightly longer, but they’re very similar in size. The only thing that’s longer
is this very top right here, this little extra packaging
that, like I said, I don’t like and it’s not needed there. So it’s kind of adding
that extra real estate that’s not even being used for plates. So here’s another regular flat iron from the drug store,
this is by Kristin Ess. It’s just regular size and you can see the difference right here. The plates look very small in comparison to a regular flat iron on the
market and this right here is an $80 flat iron
which I think is great. It works phenomenal, it’s very durable. I’ve had this for
already a couple of years and I really, really like her. She’s corded, but it’s really
good, but this right here, they’re competing against
regular flat irons but they perform like a travel size or mini that doesn’t really
have that much power. It’s not consistent just
because of the battery life. So, like I said, the battery
life has a long way to go and even the plates. They need to extend these plates to a regular, full-size flat iron. Please keep that in mind, all of these little tidbits
that I’m giving you. Do your research, see what
you want out of a hair tool because these are not cheap, these are $100 hair tools,
so it’s a good investment, but you wanna make sure it’s an investment that you’re gonna be using and
enjoying for your hair life. But for now you guys, thank
you so much for watching, spending time with me
and my cordless flat iron and I’ll see you in the
next one very soon, bye. [muah!]


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