Online Affiliate Programs

Hi, I’m Tom Antion. I’m a guy that’s been selling on the Internet
since 1994 when the commercial Internet just started coming along. One of the things I found out early, when
I started building a database of people that I could find an online affiliate program,
that I could make additional money and not actually have to service customers. On the other side of that coin, a good online
affiliate program let other people sell my stuff and I only had to pay them if they sold
something. I give them a commission every time they sell
something. So it was a great way either me referring
other stuff or other people selling my stuff. Online affiliate programs are a great way
to make money. Now the software that I use, you see it at
the bottom of the screen here, is which is a combined shopping cart system and
affiliate program. Now before this was invented, when I was first
starting, these didn’t exist where they had separate affiliate programs and separate shopping
carts. And if you tried to put that together, God
help you. Because what happened was when they wouldn’t
work, this company would blame the shopping cart company and the shopping cart company
would blame the affiliate company. Six months later when it still wasn’t working,
I’m holding the bag without a good affiliate program. So if you’re going to get an online affiliate
program for your own business, get KickStart Cart. It’s all in one, nobody’s giving excuses and
it was designed to work together from the get-go. Now besides having an online affiliate program,
this is a great tool to refer to other people and get paid an affiliate commission. I’ve made, at the time of this recording,
over three quarters of a million dollars just referring this online affiliate system and
shopping cart system. The proof of that, I want to send you to another
webpage You see it at the bottom of the screen here. We’ll also have it on a slate at the end
of this video so you can write it down. You’ll see a video of the actual commissions
that I made on this cart. And by the way, they are residual. That means that those commissions are going
to keep coming in forever and you can pretty much give yourself a multi-thousand dollar
raise every year just by keeping referring the shopping cart system to others. So go to that site. You can also get an eBook that tells you all
about online affiliate programs and shopping cart systems. And then you can put your affiliate link in
that book, give the book away. Put it on your website or give it away at
the free sites or sell it on eBay real cheap, who cares. But then you can start getting some of that
residual income coming to you. So check it out. My name’s Tom Antion. I can’t wait to hear the success stories that
you send me about you making money with online affiliate programs. See you around the net.

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