hey there Rachel s Lee here and in this
video I’m going to give you my review / overview of the new clickfunnels
affiliate bootcamp you may have gone through the previous affiliate bootcamp
and you’re ready for some more affiliate marketing training I’m gonna share with
you my thoughts and opinions on how this training is this free training and the
paid version of the clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp if you don’t know yet
my name is Rachel Isley and I’m an affiliate marketer and I make videos
about affiliate marketing so if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to like
this video and follow me on Facebook and subscribe to the channel on YouTube so
I’ll put the links to this in the description above or below so you have
access to it and follow along but basically this is the opt-in page there
is let me move myself in there is a video from Russell Brunson if you had to
feed your family with nothing but affiliate Commission’s which is what I
do I mean I’m a family of one but I make a volte I’m living with affiliate
marketing and you had a hundred days to turn this hobby into your full-time
career what would you do so what’s really cool is Russell Brunson
and clickfunnels they interviewed a bunch of affiliates I’m gonna scroll
down not gonna like read the letter – you can read it but there’s 98 dream car
winners oh look there I am so oh and here’s my my trophy Mike my car trophy
so not only do I get commissions from click models but they pay for my car
which I don’t drive that much so yeah a letter letter letter I’m just going to
explain to you though what it is so they interviewed 15 super affiliates I am NOT
in this trading but I have a lot of free trainings here on Facebook and on my
YouTube and stuff so really great affiliates that they interviewed Steve
Larson and in its video trainings there’s video trainings and then you can
upgrade to also get the written ebook but um in the video training there’s
Steve Larson he talks about creating offer and offer
stacking and publishing Dave Gambrell hopefully we go we got to go on the
affiliate mastermind trip together my friend Rachel Peterson she talks about
relationship building Peng Joon’s in here there’s all my friends at my homies
– everyone’s super nice so it’s super generous that they shared everything
Greg’s talking about SEO jacob talking about automation
Dayna talking about a dream one hundred and collabing with other people
joe talking about youtube which is like one of my favorite things Spencer who’s
my main mentor talking about search traffic in here Marley talking about
YouTube Jr who actually really helped me um with ideas on how to get started with
affiliate marketing with click funnels he’s talking about using Facebook
there’s a bunch of plans in here 15 plans and you can’t roll up every plan
you’re not gonna succeed if you follow every plan so like watch all the videos
and then choose who’s 100 day blueprint plan you’re gonna go with so you can
just click the button and register and you get free access but let me scroll
down and show you something the thing is you only get it free for 14 days
so you opt-in split opt-in you get three videos on day one for videos on day two
for on day three and four on day four the thing is though most people do not
have the time to watch all of these like you’re not gonna finish it in four days
and you’ll feel rushed and then you don’t have access to it again um let me
scroll down so what they do have this option if you upgrade to the one funnel
of a challenge which everyone’s raving about I’m in it I just watch the videos
it’s super great super helped me make more money with affiliate marketing and
my own programs and even like helping clients – if you upgrade for that
training purchase 100 then you get to keep all the videos and
you get like 186 page ebook that you can print out that you can read that has all
the information on it I’ll show you guys in depth what it looks like but
basically yeah you get the whole one funnel away challenge and the Box this
is a bunch of interviews oh my gosh there’s so much in here there’s actually
the one funnel away challenge which is like 45 days of training there’s the 30
days book which is what two comma Club winners would do if they only had 30
days if they lost it all only had 30 days to start their business up and then
a bunch of their stuff that comes in the box mailed to your house plus all the
training online there is okay the hardcover book the the workbook which I
like to work on I like accountability partner and we work on it together the
mp3 player that has the trainings and then what’s cool and this is new this is
something they didn’t have before but it was still in my accounts if you already
have oh if they check to see if you have it but if not I would buy it again to
get access to the upgraded affiliate bootcamp where you get access just like
lifetime access you don’t have to go through all the content all the videos
within four days because most people don’t have time for that but if you want
the free version get the free version too the link is in below in the
description below or above and if you want to buy it then just enter your
email and you’ll see this page and you can join the challenge so you get the
e-book which you can print you get the lifetime access to the videos which I’ll
show you what they look like and behind-the-scenes walkthroughs and then
there’s a ton of reviews of people loving this stuff this is a thirty two
hundred dollar value you get all this stuff plus what’s crazy is you get my
crazy bonuses I also have bonuses I’ve in my other videos I probably
talked about other bonuses like my traffic course my email course my
youtube course my facebook chat bot course like all these bonuses and then I
decided for this round just give you guys all of them you get access to daily
Commission’s Club for a month it’s my program that at the moment cost
$700 to join and raising it to $1,000 but you get access for a month if you’re
already in daily Commission’s Club I’m gonna if you’re already in there we’re
gonna be doing I’ll be doing coaching calls and walkthroughs with you guys as
a bonus instead but the month bonus is great too you go all my content plus a
coaching call every single week for a month and what I decided to do is if
you’re like overwhelmed by all this cuz you’ve got to do off a challenge and the
affiliate bootcamp you can start your month of daily commissions Club in a
month from now so like you get you can do it start it a month later so you have
time to focus on it all um okay so one final way challenge is 100 bucks once
you’re in it looks like this you get access to all the fave idios those
30-day summit video videos and affiliate bootcamp summit and you have to get
access here and then it is here and it has all the interviews from everybody up
I would definitely check out them all but definitely watch Steve’s
watch Dana’s watch Spencer’s watch Jr’s watch Jacobs watch Craig’s like I don’t
know try to watch them all actually and you get behind-the-scenes videos too so
you get their main training and you get their bonus behind-the-scenes training
and then you also get the e-book which looks like this and it it gives you all
the rules and best practices for the click funnels affiliate program and then
it has everyone’s video turned into a chapter and it’s 186
pages it’s a lot you can print it out or not print it out but I would definitely
upgrade to the lifetime access it’s 100 bucks and you get a ton of funnel
training and affiliate training most people do not make money online with
affiliate marketing because they don’t know what to do or they have information
overload so go through the videos and then choose whose plan you want to go
with because all of these people are click funnels super affiliates making a
full-time income from just a click funnels affiliate program let alone
other affiliate programs too and I’ll have the dream car and it’s totally
possible for you the only difference between these people and the people who
haven’t got there yet is that people haven’t gone through yet just haven’t
put in the work yet because maybe they didn’t know what work to do and in this
training you get told exactly what to do plus you have the written blueprint if
you guys have any questions you can leave a comment and I will answer it and
then to claim your bonus from me if you buy it through my link just email me
rachel at rachel Esley comm and we will get you access to the bonuses

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