new Nintendo Switch super-cons

– There has been a lot of different interesting
Switch news going around, whether that’s the release
of the reformed Switch, and of course, the upcoming Switch Lite, but something else that has just come up is now the potential of Nintendo releasing a wireless Super Nintendo
controller for the Switch. This discovery was made
by a user on Resetera who found FCC filings for a
Nintendo Switch controller that is styled like an SNES controller. The big giveaway being a picture of the back of the controller showing a designation
for a model number HAC, which is normally used for
Switch-related products. Now, this news, in and of
itself, is pretty cool. It’s also that we have SNES-themed stuff, but what people are more excited about is what that actually implies Nintendo is finally going
to do soon for the Switch. ‘Cause, last time they
did something like this, was to make these NES-style Joy-Cons, which were meant to be used exclusively with NES games on the Switch. So, if we’re getting a
Super Nintendo version, we might finally see Super Nintendo games make their way to the Switch. The timing of this makes a lot of sense, because this is a big
question that’s been going on over the last year,
where people are saying, Hey, there’s NES games on the Switch, are we going to see SNES games? When are we going to see SNES games? What SNES games will actually show up? And, there was even a
supposed list of games that were supposedly to be SNES
titles coming to the Switch that was leaked quite a while ago, and then promptly disappeared once people started talking about it. And, whenever people
have asked questions of, are we going to see news about this? In fact, it was a heavy
question during E3 time, I’ve always had the same
thought and response of, if there is any actually hard
news that this is happening, it’s not going to happen
until the end of August or some time in September. The reason that this
is important is because Nintendo Switch Online
memberships last for one year. So, everyone who signed up
for a membership last year, when it first opened up, is about now, asking themselves the question of, do I actually need to
re-up for an entire year? Because, if you’re not making
use of the online memberships, and you’re not caring about the NES games that they’ve released so
far, you need a new reason to want to have to re-signup
for a whole ‘nother year, and adding a whole new console, especially one as popular as the SNES is certainly a strong argument for it. In the past, we’ve seen leaks like this, and prototypes, and rough sketches. I’ve always been on the
side of caution, you know. Hey, this is something
I might be working on, but I don’t really know for sure if it’s going to happen
when people are saying, This is one of the situations where, no, I have always believed that
it was this time of the year that we were going to get SNES games, and this further cements in my mind that this is actually happening. So, the question is, if it
is happening in September, how exactly is Nintendo
going to handle it? When Nintendo Switch
Online originally released, it had a list of 20 NES
games available to play. Now, what’s interesting about this list is that it does not line up perfectly with the 20 games that Nintendo
put on the NES Classic, and when you look at that
original launch list of 20 games it’s a mixed bag of some
amazing, awesome games, that are pretty predictably available, and then a few, other kind-of
alright ones mixed in. And, ever since after that list of 20 games, we’ve been getting about two to three titles
released every month. Now, for the Super Nintendo
Classic, the question is, are they going to handle it that same way, or are they going to treat
it a little differently? Because, they could take the approach of, yes, this is a new library of games, but we’re still just adding
on to that same overall list of stuff people can
access on their Switch. So, instead of being a large
list of 20 games right away, it could just be, well, here’s four or five Super
Nintendo games this month. Next month, we’ll do
another list, and over time, dwindle that down to,
maybe, two or three titles. Or, they could celebrate its launch by going with a big list
right away of 20 or so titles. Now, the leak that happened
back in January of this year, there were 22 games on that list, and I’m not going to try
and do that from memory, so those 20 games in question were: Super Mario Kart, Super Soccer, Legend of Zelda: Link to
the Past, Demon’s Crest, Yoshi’s Island, Stunt Race
FX, Kirby’s Dream Course, Pop’n TwinBee, Star Fox,
Contra 3, Kirby Super Star, Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Kirby’s
Dream Land 3, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Pilotwings,
F-ZERO, Star Fox 2, Super Punch-Out, The Legend
of the Mystical Ninja, Super Mario All-Stars,
and Breath of Fire 2. In total, that’s a list of 22 games, which pretty nicely matches up with the NES launch library of 20, but makes me a little hesitant to believe that this is going to be the same list they use for the actual launch, as, first off, it’s very old news. This is back in January, versus right now, we’re now in August, and two, the inclusion
of Breath of Fire 2. By the way, if you want a cool and easy way to customize
your regular Joy-Cons, check out skins like these
from today’s sponsored dbrand. They’ve got a bunch of different designs, they’re totally safe to use. Check out the link down
below to learn more. If you look at the list of NES games currently on the Switch, the vast majority of them
are first party Nintendo. There is some third party stuff involved, but it’s a lot of smaller companies versus things like Capcom or SquareSoft. You’re not seeing the
original Final Fantasy or old-school Mega Man, for instance. So, the inclusion of Breath
of Fire 2 on the SNES list is a little weird, because
that is a Capcom title. So, if we were going to get
a Capcom game on this list, why aren’t we seeing some of the other potential third-party things? ‘Cause look, I love Breath of Fire 2, but there’s a lot of
other major Capcom titles that would make a lot more sense, like Mega Man X, for instance. That title aside, though, pretty much everything else on that list makes a lot of sense, not
just ’cause a lot of them are first-party Nintendo titles, but a lot of them are the same franchises that eventually made their
way to the NES library. So, that still gives a
pretty good possibility that this list from back in January could still be the real deal, and if it is, that is super exciting, ’cause it not only means that we have a great initial list of
Super Nintendo games to play, but it opens the door that, hey, if Capcom is on this list, we might see more big third-party titles from the SNES make
their way to the Switch. I, for one, would really would love to see some Square Enix show up, because look, Chrono
Trigger’s my favorite game. The last time I got a chance to play it again was on the 3DS. Let’s bring it back a fourth
time, that’d be awesome. Another big question this raises to me, is, what is Nintendo’s
longterm plan for this? Because if they started
with Nintendo games when Nintendo Switch Online
launched, and a full year later, they’re adding Super Nintendo games. Is there a plan to add
something a year later from now, and if so, what is it? Because, the natural progression I think a lot of people
would assume is N64, which is wild-looking
idea, when you picture a pair of N64 controllers slid
onto the side of a Switch. But, that isn’t the only
way they could go with it. I mean, something that
I’ve talked about before in regards to whether or
not they were going to work on more classic systems is that, while yeah, N64 is the
next standard console, there’s always the idea
of taking that sidestep and focusing on Game Boy. Whether that is just
original Game Boy stuff or going from Game Boy to Game Boy Color. After all, there are a lot of
amazing games on the Game Boy that have strong fanbases. You just have to look at the fact that we’re actually seeing a remake of Link’s Awakening coming
out later this year. Of course, having a specialized controller designed to look like a Game
Boy is a little weirder, but they could, after all, just stick to having regular Joy-Cons and release them in
style of Game Boy Colors, which I am all for. And, on that same note,
going back to Super Nintendo, with the Switch Lite coming out so close to the same time that Super Nintendo games should be making their way to the Switch, I can’t help but really, really hope that along with the Pokemon
Special Edition system, we actually get a Super
Nintendo Switch Lite. After all, they did it for the 3DS. Nintendo, make it happen.


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