Niche Website Idea: CBD Oil Blog Topics List 2019

In this video I’m going to show you how you
would find blog topics and opportunities for a specific niche and today we’re
going to use CBD oil as an example the reason I’m picking CBD oil is because
I’m getting messages left and right of everybody that wants me to either buy it
or sell it so it’s booming so let’s take a look here let’s just say you happen to
be somebody that sells CBD oil I am in my tool sem rush here we’re going to go
over to CBD oil I’m going to click down here at view full report
what we’re going to get here now is get a list of keywords that have the
phrase CBD oil in it, so you’ll see every one of these has it in it then we
have related topics over here that we can move to after the fact
now what we’re looking for this is where everybody gets stuck there’s a
couple things here one when you’re starting a niche website especially with
the goal to monetize the website through advertising or through affiliate income
or through conversion of sales it’s going to be very important that you
start off with the topics that have a low barrier of entry that means that
there’s not a lot of competition because you’ve got to start really
at the bottom and work your way up as you gain visibility with Google you
can’t just go straight after the popular keyword so if you’re trying to rank for
CBD oil you’re going to have a really hard time with that, search volume is 301,000
for the phrase eat CBD oil now as you go down we’re going to see
(actually I’m seeing — interesting) as i pause here it shows that organically
meaning earning in to pay-per-click there’s a
lot of opportunity right now probably because this is so up-and-coming
but let’s just go down and take a look at this and we’re going to try to
niche this down first thing i’m going to do I’m going to go up here to advanced
filters and I’m going to say only show me keywords that have three or more
words in them because we’re going try to drill down and go a little bit
more longtail keyword phrase let’s go ahead and look for that my experience the easiest search
volume to rank for is under 250 so search volume is all of the searches
that month for that keyword and you might think to yourself well gosh if
only 250 people are searching a keyword phrase that’s not gonna be very valuable
and again the goal is just to get ranking on the search engines so that
you get some visibility with Google and you start generating a little bit of
traffic and if your ranking number 1-2 or 3-4 even 250 searches a month you’re
gonna start getting some some traffic and then you work your way up from there will look at we’ll go to 300
let’s look at search phrases that are under 300 and I have not looked this up yet
you guys this is first time for me too all right here you go this is a
this is a niche best CBD oil for cancer do you see how different that is then
just best CBD oil so if you’re going to go write a blog about the best CBD oil it
might be beneficial to write best CBD oil for cancer, best CBD oil for sleep
you see that best CBD massage oil there’s a good one
CBD oil and breastfeeding so how does that affect the breastfeeding mom
if she’s on CBD oil, this is a fantastic one CBD oil and seizures,
you guys this is a goldmine of blog topics right here CBD oil autism dosage
now I wanted to clarify that I don’t have anything to do with CBD oil
I know nothing about it at this point in my life never you use it
I don’t sell it there might be a reason why it seems like there’s a
lot of opportunity right now organically for this and I’m not sure why so
I’m just kind of using this as an example if I was going to start a CBD oil blog this is
where I would start all of these are your blog topics CBD oil for chronic
pain that’s a blog topic, CBD oil for nerve pain that’s a blog topic, CBD oil
for PTSD that’s a blog topic, I almost want to go start this just
because the opportunity looks so big

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