Niche Sites vs Authority Sites (COMPARED)

the other day someone asked me if they
should even bother building a Mitch site or if they should just focus all their
time and effort on an authority site and I had to stop them right there the thing
is you really have to define what you mean when you say a niche site or an
authority site that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this video today my name
is Doug Cunnington I’m the founder of niche site project and I talk about
Amazon affiliate marketing productivity and project management by the way are
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subscribe back to niche sites vs. Authority sites so for me I mean my site
is called niche site project so I’m gonna use the term niche site most of
the time but when you get down to the nitty gritty I think they’re the same
thing and this is why it’s so important to get into the definition of what you
really mean when you use certain terms everyone has a different perspective
they have different sources for their information they have different ideas
about what terms mean it just depends on what the perspective is so when you get
a question whatever it is you should definitely make sure you and whoever is
asking it or if you’re asking it that you define the components of the
question otherwise you could be talking about two different things
so for me my perspective on niche sites versus authority sites is at this point
in 2018 it’s merely a branding idea so again my sites a niche site project I
talked about niche sites but really when you think about it at the core an
authority site and a niche site are the same thing they are an affiliate site of
some kind I usually talk about Amazon affiliate marketing but other people may
sell other affiliate products it could be a Clickbank info product it could be
you know another info product from another company or it could be through
affiliate market places like ShareASale something like that but at its core an
authority site and a niche site are both affiliate sites the misconception that I
think a lot of people have is when I talk about a niche
you think very small and very thorough perhaps maybe it’s ten pages and it
can’t earn much money however if you just sort of flip it on its head and
take a look for my perspective an authority site is really just a niche
site that’s grown a a lot of people in their head they think an authority site
is a site with a lot of pages and a lot of information and that sort of thing
very long posts in a lot of posts however let’s take a look at an example
that is totally different so backlinko dot-com is an SEO authority site and if
we look at the number of posts that backlinko has we see there are not that
many right it’s a smaller site however almost all the posts are quite
authoritative and long and they have lots of information and brian dean is
you know one of the biggest influencers as far as SEO goes and his site has a
lot of authority most people would agree it’s an authority site on the other side
of the coin we can find many examples i’m not going to point a specific one
out here since it would sort of be in a negative light but there are many sites
that have a lot of posts that maybe they hit a topic pretty well but it’s not
very high quality and it’s just sort of a site where they churn through posts
that are low-quality and i see a lot of these out there and just because there’s
a lot of posts on the site just because they are long post doesn’t mean it’s an
authority site there’s more to it than just that and that’s you know where my
definition of a niche site and an authority site being the same thing it’s
just a branding sort of idea those are two examples you know backlinko where
it’s a site with few posts but a lot of authority and then there are many sites
if you just start hunting around you’ll find sites that have a ton of content
they’re not that high in authority and you know they haven’t obtained a lot of
backlinks they’re just not an influencer in their specific niche
so those are two examples that sort of you know prove my point here
additionally the other way to look at it when we remember that a Mitch site can
grow up to be an authority site if you put enough time and effort into it all
authority sites start off as smaller sites so they all start off with you
know handful of posts they don’t have many backlinks and they’re just trying
to grow so all of these authority sites do start as niche sites and why am i
emphasizing this so much it’s because if you try to follow an authority site
model right the branding of an authority site you may end up biting off more than
you can chew particularly if you are just getting started online the danger
is you will think I need to create a site with a lot of keywords a lot of
posts the posts need to be very long and I need to get a lot of backlinks each
one of those steps is overwhelming and if you put that all on yourself you may
run out of steam you probably will run out of steam because everything gets
harder as you move along and when you are trying to find a bunch of keywords
but you’re just learning how to find keywords using a keyword research tool
and you’re trying to publish a lot of content and you’re just learning how to
hire people to help you write it it becomes overwhelming and most people
will quit before they hit the level of authority site where they have a hundred
posts or 150 posts other similarities when it comes down to the process
they’re very similar so you have to do keyword research and you have to do
keyword research in the same way where you end up finding buyers keywords
eventually you want to sell something you want it to be a commercial keyword
and a buyer’s keyword is something that a searcher will use prior to making a
purchase those are the ones you want since it indicates that they’re further
down the sort of buyers funnel or a selling funnel if you will the content
on an authority site in a niche site is probably going to be pretty similar you
can use you know review format like the perfect
Amazon review format and you know recommend products not recommend other
products and essentially you’re trying to help someone make a decision on both
type of sites it doesn’t matter if it’s authority or if it’s a niche site as far
as promotion for each of the sites you’re gonna have to get backlinks at
some point probably in a similar way most likely you’re gonna get guest post
if you’re a grey hat SEO maybe you’ll get private blog network links but
that’s totally up to you I do recommend the guest posting route and blog
commenting networking within your niche and getting white hat backlinks through
white hat outreach some differences if we’re gonna operate on the definition of
an authority site and a niche site where an authority site is is big with a lot
of content and very long content as well a lot of backlinks I kind of highlighted
a few of them they’re an authority site may have a lot more posts and a lot
longer content however again when we look at the Bryan Dean example just
because a site is considered an authority site doesn’t mean that it has
to have a lot of posts so remember that it could just be very high quality post
and the site being sort of an influential site within the you know
overall industry or niche or whatever you want to call it an authority site
potentially would have more frequent posting maybe once a week twice a week
once a day twice a day there’s no set a mail but a lot of
people may think hey I have to post a certain amount of times per week just to
be considered an authority site my argument of course is you don’t need to
do that and I have what many people would consider an authority site and I
do Sprint’s of work it’s just what I like to do so maybe I’ll publish 200
articles in a few months and then maybe I don’t publish anything for eight
months or ten months because I’m focusing on promoting that content
a very important part of the puzzle there so basically you don’t necessarily
have to publish all the time you could publish infrequently again backlinko is
a great example he doesn’t Bryan Dean doesn’t publish
content that often but when he does he promotes it very heavily that’s one of
the reasons why he’s considered an authority aside from being you know
super knowledgeable and a practitioner in his craft of SEO what about micro
niche sites now this is a term that used to be thrown out a little bit more often
but it’s kind of an old an old idea micro niche site and these are sites
that typically had very few pages like five to ten pages they probably focused
on one product a very narrow set of keywords this was back in the day when
people used to buy these exact match keyword domains if the keyword that you
were targeting was best ballpoint pen for journaling the domain you may get
could be the best ballpoint pen for journaling com because you’re literally
targeting that specific term and there was a day if you could believe it that
if you just got the exact match domain you were very likely to rank for that
term that was a long time ago that was even before I got into SEO and niche
sites in 2013 but there was indeed a time where you could just buy the exact
match and then you could rank just based on your domain and keyword stuffing it
was like the Wild West so I hear the problem with these micro niche sites
even if they do still work today and we could see a couple of examples of that
in fact there’s one that I did a niche site teardown review on I’ll link to it
in the description but it was a very narrow niche and I won’t go into too
many details now but it was a football snack helmets right super narrow and
it’s pretty hard to expand a site with that specific domain name could they do
it maybe but when you think about these
micro niche sites with only a few pages that can be profitable that can be an
interesting case study but you run into an issue when you think hey this site is
doing pretty good I want to grow it I want to add more products and I want to
add more reviews and have more content but if you think too short-sighted and
you buy a domain name that is you know very specific and you’re targeting just
a couple products it’s really hard to grow so the important part is to brand
your site and find a domain name that you could expand and you could add other
products too because if you can’t add other products then you’re stuck you’ve
painted yourself into a corner and then you really can’t expand anymore so if
you find a really good keyword it doesn’t mean you have to you know paint
yourself in a corner just remember brand your site in a general way so that you
can grow if you want to you don’t have to expand the site if you don’t want to
write but you want to give yourself the option
additionally right to think a little bit longer term let’s say you grow the site
to $300 a month and you don’t want to keep it anymore you want to sell it if
you create a site where you have the ability to grow by picking a more
general domain name so that you could expand you’ll be able to sell it at
potentially a higher price because the site has more potential to grow where if
you get a domain name that’s like super narrow again you’ve painted yourself in
the future owner in a corner and you’ve sort of limited the potential growth so
overall to tie in the bow here a niche site and an authority site basically the
same thing it’s just a niche site many people could consider smaller but it’s
really just a branding thing from my perspective and when you look at other
what other people are teaching my niche site is the same as other people’s
authority sites my sites have you know hundreds of pieces of content it’s a
very thorough there’s a you know brandable name behind it and that’s what
you should aim for in general another thing is you don’t have to grow your
niche site into a huge site but if you start small and grow into it it makes it
much more doable the problem and one of the cons when you think about the
authority site model is you think to yourself I need to find 100 or
200 or 500 keywords that I can grow into but with the niche site model you can
get started with like 20 keywords and only use about half of them I recommend
you launch your site with ten pieces of content half of it informational half of
it affiliate reviews and then after you publish ten pieces of content go out
there start promoting it and network in your niche get some guest posts start
getting traffic it’s really important to get started getting traffic getting a
small win making some sales early on versus you know trying to power your way
through it by putting your head down thinking you’re gonna publish 200 posts
in six months and then hopefully in ten months or twelve months you can make
your first profits that’s crazy if you ask me you know I’m much more I mean it
comes from my project management background where I want to see you know
agile project management in play with niche sites so that’s why I’m saying
publish ten pieces of content start promoting it start making sales prove
that works and you’ll gain momentum as you do another sprint avoid whole other
story when we put project management an agile project management on top of niche
sites but super interesting to do because you end up with a repeatable
process sort of a blueprint to do this over and over again and if you can make
one sprint of work profitable then you can do it over and over again my name is
Doug Huntington a founder niche site project and have a look at some of the
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like the video would really appreciate it thanks you


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