Next level instrument for affiliate websites – Rehub theme and Affiliate Egg plugin wordpress

Set your affiliate deeplink at first This page shows all supported webshops Choose save meta to post in settings If you will save meta to post, theme will use data for
creating beautifull offer snippet in loops and you can also create filters by price Let’s start Copy link of shop page Insert link in storefront Copy shortcode And insert shortcode in post Shortcode will change to product cart There are many possible views of product cart Plugin can grab specifications, photos, reviews Theme helps to create good looking structure of
data It’s possible to create custom parsers for any
webshop + custom output templates Just insert multiple products on new lines. You can add links from different shops But choose products with the same currency for
one storefront Don’t forget to add limits of parsed products As you see, all products were parsed from shop
category You can parse any archive page on shop (search
pages, categories, filterable archives) You can also add link after listing on original shop


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