NEW JBL Clip 3 vs JBL Clip 2 – Which Sounds Best?

Today the JBL Clip 2 and JBL Clip 3 a quick guide to each bluetooth wireless speaker The JBL Clip 2 and Clip 3 allow you to wirelessly stream high quality sound from your smartphone or tablet. I detail the key differences that matter most and solve the mystery of the Bluetooth range. This one is the JBL Clip 2. Earlier this year I reviewed the JBL GO speakers and the popular JBL Clip is your next step up to longer battery life and a more robust portable speaker. the Clip 2 is around 1/3 less than its original price when launched so your target price should be around £30 or $40 U.S. Typically that’s around $20 less than the newer JBL Clip3 and what might surprise you is the Clip2 has features you might prefer over the newer speaker. So price is one factor separating these Bluetooth speakers. I purchased both speakers myself so just an honest appraisal. I got mine from local stores but later found better value online. I dropped links in the description to help you find the latest prices and hopefully saves you some money. If you buy a speaker following the link I may in a small amount which helps support the channel. Go ahead and subscribe to see more audio products to feature soon or hit the Like button at the end if you get what you wanted from the video. The external design differs for both units. The Clip2 has a carabiner secured to this chunky silicon type pivot point. It feels like it would dampen vibration when attached to something like your backpack or your bike. On the side you have flush integrated buttons for volume up and down, and a multi-function button for accepting calls play and pause. On the other side buttons for power, pairing and a microUSB port for charging. Both JBL speakers are ipx7 waterproof which is safe to 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes The clip 2 has a line-in cable that you can’t loose as it’s connected to the speaker. That’s a great feature. I’d be tempted to use this if connected to my laptop in preference to bluetooth. So what changed on the outside of the JBL Clip3? The carabiner is built-in and makes the speaker look like a giant padlock. It doesn’t feel as heavy duty as the old clip. They got rid of the fixed line-in. The rear of the speaker now has a rubber feel base. In fact they don’t even supply a 3.5 millimeter audio cable. That’s a cheap move. In a high street store those cables can be marked up around five thousand percent over the wholesale costs. Yeah I googled it and did the maths. It would have cost them almost nothing to throw one in the box. We now have the volume and play buttons migrated to the front. Overall the JBL Clip 3 is less likely to get damaged and more robust for outdoors use, whereas the Clip 2 as more versatile. Review sites give conflicting feedback on which sounds best. Both have a single 40 millimeter transducer. Here’s a short burst from each speaker [Music] Did you notice the difference? It’s not a great test because you’re listening to a recording and then played back through your own speakers. That said that the same conditions applied. Both JBL speakers impressed with substantial mids and bass that may not convey in this video. The JBL Clip2 output power is 3 watts and the Clip3 is 3.3 watts. You can get slightly more volume from the Clip 3. The Clip 3 has a 1000 milliamp hour battery versus 730 milliamp hour of the Clip2. Battery life is stated at 10 hours for the JBL Clip 3 with charge time of 3 hours. And 8 hours playback for the Clip2 with a charge time of two and a half hours. Curiously the Clip 2 has bluetooth 4.2 and the newer unit is using 4.1. Another big plus for the Clip2 is Wireless daisy chain capability. This allows you to wirelessly connect two Clip 2 speakers together for amplified sound. That feature is not available on the new JBL Clip 3. The manufacturers don’t say the Bluetooth range although they do state the transmitter power which is equal for both speakers. Online reports state a crazy 100 feet range for the Clip 3 and 20 feet for the Clip 2. Some others say 50 feet and some say 20 for both. That’s a real headache so I ignored all of that and tested each speaker myself. I got 50 feet range Bluetooth connectivity from the Clip 2 and 60 feet from the JBL clip 3. Each speaker has contrasting benefits making them equally appealing and hard to separate. Both have sturdy build quality and sound amazing. They’re not the same price. This one costs less and so the JBL Clip2 would be my personal choice. Which did you prefer

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