Off-Grid Camping Mojave National Preserve | Camper Van Life S1:E5

This week, we test the camper van on a 15 mile washboard road and get a taste of real off grid camping in the Mojave desert. [Kait] Off-roading!!! Well you wanted off grid camping This is off grid. [Joe] I could do without the washboard road though. It’s only 15 miles. I’m glad you’re driving and not me. When I said I really wanted off grid camping… …I wasn’t really expecting this. It’s not so bad driving out here. What’s bad are all of the washboard roads. They really are, 5 mph…kind of crawl over it. I wish we could air down the tires but we don’t have an air compressor. And there’s no place around to fill up. We are really out here. And we still have 5 more miles to go. [Kait] 5 more miles. [Joe] Man, coming down that dirt road really made a mess. There is dust everywhere. We’re gonna have to wash this thing. [Joe] The one thing I’ve never seen on BLM land before…a fire pit. [Joe] That was here but we are the only designated camping spot here. [Joe] There’s a rancher about a quarter mile away. [Joe] There are cows that wander around and there are cow patties all over the place. [Joe] But the view is absolutely gorgeous. [Kait] How’s our solar? The batteries are at about 13.7 so we’re getting more than we need right now. [Joe] Thank you!
[Kait] You’re welcome! [Joe] Ice in the desert, what a treat. [Joe] Leo’s getting his water on. [Joe] And he’s dirty again. [Kait] Is he really? What color is he today? [Joe] It’s like a blackish brown. There are a lot of…flies out here. It’s a good thing they’re not bitting flies because that would just make this place miserable. Otherwise they’re just mildly annoying. There goes another one. [Kait] How was your first night of real off grid camping? It is absolutely gorgeous out here. There have been a couple hikers who went passed. Aside from that we have been completely alone. In that respect it has been awesome. The solar is working really well, we’ve been able to keep the fan going, all the lights on. It is a bit hot. There has been a breeze. We have had all the windows open, we haven’t run the AC at all. The shades are doing great and I really like it out here. I really love it out here. I woke up this morning when the sun came up. Took Leo for a nice walk. Really enjoy just the peaceful morning and being in nature. You can’t beat it. It’s so invigorating to be out here. It’s mid-day right now, the sun is directly overhead and there’s no place to sit outside because A) it’s too windy for the awning and B) there’s no shade. We’re kind of stuck inside until the sun goes far enough over for us to get some shade on one side of the van or the other. It’s a tad bit warm and it’s only going to get warmer. We’re not too far from the 40 which means we are a straight shot to Flagstaff, one of our favorite cities in the US so far. Lot’s of good microbrews. When do you want to pack up? Uh, what time is it? Almost 12:30. Let’s get packed up soon. Good sandwich. [Kait] What’s Leo doing? [Joe] He’s just hanging out under the bed. Right bud? It’s a little hot for you today. He’ll be happy once we get to cooler weather. I’m ready to go. [Joe] Alright let’s do this.
[Kait] Who’s driving? [Joe] I’ll drive us out of here. Cause you didn’t like that dirt road. [Kait] You can’t beat that. [Kait] Is the skylight and the fan closed? Yes….yes. [Kait] Is the Berkey strapped down? Yep, Berkey is good. [Kait] Does Leo have water? Yes [Kait] Everything secure that needs to be secure? Did you close the back windows? [Kait] Yes I did. Ok, I think we’re good then. Off to Flagstaff! You gotta close the door though. [Kait] I think Leo is excited. [Joe] He is. Yes, I want to go to cooler weather but is it worth driving 200 miles just to go to Flagstaff? Well where else are we going to go? How far is Ventura? We can go to Rincon Parkway our favorite beach dry camping spot. It’s a lot hotter…it’s 98 down here. Oh my goodness. It is currently 65 degrees in Ventura California. I like it. It’s going to get up into the low 70’s. Ohhh…scorching! 15 minutes ago we were like “Oh we’re going to Flagstaff!” And now we’re going to Ventura! Too hot in the desert. Next time, we leave the rising desert heat behind to go cool off by the Pacific ocean. After my comment in last week’s video, everyone has been asking why only #1 in the toilet and not #2? Well, the answer is simple. Only having #1 in there makes the task of emptying the cassette and rinsing it out much easier. When you add in #2 it fills up faster and it’s a lot more work to rinse out. Plus…Kait is the one who is going to be dumping all year so…her dumping, her rules, who am I to argue? Thanks for watching and if you’re new to this series you can start from the beginning in this playlist and we will see you next week. Bye!


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