One Funnel Away Challenge Secret | Why Russell Brunson Wants Affiliates Promoting It

hey guys this is Ben Arkell passive Automation dot-com I wanted to talk to you about the one funnel a challenge and why Russell Brunson is doing this why he’s having his click funnels affiliate let’s push this program and challenge lots of different reasons but some really critical ones that you’ll need to understand it will help you grow your business help you to have more success and to focus on what really matters and it’s really important when you see an offer from someone who’s really smart and really incredible especially like Russell is to understand why they’re doing what they’re doing and I listen to a podcast recently that he gave and it talks about why he’s doing the one funnel challenge and one of the main techniques he has the one thing you need to one if you haven’t taken the one funnel way challenge I highly recommend that you do it but really quickly if you wouldn’t mind hitting the subscribe button and clicking the bell notification and giving this a thumbs up if you find value here if you find something that’s important that you think other people should know as well the one thing I want to focus on today with this one funnel way challenge and again if you haven’t taken it highly recommended it will tell you how to build a funnel that will bring in revenue teach you about hook stories and offers and how you want to kind of launch those into the marketplace one thing that Russell’s stressed in this podcast that I listen to is your business isn’t your product your business is your customer so meaning if you don’t have a list you have no business so until you have that list you basically have no ability to make money and you know for the long term once you have a list you can continue to make products and make things that your customers will want so I want to dive in really quickly what the secret behind this one funnel a challenge what it really is is obviously who wants people to come and understand click funnels and – for those who are already kind of learning clickfunnels to feel better about the platform see how can actually make them money if they’re seeing that it makes them money then they’ll want to keep using it right but that’s not just it Russell and his podcast talked about treating his affiliates better and he treats his customers and some of the ways he does that is there’s 40% Commission for an affiliate you get 40% monthly recurring Commission right he also pays for the dream car he brings him on stage at his event gives him street cred photo-op you know stuff they can use in their marketing here’s a hundred percent on a lot of his free books and and ofa hundred percent commission now why is he doing a hundred percent commission this is what you need to understand this is so critical the reason he’s doing is because he wants to build his list and more particularly he wants people on your list if you’re in affiliate he wants them on his list okay so he talked about when he was kind of starting out back in the day he didn’t have Facebook Ads didn’t have Google Ads stuff like that and he was trying to decide how is he gonna build his list he knew that was important what he would do is he would find other people and try to build this really cool offer to then offer to their list and then they’d come over in fact you know he’s paying 100 percent commission so if someone joins the OFA they pay Russell 100 bucks he gives that back to the affiliate and he’s also paying 60 to 70 dollars for you know those boxes or the OFA boxes but then he gets ever his list right and so he he’s basically paying 60 to $7 for one lead right but he actually mentioned there was sixty five hundred these that came into the first round of wolf Bay but he said guess how many buyers now early on Russell said he met someone who was song these DVDs right and he gave them to people and said hey you can sell this for $30 and they would so those affiliates put some for 30 bucks and we’re also like you’re gonna go broke 30 bucks for every lead and he said to us he said Russell amateurs focus on the front end and professionals focus on the back end so what is Russell truly doing with this one funnel a challenge he’s educating his current customers right but what he’s trying to do is he’s acquiring your lists if you know Phil yet you know if he has let’s just say he had a hundred affiliates and they all had ten thousand people on their list and they each got you know a couple hundred to sign up for the one funnel a challenge well he knows that list where he’s able to make a buyer out of them send them up his value letter provide value to them he even mentioned that he was doing a hundred to a hundred fifty percent commission on some things with affiliates because he just really wanted them to have an incentive to give them their less give him that their list essentially you know if you basically went to somebody he actually Russell has somebody comes in once and said hey Russell I have this free really cool resource I want you to offer it to your to your list he’s that guy I’m not gonna do that because he know he’d be given this guy’s list and so this guy went to 70 other individuals he said had this really free this cool product is free and 70 people said no but then the seventy first person said yeah after that to my to list my list and then a seventy second person when you told about it they said hey this person agreed to do this campaign with me too so the 70 second person said yes and then 40 people all said yes I’d do it that’s why you see these summits that happened where all these people kind of get together someone puts it together but what they’re doing is we’re able to take advantage of other people’s lists okay so the number one thing with one funnel way the point behind it it’s one to educate the clients he already has the customers who use clickfunnels but it’s to bring people into the list and not just tell them oh a favor click fun but I send them up the rest of his value letter which is you know the monthly clickfunnels within like the 2 comma 2 comma Club award excuse me the 2 comma Club groups and then the other masterminds and trainings he does so I’m gonna leave it with this one thought the importance of the one funnel way but knowing what Russell is doing is this is the secret piano FA is how can you build your list how can you leverage other people’s lists and bring them to you right I mean that’s basically that’s the million dollar question Russell comes into work every day and he’ll ask one question and he wants to know how many people join his list cuz that for him is the barometer of how well the business is going to do because on his back end he knows that he can ascend them up that value letter and make so much money off them on the front end he’s not so much concerned about you know if it costs $60 or $70 to get him in and he knows he can make that back easy but the interesting thing and the the pivot that they did recently is now you can do OFA and there’s no box people can elect to just do a digital version and in that scenario again clickfunnels is acquiring people from other people’s lists free free of charge anyway wanted jabón explains some of those things the one funnel a challenge if you haven’t taken it there’s a link below highly would recommend you do that if you aren’t an affiliate you want to learn more about being affiliate there’s also a link for a bootcamp you can take with clickfunnels but I wanted a to dive in and teach you this principle of the importance of a list when you wake up every day are you thinking how much to buy this girl one of my websites yesterday it grew by 24 people so I got 24 people on one less and three and another and that’s what I’m gonna start doing every day is thinking of how much did my list grow and I’d encourage you guys to do the same thing and as you focus on that list and then focus on your back-end making sure you have a good value ladder and a good system set in place to service for those people on your list you will see great reaps and great rewards and we’ll talk to you guys in the next video

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