New LEGO set haul! Bought at Target 📦 #250

everyone who I’ve got a quick haul video
here I have not been as consistent admittedly probably in the past a couple
of seasons to three seasons about doing haul videos and that’s mostly because
haul videos are not that interesting to me personally and I prefer to just get
straight to work and you know start building up the sense and reviews and
stuff like that but every time that I skip a haul video there’s a fair number
of people who are like why didn’t you do a haul video I wanted to see the whole
video so I’ll just get through this quickly just show you this stuff and be
pretty direct about it and make everybody happy without taking up too
much extra time so most of this is from a single Target store where I went
fairly close to me interestingly they didn’t have a lot of the stuff that they
showed online as being in stock at that very store you know stuff would show up
is available right now to purchase at the store and I would look for it and it
wouldn’t be there and interesting me I asked an employee to check with the
stock in their system on their little handheld device and the stuff that
showed online as being in-store that stock was not in store at that stock in
stock at that store was not listed in their own system on site in the physical
location as being in stock so I don’t know what’s going on one of the things
that I really wanted to get today was the sparkle baby set from the lego movie
– with a little one and online shows that they had a bunch of them in stock
at this store so what happened was I didn’t get them at the store I came home
and then ordered them for local store pickup at that very store I haven’t seen
the update in the past hour or so but most likely later today or tomorrow I’ll
be able to pick them up because I don’t know Legos Legos not leo it targets
inventory management system is just fractured and inconsistent you should
never have a situation where online on the public website it shows something
being in stock when it’s not available in the system at the store that’s the
the website should never be more up to date
and with more information than the little devices that employees carry
around the place but it’s been very inconsistent so here’s what I did get
for now and there’s more to come I also place some orders at a big order on
Amazon for next day free delivery to get a bunch of the stuff that I didn’t get
today so that’s much more convenient for me hidden side let me tell you the more
of these you see on shelves the more difficult it is to distinguish one set
from another they all tend to look very very very similar so I got the stunt
truck the big pickup truck set I also got these two Harry Potter sets that you
see here I personally don’t care about this one very much that looks like it’s
probably cool good figures this part looks very uninteresting to me and I
think the horses could use an update but this I have been really really really
looking forward to this is very good and this is very collectible in my opinion
and I got one of the smaller hidden side sets there were a couple that well a
couple more small ones there that are coming now from from Amazon thanks to
targets mess-up graveyard mystery is this one and then I got the Train so
this is what I’m gonna be building right after I finish this video here I’m
looking forward to checking out the training I don’t have high hopes for it
or anything if not you know hype myself up just because it is a train I don’t
expect it to be that fantastic to look at as a train you know for me as a train
fan but it’s still you know one of the bigger sets and I’m interested to see
how it plays especially with with the app I also got the bus so this one you
could actually tell a little bit more easily on shelves what it is because of
the large area here and a little bit of a little bit of oranges yellows cool
wish school bus yellow it’s actually a little bit more injure than that but it
sticks out just a little bit like it gives you a little bit of a hint to let
the normal I normally train I see what this is and be able to to pick it out
from a lineup and then I did get at the suggestion of viewers I did get the
big ocean exploration friends set for this season I was going back and forth I
wasn’t sure if I was gonna do this and I just went ahead and and got it and we’ll
just see how people respond to it and I’ll give it the full normal normal
review treatment and see how you know see how it does this is worth a try at
least this is a sub-theme that I personally like and I like a lot of the
parts that come out with this particular sub theme so we’ll see how that turns
out and then I have one other like sub all I’m not gonna go through the process
of arranging all these as you can see them most conveniently yes I just want
to show you what what I got here but there’s one other kind of sub hull
mostly unrelated these did come from Amazon I just happened to arrive
actually yesterday just a couple of the power functions plastic track packs
they’re pretty cheap on there right now I think it was like $15 for each which
is actually really really cheap for what this is the reason that I got plastic
tracks was mostly to get the straights to get extras of the straights because I
have extras or had extras of the 9-volt tracks including the the rarest and most
expensive most valuable straights but some of my extras were used in my under
table staging area or storage yard and I now need to use some of that and I have
have used some of that extra and I need to use a little bit more and so I’m
gonna replace it with just plastic track and I have run out of straight plastic
tracks so this was he said just scarily inexpensive and amazon always super
convenient and you know you still get cash back through credit cards and stuff
like that so it’s it’s not really a loss versus going through the increasingly
complicated VIP rewards system with with Lego so that’s what I got the Train is
what I’m gonna build next let me know if there’s anything else here that I’ve
shown in this video that you are particularly interested in and want to
see particularly soon I’ve got another big
holl coming tomorrow it should be arriving tomorrow from Amazon so I’ll
show you that as well and definitely let you guys pick from that it’s a little
bit a little bit broader and let you pick what you want to see next but I’m
gonna get to work build that you’ll see the build for it
showing up pretty soon followed by the review and on we go thanks for watching
tide again very very soon


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