Nike Joyride Run Review: First Impressions from Nike’s NYC HQ

– This is the newest Nike running shoe. It is called the Nike Joyride FK. It’s an entirely new
sensation for runners. To get our first impressions on it, we took three members of our staff over to none other than Nike’s headquarters to give it a go on a treadmill and see what it really feels like. (sighing heavily) (wrapping paper crinkling) – All right, these are fly as hell. – The Nike Joyride Run FK. – Okay. – [Tucker] These are kind of fire. – I mean, they look like Dippin’ Dots. – So, there are what
seem to be Dippin’ Dots in the base of the shoe,
assuming not dessert. – You guys are really gonna have me run on a treadmill right now? (laughing) It’s just like kinda torturous, isn’t it? – Very cushioned mid-sole. Sort of jets right into my
arch, not uncomfortably though. – I’ve never felt shoes like this before. – Exceptionally bouncy, especially right in the forefoot area. – There’s definitely
some sort of sensation – Kind of in the middle,
not too light not too heavy. And a nice, sort of like
squeeze on the foot. – [Interviewer] How
many miles a week would you say that you run? – Like 30? – Um, probably 40? – Fluctuate between 18 and 20. – Do I just run on this thing? Or do I have to press a button? I don’t think I’ve ever been watched while running before, this is gonna be an interesting exercise. – [Interviewer] You’re a tech writer… – I don’t know…It looks I haven’t been on a treadmill in like (treadmill beeping) – I’m gonna turn it up cause (mumbling) – I mean, they’re pretty comfortable. – But, the first thing you notice when you’re running on them, is like this very peculiar, but not unpleasant spring. – Yeah, really strange, I’ve never worn running shoes like this. – It feels like a light
basketball shoe almost. – 10, 20 miles on the Peg Turbo 2’s, those are much softer. – Do people hold on to this thing? is that like… – They feel like running shoes.. That I would have loved like… In my first like… Year or so of running. – I could see myself going like, you know? Recovery days. – It’s not quite as aggressive as like a carbon plate running shoe. (heavily breathing) – This is like perfect when like my… You know? My feet are a little sore, my calves a little sore. – I’m sweating. – That heel cup it has, is uh… far more supportive,
far more comfortable than most of the shoes I’ve had like this. (bleep censor) – Yeah, they don’t feel like necessarily running shoes to me, like, off the bat. You know? It’s a very different sensation. (heavily breathing) – I run, I swear. – All jokes aside, these are
the Nike Joyride Flyknits which are out August fifteenth and they will retail for 180 dollars. As you saw, they’re a totally
new sensation for runners. [Meg] What makes this
incredibly unique and different are all of the little
micro-beads along the bottom. So, they really do look like Dippin’ Dots. They do not smush exactly
like Dippin’ Dots. They have a bit more
responsiveness to them. As you run, they mold to your feet, and they move, so It’s
kinda like running in sand. But, you don’t have the
aftereffects of running in sand. So, it feels nice on your first step. And then, it’s actually fifteen percent more responsive than the Nike Epic Reacts. So, that’s probably the closest, in turns of cushioning, that you would get on other Nike shoes. There’s no sock liner at all, which is very different for Nike. And so, you can kinda feel the beads a soon as you step in. The upper is a really nice Flyknit and basically, it’s
for your recovery days. So, after you raced and went really hard on like a Saturday or Sunday, your first run back, you really want to take it easy, these are the shoes you should reach for. That’s the one target customer that these would make sense for. And then, I would say, the other person is if you hate running, you really don’t like the way it feels on your feet, these are gonna feel super soft, they’re a a nice weight when you’re going out for a jog. And it’s basically supposed to
help people who hate running, get into running. Supposed to alleviate any pressure points or pains that you might have. Those are kind of the
highlights of the new joyride. Again, look for this August fifteenth, 180 dollars. – Come with me. – [Interviewer] Do you guys have any idea what is going on right now? – Uh… – Just waiting for a
Ferrari to pull up here. – [Interviewer] This does
look like a music video, I’ll admit. Now, to the left. – Left? Are we going to the bathroom? – [Interviewer] We’re
going to the locker room. – Just to confirm, no shoes right? – [Interviewer] No shoes. Nice socks though. – Well, it looks like we’re
testing some running shoes, or some kind of basketball shoes, or some kind of shoes. – [Tucker] If you’ve selected us to test basketball shoes, I think you’ve selected
the wrong group of people. I really hope it’s not run a mile. Wait, Jack has to give us (mumbling) – [Interviewer] That’s a good point, yeah Jack, you thought we were
gonna get into a Ferrari. – I’m not rolling out the Ferrari. (men laugh)


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