New Jurassic World Shopping Spree Fallen Kingdom Mattel Dinosaur Toys Target, Walmart April 16th

okay guys so here is all the toys that I
found today we’re gonna go ahead and take a close look at them and I did go
ahead and three targets and three Walmart stores so I will show you guys
the videos and let you know what my shopping experience was and what stores
you should is unless something changes Mattel is in serious trouble guys I went
to four Walmart’s today and none of them New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Mattel Dinosaur Toys Target, Walmart WD Toys April 16th I mean I
talked to the managers a lot of the stuff was in the back some of the
managers said they would get them out by Wednesday or so and it seems like
they’re not taking the TEL seriously so I really hope Motel could do a lot
better than you know what’s out there because they have a great product you
just gotta get the word out they got to get this to shopping centers where
people are gonna buy it because Walmart doesn’t seem to be taking them seriously
target was another matter target I went to three targets and all of them had a
really nice supply of toys and they had a lot of the Legacy Collection ones this
is one of the new Legacy Collection 1 so this one has an awesome velociraptor
Dilophosaurus compact compy dr. Ellen grant Velociraptor and Gallimimus and it
does have lost skin ah this one I believe I will be opening
up tomorrow so you want me to open that up tomorrow leave it in the comment
section like I said it does have standpoints and these really do look
like the classic and drastic bold ones because I won’t compare them to the odd
actually drastic particles I will compare them to the drastic Bart ones
you will see I did find two of the vehicles to off I did not find the
Mosasaurus anywhere guys and from what I’m seeing their hat this seems to be a
shortage of it even Mattel on their website says it’s not available so uh I
went ahead and today I bought it on eBay again I had to pay double retail price
but I really want to show you guys the Mosasaurus I’ve seen it in New York and
I’m super excited to show you guys so I will cover the higher price so you guys
could see it and scan it into the app anyways the deep sea submarine has all
kinds of moving parts it has room for two characters it says it really floats
it says try me oh I guess inside okay so it says in lights off the
works of figures it articulates it floats this submerges and here’s another
one of the vehicles you could buy I have not forgotten that well I did go ahead
and find this big one this is a gyrosphere blast vehicle Oh guys after I
show you the toys – I’m gonna show you guys the stores what they have on the
shelves and stuff cuz like I said I went to four Walmart’s and three targets I
only found actually one Walmart that had the toys and it was a regular Walmart
and they only had I think like two different so this one is says transports small
dinosaurs push button for a blasting escape fits most figures and then guys I
guess some really cool imagine next to toys to off a lot of all my fans thinks
Imaginex toys little kids okay it does say three to eight you know what they’re
fun I mean this one here if you push it opens
chomps the mall it’s got like a clear see-through eye a little diver here it
says imagine what’s next is this diver crazy and then they got a really
cool-looking Dilophosaurus if you push the button
this guy’s frills pop off opens mouth it does also have like a glass walking eye
looks like a shoes projectiles on here it says this dino doesn’t look so scary
right press to launch venom and open neck grille watch out for the venom and
then I really liked this one too this is a stigma lock and hood so has
jail cell here that closed it turn it pops open the stinking the lock could
escape it’s gotta own in the back with a little motorcycle says why is this Dino
being so hard-headed that’s funny and then i found dr. triceratops so I
guess that would be aa I guess a tribute to the first Jurassic there she comes
upon that sick Triceratops and she has to like dig in it’s Dino figure out this
is radio for backup to help you Dino use the Med scanner to check out the diner
what’s wrong with this triceratop and then I got a cool in the Raptor mask
this says ages 4 plus I tried it on myself and it actually works it has a
chin strap here so when you attach it to your chin when you open your mouth come
off on the mask opens and closes that’s cool and then I got another imagine next
set this is dr. Malcolm and Dimetrodon so this is a smaller set but this is
actually so far the only ones that has dr. Malcolm in it so hopefully they’re
gonna have in it a lot more okay then at Target I
also found a doctor Ellie Sattler which was the one action figure that I was
missing and she’s got copies on her then at Target I also found the drastic world
Legacy Collection this is the island explorers five pack of matchbox vehicles
I also found another 15 pack of surprise dinosaur toys these ones at Walmart are
only ten bucks the battle damage and you get 15 dinosaurs I mean they are smaller
and kind of simplistic but they still look really cool okay then from Walmart
I also found five of the Battle Damage dinosaurs this is Velociraptor blue with
the Battle Damage it says activate battle damage
Velociraptor blue here’s the other four which right now I do got all of them so
here is the Pachycephalosaurus you hit it here cool color battle damage
Triceratops here it it opens up all of these have scan codes to the battle
damage Stiggy malach hit it wound opens up head moves on two legs move scan code
and the battle damage for a soros okay so these are most of these are ones that
I found today ah today’s April 16th which is the first day that the drastic
world toys are available but guys I would suggest staying away from
Walmart’s because like I said four of them had nothing or very little bit
targets all the targets that want to have a good amount so I’ll keep watching
this video and you will see the stores I visit
and what they have on the show okay so here is the first target I went to you
can see some of the shelves are empty so uh looks like somebody’s already been in
here buying a bunch of stuff there you got the Velociraptor blue rip and roar
you got some action figures there a lot of empty spots oh and rip and roar
motorcycle here you’ve got some like moving skeleton ones you have a
velociraptor from the Legacy Collection the Legacy Collection ones you could
only buy at Target but they are totally awesome so a lot God
t-rex masks there you’ve got Triceratops you got diamond tour done here
you got velociraptor I also aw close in on the price on a lot of these so you
can see what price is there at there we got indominus I mean in the Raptor masks
Stegosaurus the extreme chomping the t-rex from the Legacy Collection this is
uh that cool five pack I bought that one two and then here you’ve got the
submarine you’ve got another six pack you got the gyrosphere remote control
the interrupter and here’s some lego sets a lego junior set another lego
junior and another lego junior and then here you got the big Imaginext the
Imaginext in the raptor you got some Imaginext bigger sets over here guess some of the smaller sets up there
I bought that Dimetrodon one there you get clear on the gyrosphere and then
here you got the big one big in the reputable so the first Walmart I went to
had nothing I had to ask the manager this here is all that was at the second
Walmart these imagine next ones yeah these were actually the second Walmart
did have the Imaginext ones that’s pretty much it over there and then here
we’re back at the second target here you can see the Imaginext vehicles that have
here well dinos in vehicles so it’s pretty much the same Imaginext sets so
target did a really good job of having pretty much all of the Imaginext sets there you can see the movement on the in
the raptor some lego junior sets carnal rapture set stinky malach break
out the helicopter pursue the pteranodon and then a couple of the DUPLO sets okay
and here’s the regular ones that they had at the second target you can see a
bunch of the action figures the second target actually had a lot more figures
and action figures than the first one it looks like the first one maybe was rated
by a collector or something so here you got a bunch of the matchbox vehicles in
the Raptor mask more five matchbox pack blue Velociraptor blue claws extreme
chomping t-rex you have the thrash and throw t-rex that was actually most
targets have the thrash and throw so that’s cool a bunch of blind bags you
have Velociraptor blue and O n the Velociraptor blue masks the Stegosaurus
the classic Jeep Wrangler here you got a six pack of Jurassic world dinos
for fifty dollars and you have the super colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex ok then here
we’re moving on to this is the third target so this one had probably the most
out of all the targets where you see more of the action figures the mini
dinos Velociraptor blue regular Velociraptor the three pack I’m trying
to zoom in on the prices so you can see the prices – it’s on a motorcycle
Allosaurus Metro campus or Velociraptor blue claws five pack a
matchbox a bunch of single matchbox vehicles t-rex mask moving skeletons you put it together and
they have action features some of the match box sets dr. Alan Grant baby t-rex
from the Legacy Collection Robert Muldoon dr. Ellen grant a Blosser after
from Legacy Collection bunch of the matchbox vehicles couple five packs and
here you got the extreme chomping t-rex the Jeep Wrangler here this one had the
gyrosphere blast vehicle $30 the Thresh and throat t-rex 40 a bunch of blind
bags $3 each gyrus fear and Clair $15 Velociraptor blue and Owen 15
Velociraptor blue mask 435 the submarine 425 Stegosaurus 420 in the raptor 426
piece classic collection for 45 piece Jurassic world fallen Kingdom collection
for 50 Jeep Wrangler rep tour attack gyrosphere remote control and the super
colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex and then some of the Lego jr. sets at the head here
the Lego helicopter said the Stiggy malach break out the Carnotaurus
gyrosphere escape Pteranodon and here you have the big into grafter set a look
at the back of it Lego is actually supposed to send me
like a big welcome to Jurassic world like box like with a bunch of LEGO sets
and I guess t-shirts and a bunch of stuff so that’s gonna be really cool I
contacted them again they should be sending that out soon so I will have a
video of that so keep watching and then I imagine next
actually has quite a few sets ah a lot of them are the smaller sets with like a
single Dino and one of the characters but they are a lot of fun ok guys if you
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