Next Level Chaffles – Six Chaffle Recipes Compared

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release a new video so for the past week or two my Google news feed and suggested
videos on YouTube has just been lit up with “chaffles”. I didn’t know what a
chaffle was I saw the name I thought you know maybe it’s a Middle Eastern sort of
thing like falafel or something but it is basically just a cheesy waffle cheese
and egg is kind of like the primary ingredients to them now I got out and I
started looking at some videos and some are kind of long you know just for like
one chaffle a 24 minute video who’s got time for that
on me so I’m gonna give you six different varieties of chaffles trying to
find what’s the best bang for your buck in terms of flavor and effort so first the just basic bare-bones
cheese and egg chaffle all right generally I try and avoid
hyperbole but this my first raffle here this is a game-changer this is a keto
game-changer man that’s tasty and it doesn’t taste eggy I was a little
concerned that basically it was gonna taste kind of like a mozzarella omelet
or something Wow for something that easy to taste that
good pretty impressive next is the base recipe with just the
addition of some psyllium husk powder I would say that that tastes a little
less eggy not that the first one tasted especially eggy
but this one a little bit less so I think it also tastes a little bit more
wofully more like an actual you know waffle made out of flour yeah I don’t
know that if you didn’t have psyllium husk on hand if it would be worth
running to the store just to add it to a chocolate in color on this we definitely
can use a lesser amount in trial number three
I took the base truffle mixture and I added one tablespoon of the keto connect
mug bread or ramekin bread I usually keep a big container of it all premix I
love that stuff mat over it keto connect if he invented this recipe
himself he’s a genius it’s it’s great so I added a tablespoon of that to the
mixture let’s see how that cooked up so this definitely has more of a chew to it
I think the additional chewiness of it may help this stand up a little bit more
if you’re using it as a sandwich type of bun but it’s solid and if you’re like me
and you mix up a bunch of this ramekin bread mixture to always have on hand you
know it’s it’s an easy add for the 4th chaffle
I added some whey protein isolate it definitely gives it a density that if
you’re looking for an actual waffle waffle you know like a yeast waffle this
isn’t gonna give you that sort of mouthfeel at all I think though if you
were using this as a base to make like a chaffle
pizza it would be pretty good because it’s that that density really stands up
it makes it kind of crust like for the fifth trial
I added some quest cinnamon toast crunch whey protein this is a win right here if you’re
making these chaffles to be served with butter and maple syrup like a waffle
this is the way to go right here wow this is great
out of all the ones we’ve done so far to me this is the one where you know that
tiny little bit of extra effort is totally totally worth it
this is a next-level chaffle right here the final chaffle is the most complex of
the recipes that I saw and honestly it’s really not that complex it’s you know
the egg it’s some almond flour vanilla cinnamon baking powder and a full cup of
mozzarella rather than just a half cup so I can tell right away that it’s a
much darker waffle I do not love this in fact if this was the only chaffle I’d
ever had in my life if I hadn’t all had all these others I probably wouldn’t be
making chaffles anymore I’m just too much cheese and I’m from Wisconsin we never
say too much cheese there’s really no sweetness to it you know you you get did
the vanilla but there’s you know maybe if you put a little stevia in this and
dialed back on the the cheese but this this is not worth the effort so in
summary the chaffle is gonna change your life it is gonna rock your keto world if
you’ve never had one I don’t know who came up with this idea but whoever he or
she is deserves the Nobel Prize for awesomeness just this straight up of
base recipe of one egg and 1/2 cup of mozzarella was great I’m gonna order
another one of those – waffle makers you know so that I can make two at a time
and you know have a sandwich bun ready to go I would also say if you’re making
these as a instead of a breakfast sandwich but making it as something to
put maple syrup and butter on throw in a tablespoon of that cinnamon toast crunch
powder buy quest holy cow was that good so this
experiment today really kind of has me thinking about some of the possibilities
with a chaffle what other things could you add to it could you you know add
some garlic or maybe switch things up to a jalapeno cheddar chaffle I think
you’re really only sort of limited by your imagination but if you’ve got a
favorite chaffle let me know down in the comments what
did you add what made it special thanks for watching


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