NOT Good Sensory Play!

– [Asa] Good morning! Good morning! – [Asa] Good morning, Abigail. – [Priscilla] Lunch is in progress. – [Asa] What you got for breakfast there? Some fruit and a protein bar? – [Priscilla] Yeah, she’s
got some mixed fruit and protein bar– – [Asa] Yum. – [Priscilla] And she had orange juice. She’s got lentils for lunch. More mixed fruit. Tried to fill her up at lunch. – [Asa] Yeah. Yogurt, all the things. – [Asa] Why is the yard so brown? What is going on? My plants are all droopy-looking. Tested the sprinkler
system, it’s not working. It’s a crap way to start the day. It’s been raining so
much I haven’t noticed. What’s up guys. Welcome, my nose itches, to the vlog. How’s it going? I have on a fancy shirt. Look, it’s like, I look
so Florida right now. – [Priscilla] You do. We’re headed to the general PTA meeting. It’s what we’re doing this morning. I have the funniest kid in the world. He sent me this text, look. Sent us this text. He says, Ms Barnett has kittens and she wants someone to take one. He says, I don’t like
cats, but I love kittens. – [Priscilla] (Laughing) – [Asa] I said, you’re
not about that life. He says, imagine the amount of views and then sends me a screenshot of views from kitten videos. Millions. We’re not getting a cat. – [Asa] (Laughing) That’s not happening. – [Asa] I love how he’s
using views as like– I know, right? Like… Rude! I feel taken advantage of. Victimized, even. – [Priscilla] Yeah. You know? – [Priscilla] Yeah. He’s baiting me. He is. So vulnerable, too. – [Asa] (Laughing) It’s not OK. It’s not OK, Isaiah Maass. I’ll get my own views without a kitten. Kittens are really cute though. Oh my gosh, poor Maverick
would have a heart attack if we get a kitten– – [Asa] He would love it. He would love it. (Laughing) Banana. – [Asa] Gosh, girl. Calm down. – [Priscilla] I am on fire today. Three. Have a fantastic Tuesday. I love you! So much. Those don’t match. They don’t match, Mom said. They’re already on, Mom. It’s happening. – [Priscilla] (Laughing) Sorry. – [Teacher] Say bye to Dad! – [Asa] Bye, I love you. Gimme a kiss. Well, we tried a
different route yesterday. It was one minute faster and
we hit traffic again today. Like, full on, like, I saw a
lady have the worst road rage. Guys, it’s just traffic. We’re all in it together. You might as well not be
ugly to each other, you know? Just suck it up and deal with it. That’s my little Priscilla-ism of the day. Here he comes, Mr Florida. Mr Florida PTA guy. – [Asa] He is working this so hard. He’s got pictures of said cat. (Laughing) Look, he even sent a list of
11 reasons to get a kitten. So, my name is Asa. I am the ESE chair for
Duvall County Council PTA. I wanna kinda talk to you guys about what I’ve got planned for this year and what I can hopefully
get your help with. So, something that’s
been a reoccurring theme, that I see at the schools is a disconnect between general education and then the ESE department. Bring those parents into
the PTA in your local units and get them involved and
help them to feel included, you know, with their family. So, I wanna work with you guys on that. If you have already have inclusion type activities at your events, I would love to talk to you about it and, kinda, maybe go to one of your events and see what you’ve got going on. That would be really cool, to kind of give ideas
to other local units. Check that out, add that
stuff to your calendar. Definitely connect with me. Priscilla, give me a hard time. My wife, she gives me a hard time about giving everyone my
phone number last year. All the PTA moms, giving my digits out. I’m gonna do it again. (Audience laughing) I know there’s some guys back there too. It’s OK. (Laughing) But yeah, you can text me. It’s seriously the best
way to get a hold of me. I’ve put my number, if
you wanna write it down. Priscilla stopped recording when I went to give out my phone number. But fortunately, I was
recording the audio because… accidental super awkward joke. Enjoy. Just text me, I get a ton of emails. Please text me and we’ll hook up. I would love to come out to your school and check out what programs you have. (Audience laughing) You know what I mean. (Laughing) – [Priscilla] Y’all can have him! – [Asa] All right. I have embarrassed my wife. That’s all I got, thank you. Teacher said you had a sleepy day, Abbie. You are a mystery, kid. I tell you what, I can
never figure you out. You slept well last night. I don’t get it. Say, just a teenager, Dad. No big mystery. That’s true. And we have a couple stops to make, OK? We have to get gas
’cause, well, we’re out. I called an irrigation specialist to get him to come out and take a look at the sprinkler system. It’s a necessity in Florida. It really is. Otherwise, you’re just
watering everything by hand. And it’s, you know, it’s
something I could fix. I like fixing things myself. I normally do, but you have
to know your strengths. My strengths, I could fix it. But time is not one of my strengths. ‘Cause not only do I have to fix it, I have to learn how to fix it. Like, I have to learn what’s wrong with it and how the system works and all that, and then fix it. So I called somebody. That’s the wise move. I will probably annoy them
with lots of questions. But that doesn’t happen
for a couple of days, getting it fixed. So I need a solution right now, ’cause my grass is brown. And you know what they say, once your grass goes brown, it’s time to put the water down. Nobody says that, that was stupid. Running errands after school
has a special challenge because you’re taking
Abbie off her routine. The one she’s really used to. Granted, she likes going
places, so that’s helpful, you know, but it’s not
really the routine of, like, specifically what
she does after school, on the way home. It’s really more potty training. It’s with toileting. So it’s a real gamble. ‘Cause she has her bathroom routine. Put your shoes on. So we’re gonna try not to
take too long with this. (Laughing) Go ahead. All right, let’s find a sprinkler. Just, like, a regular old sprinkler. Is that what we need? Plastic sprinkler ring. A rotating, I always liked those. So American. Which one do you like, Ab? Hey, can you back up? Look. Look, stand back. OK. Pick one. Which one? Go ahead and pick one. Then none of them are candy. Pick one of the sprinklers. Which one do you think? You have to go to the bathroom? OK. Crap, hold on. Good job. You stick it up there for me. Put it right there. – [Woman] Hello, how you doing today? – [Asa] Good, how are you? – [Woman] Good. – [Asa] We’re not taking that. Would you like a piece of this? What is this? That’s candy, that’s right. OK, come over here. We gotta pay for it first,
you can’t just open it. Come on. Remember what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna get in the car. Yes, I know you see that I’m holding this candy that you opened. That’s what we’re working for. I’m not above bribing. Put that right there. There you go. All right, let’s climb in. Good job. Here, this is melting in my hand. Take it. Yum. How’s that taffy? Is that good? All right, let’s hurry home. Mom and Pop shops. Small businesses, things like that. They are more accessible, as far as people understanding and… Basically, like, going
out of their way to help. Like, that lady that
offered popcorn in there. I don’t think that was recording then, but she offered popcorn to take home and Abbie signed for popcorn and all that, so that was awesome. Nice little interaction with the public. – [Abbie] (Shouting) Even though large
corporations have training and things like that. It seems like the Mom and Pop’s tend to be more accommodating, more
understanding, and more friendly. Don’t know why that is. Just a thing. Come on, hurry. Hurry. Stop walking, stop walking. Put your arm out. – [Priscilla] Come here. – [Asa] All right. OK. Let’s go this way. – [Asa] Let’s go. – [Abbie] (Shouting) How are you? – [Asa] Say, Hi, Mom. She needs to go to the restroom. Do you know what’s in here? What’s in it? No! – [Priscilla] Candy? – [Asa] What did we talk about? Look, popcorn. That’s right. The lady at Ace Hardware gave her popcorn. Aww! – [Asa] They had a little popcorn machine. Hey, come here! – [Asa] Can you put your backpack up? She’s like… – [Asa] Come gimme a kiss. I love you. Have fun with Nanny. Nanny and Hannah are
gonna take you out, OK? Have fun! I love you. Behave yourself, OK? All right. – [Asa] Bye. Go ahead. – [Asa] That’s my drink. Still mine. – [Woman] Come on. – [Asa] Have a good time. Are you serious? Mother nature’s like, I got you, boo. Imma rain on your grass. (relaxing music) (rain pouring) What a great analogy for today. You really have way less control
over things than you think. And things have a tendency
of working themselves out. Boom, life lessons! Vlog magic. What we making? – [Priscilla] Lasagna from Costco. – [Asa] Mmm! It’s so nice, you guys. You just put in here for an hour on 400. – [Asa] Nice. And dinner will be ready. I am going to add some garlic bread and the bagged salad I bought. – [Asa] Sweet. So, we went Costco shopping today. Priscilla actually did a mini
Costco haul on her channel. Who am I? So make sure you check that out. So, you know, I don’t know, it’s kind of fun, like, diversifying your channel a little bit from just cooking to,
like, kitchen related stuff or Priscilla related stuff, you know? Right. Stuff that interests you, because we felt like it might
interest you guys as well. What else you got planned for… Does anybody know how to, nope. Nope. (Laughing) Timer. Timer. (microwave beeping) Press start. OK. – [Both] There we go. What else you got planned for Triple P? What you got coming up? Pantry video. We’re gonna film that right now? – [Asa] Yeah. Maybe? – [Asa] Let’s do it now. Why not. You could be like, you
know what I love doing on a rainy day? Reorganizing my pantry. (Laughing) – [Asa] You gonna steal that line? It’s dark outside. It’s so dark. – [Asa] Holy cow. I know. A storm came in quick. It did. Thank you, mother nature,
God, whoever makes it rain. Thank you. – [Priscilla] I make it rain. – [Asa] What? (Laughing) – [Asa] What was that? I make it rain. – [Asa] Oh, yeah? (Laughing) Oh my gosh, that was such a mom joke. This is why you don’t
leave Abbie by herself for more than 20 seconds. – [Asa] What happened? Well… – [Asa] She snorting lines? What is that? That would be baking soda. – [Asa] Oh, ooh. So, you said, come watch this video. So I get up from my desk, I’m like, what is all over my desk? And I’m like, it’s like gritty, powdery. Then I came in here. – [Asa] It’s all sensory play. – [Isaiah] I was just about to say. She’s doing her own little sensory play. Abigail Lorraine! – [Asa] Can we put baking soda and then pour vinegar down the drain? And make a volcano– – [Asa] That’s how you clean the drain. No, it’s how you clean the drain. That makes a volcano, right? – [Asa] No, that’s how
you clean your drain. I’m not joking. OK. – [Asa] Yeah, scoop that in there. – [Isaiah] That’s kinda smart. – [Asa] So, I think, I don’t know, you maybe put like half a
cup or something like that. – [Priscilla] (Laughing) – [Asa] So, it’s gonna
be a little intense. But yeah, seriously. That’s how you clean a drain. Comment down below if you’ve ever cleaned
your drain this way. How many drains have you cleaned– – [Asa] You get it all cleaned out. I think I’ve only done this
like once or twice, maybe. Yeah, like in high school,
when you made a volcano? – [Asa] No, you remember when
the dishwasher was all gross? Like, the drain line for the dishwasher? Yeah. – [Asa] How much should he put in? Why are you smiling? I’m excited. – [Asa] (Laughing) I want it to explode. I don’t know if it will. – [Asa] No, it’s not gonna explode. We don’t want it to
explode in our plumbing, will you come off– – [Isaiah] That’d be so cool. – [Asa] Good. – [Isaiah] Tell me when! Like Olive Garden. – [Priscilla] OK, when. – [Isaiah] That didn’t explode. – [Priscilla] OK, OK. (sink fizzing) – [Priscilla] That was anticlimactic. – [Isaiah] It was supposed to explode– – [Asa] He was really
expecting for more… To be honest– I think you have to add
something else to it. (Coughing) – [Asa] No, just food coloring. To make it look like lava. ‘Cause it’s a volcano! I knew it was! I’ve made one. – [Isaiah] There you go, baker– – [Asa] You have baking soda all over you. It wasn’t you, right? You don’t know anything about it? – [Abigail] No. – [Asa] Hey! Are you gonna get dessert? She has a side order– – [Asa] You are? Of baking soda– – [Asa] You are? Aww. I don’t think we really have anything. I don’t know what we have. – [Asa] Say, Mom, it was a box of powder. I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I don’t know what we have, baby girl. – [Isaiah] I thought it
was a car description. Let’s go see. – [Asa] Let’s go look in the pantry. – [Priscilla] You wanna take something? – [Asa] Come on! Look at you leaning, come here! Look at that belly! – [Isaiah] Rolling out! – [Asa] Girl– – [Priscilla] We have
cookie dough, you want that? – [Asa] Go get a cookie– – [Isaiah] Say, I don’t need a cookie. – [Asa] (Laughing) – [Boy] Look at this belly, Dad. Lentils? We’re not having lentils. No. Everybody keeps asking about lentils. How do you make your lentils? I don’t. – [Asa] She puts them on bag. Tasty Bite does. – [Both] (Laughing) Thank you, Tasty Bite. – [Asa] Microwave ’em in
a bag for 60 seconds– They’re perfect. – [Asa] They’re awesome. – [Priscilla] And you put cheese on them. Look, she’s waiting for her little, Abby, you’re not getting lentils. It’s, like, a dessert. It’s not, we’re not doing that. – [Asa] You had a pretty
good day today, huh? Yeah? You wanna say bye to everybody? You wanna close it out? Aww, that was sweet. Close it out. You do not need anything to eat. – [Isaiah] Probably not… – [Asa] Hey, give her
some vinegar to drink. Maybe it’ll make her tummy clean out. – [Priscilla] Oh my God, that’s terrible. – [Asa] What’s that face? She’s like, oh, that sounds terrible. (Laughing)


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