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This week, we head to Houston Texas for a
behind the scenes tour of NASA Johnson Space Center have a cup of
mission-control coffee and meet an astronaut so I’m Chris Edelmen Joe nice to meet
you too and welcome to the Johnson Space Center this is this is the home of
America’s human spaceflight program this is where the astronauts live and trained
we plan the missions and then when they fly we watch over here in the Mission
Control Center guiding their daily activities planning what they’re gonna
be doing responding if there’s any emergencies on board and we have an
important element supporting the Commercial Crew effort which is
basically a shuttle replacement and we’ll be flying those missions later
this year and next year with people to the space station so that’s uh that’s
the mission of the Johnson Space Center and we’re gonna go take a look in the
Mission Control Center very cool I’m excited let’s do it do it now Chris you
mentioned you’re a flight director what does that mean
so a flight director is is the leader of the team and Mission Control so I’m
responsible for the safety of the crew onboard the space station as well as you
know the safety of the hardware itself and I work with a really dedicated team
of flight controllers engineers that basically oversee all the systems
onboard the space station and and oversee the activities of the crew let’s
walk out here real quick you know let me show you the assembly sequence of the
space station because all these pictures down the hall show a different assembly
mission of the specials flew between 1998 and 2011 and then so this picture
was taken in 2011 the next last mission and then here’s the final shuttle
mission which of Atlantis would have left the space station in 2011 provided
the final set of supplies and since then the role of supplying the space station
has been taken over by our commercial partners so for example SpaceX provides
a resupply capability in an uncrewed Dragon spacecraft other companies also
do that the Russians do that and we’re looking forward to again next year
flying Americans on American spacecraft up to the space station cause currently
they fly up with the Russians on their Soyuz spacecraft so I’m just saying
after looking at all the photos they said it this is about the size of the
space station is about the size of a five bedroom house it just hasn’t the
volume of a 747 interior volume being in a van or living
in a van the space station sounds Ruby but so this is the flight control room
what are the International Space Station’s control from yeah that’s right
so it’s normally not empty but like say there unbury this is where the team sits
there are specialists sitting at each console in charge of particular system
life support systems right here she’s in charge of the the time lining planning
all the activities over on the other side the attitude control determination
power communication and avionics so we divide up the team it’s classic
engineering approach I’ll just divide up a problem into bite-sized chunks
specialists that feed the recommendations to the flight director
flight director makes the decision about what we’re going to do and then
communicates that to the Capcom Capcom is the capsule communicator that talks
to the crew now it’s a big job just running the space station but the space
station is an international effort so this this team is actually in contact
with control centers around the world managing the International modules for
example with the push of a button has a flight director I can talk to the
Russian flight director in Moscow we have interpreters on our voice loops I
can talk with the control center in scuba Japan that’s in charge of their
their module the Japanese module as well as Munich Germany with the team in
charge of the Columbus module on the space station those are live views you
can see Ricky Arnold and Drew Feustel are in the airlock of the space station
on that view that you consider floating there they’re getting ready for a
spacewalk tomorrow so they are checking their equipment they’re checking their
suits there there’s already been a lot of lead up to the spacewalk activities
since they arrived on the space station last Friday so they’ve been working
pretty much full-time getting ready for the spacewalk but it’s very important to
make sure that they have the right tools lined up that they understand the
procedures that are ready but the choreography with not only with each
other but with the crew member on more the station space station that’s going
to help them suit up and get the airlock down to vacuum so here is the NCC the
Mission Control coffee bar so this is probably a coffee that will not
consider the be gourmet but please help yourself have a glass to see mission CI
Mission Control coffee yeah now you have folders in your cup Cheers
hey I’ll drink it tastes better kids were at NASA of course you don’t get
Mission Control coffee every day no you know some people do this is the room
from which most of the Apollo flights were controlled from me to see the
patches on the the far wall here so starting up Apollo seven and eight
so there’s would’ve been the first crewed Apollo mission this Apollo 8 was
the first one to actually go around the moon and there’s what the eagle there’s
Apollo 11 so the first lunar landing was you know was controlled and operated
from this room so those when those words Houston
yeah the eagle has landed this is who they were talking to you right here so
it’s a very historic room all the Apollo missions all the way up through Apollo
17 were flown here again Apollo 13 in fact these were the people this is where
they were working when the team you know responded to the emergency on board
Apollo 13 an oxygen tank explosion and leak this is the space station makan so this
right here we’re looking at the the European module performance module the
u.s. harmony module which is otherwise known as no.2 for us at NASA consider
the Japanese models over there with the Attic up top which is their logistic
module for storing supplies this is the very front end of the International
Space Station of course controlled by the Japanese
working closely with us there’s a lot of us experiments in this module as well
there’s primarily a science module you can see this is a glove box is sort of a
low fidelity mock-up of the glove box but typically you’d have a place where
you can do experiments in an enclosed area where the things that you don’t
want to escape into the air don’t escape there’s also an airlock here that you
can send experiments to downside the space station there’s windows here
there’s a robotic workstation to control you can see since you’re 0 for now be in
space or microgravity you can use the ceiling as well as the floor so all four
walls are used for either systems racks experiments or more supplies ready climb
into the shuttle don’t flash the folks at home and watch your head you know
this is this is the escape Pole so if you ever had to bail out of a shuttle
off let’s say you’re gliding to a landing you’re not gonna make the
landing site they would basically extend this pole they pop they fire the hatch
up and extend the pole hook up the pole and then jump out the hatch in this pole
when it’s extended down would prevent you from hitting the leading edge of the
wing as you drop out and then you’d have your parachute you parachute down so
this is a this is a pretty last resort way to bail out of a shuttle so we just
go up and you just grab those couple pin holes on the way up right there’s one
here on the floor Wow don’t break anything you’re right
you can’t afford it yeah how does it compare to your RV cockpit a few more
switches right a lot less intuitive no this is yeah I mean what I always found
amazing about any cockpit is all the information here in the little window
right in front of you yeah well the funny thing is you guys
probably have much more computing power in your RV than than on the shuttle yeah
even in your smartphone right yeah you’re the Chewie to my Han I am about
to infinity and beyond so this is a mock-up of the boys
Starliner yesterday this is the Commercial Crew vehicles truck
so boy is contract with NASA to fly astronauts to the space station
starting next year they’re gonna fly on an unmanned flight later this year so
right now they’re doing habitability tests with the astronauts testing things
that activities that the crew is going to do inside the capsule to make sure
that that we’re comfortable and that all procedures are good and all the crew
interfaces work and everything is safe so that when it’s done on-orbit capsule
so this is part of NASA’s exploration program
we’re leaving low-earth orbit and going back to the moon and eventually the Mars
this would be the transportation vehicle to go from Earth to low-earth orbit and
then if you wanted to go further you could attach this to some type of upper
stage and and module supplies and power etc and
then you could you can fly this up obviously this won’t land on the moon
but it gives you the capability to you have to leave Laura for them you may
think it has been a heat shield that like the further you go the better you
come back so you need a better heat shield to get back to earth this has the
heat show that we bring that so uses a Russian spacecraft this is
with the retirement of the shuttle this is how the astronauts and the Russian
cosmonauts get to and from the space station rocket launch from Kazakhstan
near Russia and you typically take some couple days to get the space station and
although they can get there as quick as just one day so now you’ll get to see
what it looks like this obviously yeah so it’s really small so imagine
three three people sitting this out of there and this this side descent module
has flown in space before but you better be real friendly if
you’re going to fly in this that are really good friends
the part with this attached to the space station you find read here and in here
again it is all your supplies you care with it when they launch this is just
chock-full of experiments and extra supplies the astronauts and again this
can’t hold all the supplies you would need for six months but it’s always
talked fool but the hatch right there on the floor you basically have a little
pad through there you climbed down into the it’s called the descent module and
you strapped into your seats and away you go
is an log planetary science and I’ve been an
astronaut here at NASA for twenty years how many missions have you gone up on
just the one so the mom shuttle in 2008 the Space Station is a two week flight
we docked to the space station we added that alumnus laboratory module but you
can’t quite see over on the far end of the mock-up there passed the big
Sciences Harmony best module on space
totally unbiased opinion he had a recruiting a couple spacewalks
to allow robotic arm operations outfitted the inside of that connector
on and what was it like when you first
stepped out it’s like I really hope I don’t screw up
that’s a normal astronaut prayer anytime you know when they light the engines or
when you go out for a space like wow I really hope it on this out now Joe is a
huge coffee man okay no yeah what what is coffee like I
don’t drink you know there is coffee and space is totally powdered although he
did have an espresso machine on station for a few months and we had an Italian
to remember up there it’s still up there did they bring it along with them oh
yeah absolutely that was hilarious because Chris gave us
basically a three-hour tour uh-huh and then we offered to give them our van I
know they’re all there’s not much to see it’s kind of like popping your head into
that little sue use the Russian space capsule you pop in you look around
you’re like that’s it and honestly looking at the space
station and being able to walk through some of those modules
it feels really roomy compared to this because I mean we could drive the van
into one of those that’s how much room there is and it’s really impressive to
think about all of that stuff in space how it’s all working together seeing the
people on the ground actually talking to the people up there and just watching
all that happen thank you Chris so much that was unbelievable and I think really
a once-in-a-lifetime things thank you a dream come true yes thank you guys so much for watching if
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