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Hi Besties\par \par
Rita from YippyBeBe asks\par Hi Renae Would it be okay for me to post the
clip of YB from your video on my site\par Yes\par
In fact most people don’t realize that I allow all of my videos to be syndicated free\par
which means if you have a web site or blog that I’ve reviewed or plugged and you liked
what I said you can absolutely embed the video right into your web site\par
Or if you have a blog and you want to use my videos on a weekly basis monthly basis
yearly basis\par Lisa from NextLevel VA asked if she could
embed my videos weekly on her blog and use the content as if it were for her own blog\par
It’s actually a smart move to use my videos for your own blog if you’re looking for good
content because you get fresh free content without doing a lot of work and Google won’t
count it as duplicate content as long as you have your own title and a brief original paragraph
above or below the video So it’s also good for SEO that way\par
You don’t even need to ask just take\par Take take take take take take take\par
Oh and if you want if you let me know which video you’re using I’ll add an annotation
shout out in the video for your users\par \par
Rob who is SplashDuck on You Tube asks How long before you launch an affiliate program\par
This question is about my paid community I’ve received this question several times from
several people To date I’ve really avoided doing an affiliate program because I wanted
the price to be as low as possible\par I mean you can’t beat $3.97 cents for all
the tools tutorials and info you get in there\par But I am developing an affiliate program anyway
so if you’re thinking of signing up sign up soon because the price will proooobably double
when the affiliate program is ready in a week or two\par
\par And now for a quick announcement My birthday
is on March 23rd and I’ll be doing a birthday picks episode if you want to send me your
products for THAT My address is on my blog\par
\par Also, if you’re in the New York area on May
21st don’t forget to sign up for my Boot Camp You can find details on my blog
as well\par \par
Luv u all\par \par
Peace out yo\par }


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