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What’s up, guys we are gonna be making some more progress on the cr250 now We ran into a little issue with the company that was doing the suspension coatings I’ll tell you more about that later on the video But for right now we’re gonna be doing as much as we can around the bike get it all tidied up So when that suspension shows up is game on and we can finish up the bike. So sit back and enjoy this one So I suppose we can start slapping the airbox and subframe set up All together shouldn’t really be too much work got a nice stock airbox and stock subframe This air box is all sealed up to stop that sealing issue that the cr250 s have Or air filter got a pro filter here as well as a filter skin These are super handy to have so I’m gonna get this set up all bolted together. I Can’t forget about this little plastic shield I’m not really even sure what this little shroud actually does any of you guys know write it down in the comment section I’ve always been curious What this thing is for? Now for the air filter and the filter skin these are gonna have to be oiled up so oil I’ll be using is This Maxima fab one it’s just a spray-on oil that pretty good luck with this stuff in the past So this filter the filter skins and the oil can all be found over at Rocky Mountain. I’ll link everything down below So you want to spray the filters until you have a nice consistent color on them, I usually get the center hole lined up first Pressed into place and that worked the rim around the cage today And then we’ve got the filter skin that just stretches on top of the actual air filter so basically what the skin does is It’s like a first line of defense for the engine so essentially it traps all the dirt before it gets to the actual air filter and what you can actually do I’ve done this in the past is halfway through your day pull off the skin and You’ll have a fresh air filter underneath and I’ve never noticed a loss in horsepower with these skins either so what you’re supposed to do with the skin is get the filter bolted on to your air box and Then get the skin over even over the bolt that goes in the center But what I typically do is get the skin on the filter before these see our air boxes are really tight So what I’ll do is get the skin on Beforehand poke a little hole for the bolt and then install this whole set up into the air box You just take the filter bolt pump it through You can see it’s still completely sealed around the bolt, so no gaps there at all And one last thing we’re gonna do before we pop the air filter on the air box is put a little bit of grease around The rim of the filter this just ensures that no dirt can get through The sealing surface there. So that’s really all the grease you need right there This is kind of old-school method A lot of people don’t put grease on the rim of the filter anymore But still something I believe in and something I’ve done on my bikes for a while and always had good luck with it And then into the air box we go. So all you have to line up is a little peg at the air box And once you have that you’re pretty much golden Now the last thing we have here is a mud flap snag this one from Rocky Mountain as well Now just for temporary gonna slap the setup on the bike just to get a rough idea how it’s gonna look all together She’s coming along pretty good look a little empty without that shock there But at least we have an idea of how it’s gonna look all together So the next couple things we’re going to install are these works connection radiator braces got those directly from works connection Got an helo our meter. This is a pretty cool one Wireless Can’t wait to test that out and then we’ve got a tusk radiator cap This one has a gauge on it so you can see exactly what temp your bike is running at the first thing I’ll be installing are these radiator braces and of course like usual, I’m gonna spice them up with some stereo Really pumped on how these came out. It’s gonna bolt it up on the bike Man those look trick on there has a nice little touch to the bike and they match the black radiator guards as well So they actually use the existing shroud holes. They supplied a little longer bolt for the front hole But yeah pretty pumped on how they fit both sides. Just line up. Perfect So these braces are gonna prevent your radiators from caving in I don’t know if you guys remember these radiators how they look before but they were caved in I’ll twist it up And so the braces are the ticket for that and then say if you hit something with the radiator like a tree or what-have-you The ravier is not gonna Bend back and forth. It’s got a really nice support with that brace there next up We’ve got this and the Hilo concepts Wireless our meter never use one of these before So let’s go ahead and check it out. See how they work. So Yeah, no wires I’m not sure what’s all involved with this setup. Got some sticky tape Got some screws. Yeah, absolutely. No wires whatsoever. Pretty cool They even give you a little logbook to keep track of your maintenance on here So, I believe this meter works off the vibration of the engine and it says it works for both two-stroke and four-stroke So we’re in luck now. It says the reset the meter before using it so you just hold that down to clears There we go, I think we’re ready to rip so just gonna double side tape this thing to the frame Definitely do not want to drill into the frame and use those screws. So I think I’m gonna put the meter right about here So the instructions say that the meter works best in the flat position So like that definitely don’t want to mount it upside down like that or any like weird position. So Just right about there should do I think that’ll fit nicely behind the radiator shroud I Won’t be able to test out the Automator quite yet But when I’m able to it’ll be super nice for staying on top of fluid changes brake pads Chain and sprockets and that kind of thing now, let’s go ahead and check out this radiator cab You get this old crusty one off of here things been an eyesore on the bike for the last couple months Yep, it’s just like the stock one But once again, we’ll be able to test that out till I get the bike going looks pretty cool in there I’m sure it works really good as well So I would drop a link down below to where you can find the our meter The radiator cap as well as these radiator braces we just installed one more thing we can do while we’re waiting on the suspension parts is Install a new seat cover. The one we’re gonna is a moto seat best in the game as far as I’m concerned I’m gonna start loosening up these staples on the bottom side and pop this old cover off of here Now before I install new seat covers I like to leave Mountain the Sun for a good 15 minutes to heat up and get stretchy And then as far as a staple gun, I’ve got one from Harbor Freight here Have a good luck with that and I use quarter inch staples now I like to begin by fitting the front of the cover over the seat make sure Get everything all squared up there and then it’s pretty common to have a little extra squish up top here you know, there’s a sewn seam there and Sometimes you got a kind of mess with it to get it to look good So I’ll roll it over Kind of pinch it right where I want it and then I’ll throw a staple in it to hold it I’ll put maybe like three or four staples up front to hold it and then move to the back of the seat With the front stapled down gonna pull the back of the cover Or in the rear make sure it’s centered up. You don’t want to pull it a super tight just to where it’s taut like that and then flip it over and Toss a couple staples in it Now we’re gonna move up to the front again and I’m gonna work the cover over and the sides of the front I want to see about equal amount of material on either side flip it over make sure it’s Pretty straight on there. Yeah, it looks pretty good. Then. I’ll put in a staple on either side Then I’m gonna work my way up to the front here this seam right here I’m gonna try to tuck it in underneath that way You can’t see it and then at the corner here, I want to make sure there isn’t any flap showing through I’m gonna come over to this side try to tuck that seam under as well Now to push out like wrinkles or seams from the cover I’ll kind of use my thumbs to push the material up and then over the edge But you don’t want to like deform the foam underneath now, I’m really picky about how the top of the seat looks I don’t like to have any creases in it and I want to Like line up perfectly with a gas tank as well So I usually spend the most time The front dial then and once you have that completely straight the rest of the seat is pretty easy one thing that’s pretty helpful is to put the seat on the bike just to see how Things are lining up so I can see right here I’m gonna have a little bit of a pocket there and you tighten that up as well as That piece but yeah looks like everything lines up pretty good. Otherwise, I don’t know I’m just really really perfectionist about the way my seat covers line up with everything I think it’s like the finishing touch that really makes a difference on a lot of these builds. All right I’ve got the front of the seat all dialed in looks pretty good So I’m gonna work from the front all the way up to this corner Get everything all Centered up lined up and stapled in place like I was saying earlier You don’t want to deform the foam on the edge here If you end up pulling the cover too tight, it creates an indentation and it looks really dorky on the bike. So Try not to pull too much on the cover Right about there is good And on this side, I’m gonna pull a little bit tighter so I’ve got the front portion pretty much done. Keep in mind. It doesn’t need to look pretty on the bottom side you’re gonna have a lot of staples and wrinkles and just Loose fabric. So as you’re doing this front section You’ll notice there’s still gonna be a little bit of material here that you could pinch and maybe some wrinkles but as you tighten Backwards I’ll show you here All those are gonna go away You can see it’s a nice Tight fit right there. Keep in mind as you get closer to the corner try not to staple too close to the edge here that could poke all the way through into the foam and through the cover and As you’re riding now, it’s gonna tear up your leg pretty bad Now that we’re past the corner it’s all really easy from here on out just a matter of pull the cover tight and Making sure everything is equal on either side On the backhoe seat pretty much the only thing we’re worried about is the patch on the side lining up Looks like that’s all good. This patch is in the center So yeah, I’ll just staple it off Once you’re all finished up you want to trim off any excess Material so overall seat turned out really good pretty stoked with how everything came out There’s a few minor complaints I have about this cover and so on the back of the cover There’s barely enough material to wrap over and staple So that made it kind of tough and then up front. These seams are kind of in a bad spot and so when the seats on the bike You’re gonna be able to see a little bulge there and it’s like the same on Either side no matter what? I try it I couldn’t really clean that up Not a really huge deal, but cosmetically I would prefer those not to be there already I think we’re ready to see how the seat is gonna look on the bike Insane guys, I am really digging that seat cover. It’s a shame though I don’t think it’s gonna stay clean very long cuz I just crapped my drawers looking at how good this thing is coming along I’m frickin pumped So you can kind of see what I was talking about with the seam on the seat its poking through a little bit. I Think the shroud should help cover that up It’s kind of the same scenario on both sides here poking through just a tiny bit, but honestly Not really that big of a deal Alright, so now for the story about the suspension parts So I sent these out to a company down in California about five or six weeks ago I think they had the parts for about total of five weeks and they actually never got them done I was quoted 250 for the parts up front and that was their minimum charge and When they received the parts, they doubled that quote on me. They said oh we’re gonna charge you 500 now because our Equipment lease went up which I was really pissed about and I was like, alright, I just leave the tubes done so get him coated a couple weeks went by they actually never got em done and The guy tried to do them and he ended up failing at doing the coatings Which I mean that’s what your job is you do coatings and you failed to do it and you were gonna charge me double So I said send it back to me. I’ll go find someone better and That’s why I’m doing I looked around found Sgb racing out of Maryland. They do some really really cool colors sent him out a couple days ago and they said it’s gonna be about About two weeks two and a half weeks before I got them back So yeah, that’s the story behind the suspension, but I think in the end it’ll work out for the better I’ll have a better coating. I’ll have a cooler color and it gives me a little bit more time to focus on my health Focus on some other things on the bike as well So morale the story is do your research before sending your parts out to a company Make sure they’re credible if there’s any kind of red flags that pop up listen to him I had a few things that came up and I just kind of ignored them Completely my fault and so definitely do not use a company like West Coast PVD in, California That’s who tried to do my coatings the first time and go with someone within the industry like sgb That know is kind of the tolerances and what you’re doing with the coating and they’ll be able to hook you up really good so I will drop a link down below to s GB and So you don’t have to go through all the hassle that I went through trying to do something with an outside company So I thought I’d just fill you guys in on What’s going on behind the scenes here? Just thought I’d give you guys a little teaser of the plastics and graphics I’ll be gluing it on this bike. This is a psycho stadium plate for a 2019 CRF and this is the graphics theme I’ll be going with so let’s take a peek and see how it’s gonna fit on the bike Damn that’s pretty tricky looking I’m digging it, but that’s about all I can do on the bike for today thank you so much for following along with this build really pumped how this thing is coming along and you guys better stay tuned for The upcoming weeks as we finish up this project. I’ll see you guys next time. Keep it Prime


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