Online Marketing Tools | What Tools You ACTUALLY Need For Affiliate Marketing!

– So you wanna build an online business, and you keep hearing about all these tools and things that people are
telling you you should have. But what do you actually need to have, and what are just nice to have’s? Hey, it’s LeahRae from, and in this video, I’m
gonna break it down for you, what are the actual core
things that you need to have to build a successful online business, and what are the tools
that you can layer on later that are just nice to have’s and not essential to your success? Now, as a general rule,
you get what you pay for. Yes, many of these things, you can find some sort of free
version online somewhere, but you get what you pay for. It’s often very difficult
to use to get it to do what you want it to do,
not very user friendly, and it’s gonna take a lot
more of your time to use it. So I highly suggest that you
actually pay for some tools. They’re not expensive. It’s a business. Consider this like your light
bill or your heating bill or something if you had a
physical business location. These are the core things that you need, monthly expenses that you should
plan for in your business. Another reason that
you wanna pay for tools instead of using just
kind of the free stuff you can hodge podge together
is that it looks really hokey. If someone sees you online
and they go through your pages and they do the different
things, become an audience member and a lead for you and everything else, they’re gonna be able to tell
that you’re using free tools. They typically have different
stamps and things on them, and you’re not gonna look professional. So you wanna present yourself
as a professional online, so definitely just pay for the tools. I’m gonna give you the three
things that you need to have and the three things
that are nice to have, what they are in general, how they work, and then also our recommended programs that we use in our own business. So I will have the links
down in the description, they are affiliate links,
so that you can check out the individual programs, the
tools, if that’s something that you are actively
looking for in your business. Now, let’s start with the
needs to have, need have’s. Now let’s start off
with the need to have’s. So, number one, most important,
guys, email autoresponder. An email autoresponder
is a tool that allows you to email a bunch of people at once. This is essential, because
even if you have an audience on YouTube, on Instagram,
Twitter, wherever, Facebook, you don’t own those social media accounts. They can be gone in an instant, and poof, your business
would be gone as well. You wanna build an email list
so that you can still continue to reach out to that audience. You own your email list. No one’s gonna take it away from you. You can continue to market
to those people to give content and value to them, but
also provide offers to them, and you can make a lot of money just leveraging your email list. And yes, there are some
free tools that you can get started with; however, I
would caution you against that. I would choose a system
that meets your needs as a beginner but also serves you as you grow and get more
complex in your business. Todd and I started off
with something pretty basic with AWeber and ended up
switching to Infusionsoft for more complicated stuff we had to do, and now we are finally on ActiveCampaign, and it’s not an easy thing to transition once you’re established. It takes a lot of time,
frustration, and energy to get switched over, so
I would choose something like ActiveCampaign that can
serve you well as a beginner and also has the advanced functionality that you’re gonna need long-term. And that’s exactly why we like it. ActiveCampaign is our
recommended email autoresponder because it’s very simple to use. I’ve never gone through
any of the tutorials, and I send emails every day. It’s very simple to use
from an enduser perspective, but it also has tags and automated stuff that you would normally
just see in something like Infusionsoft, which
has a very high price tag. ActiveCampaign is much more inexpensive. So ActiveCampaign is a great
tool to use in particular because it’s gonna be
easy at the beginning, and it’s gonna allow you to
have the advanced functionality. It’s gonna be there for you
when you’re ready for it. Tool number two that you
need to have to build a successful online business
is some sort of tool or software to create
customizable capture pages. Landing pages, lead pages,
whatever you call it, you need to be able to
easily create a web page that people put in their
contact information into, name and email minimum. Sometimes we may ask for phone number or some additional questions,
but that’s the basic, and that’s how you’re going
to building your email list. People put in their
information on these pages, and then they get added to
your email list on the backend. Now, why do you want
customizable capture pages, something that you can
edit and change yourself? Because you need to
give a reason for people to give you their email
address, but you don’t just say, hey, gimme your email address online, and people just flock to
you and give it to you, no. You need to give them value,
something that they’re actually interested in, in
exchange for their email address. So if you’re offering
some sort of diet plan or exercise plan, then
you could maybe give away some recipes or just a
one-day meal prep guide or something like that
that they could download online for free as a
way to generate leads. So you need a way to
create a page, set it up so they can actually get that information. And if you’re working with a great system, affiliate marketing
system, that does provide good capture pages for
you and everything else and gives you your own
leads, they don’t keep ’em for themselves, then I would
still suggest and argue that you still need your own
customizable capture pages to really be successful,
’cause you wanna integrate yourself into those done-for-you funnels. You wanna customize the first and second page
to be specific to you. Because your audience is coming to it, they wanna see you in it. So you create the landing
page, the page that people actually put their information
in, create that yourself. Then you’d go onto something
like a bridge page, where maybe you’re doing
an introduction video, short little clip saying
hi, and then telling them what they’re gonna see on the next page. But people who have made
it big on online marketing, they added those additional little pieces. Yeah, it took a little bit of setup, yes, they needed their own tool to do it, and you’re gonna get bigger
results when you do it this way. You’re going to create more success. So we have two systems
that we use and recommend for customizable capture pages, and depending on where
you are in your journey, one will fit you better than the other. If you’re more advanced in your marketing or you’ve got already great
training that is teaching you exactly what to do in
your internet marketing, then something like ClickFunnels would be a great option for you. Their capture pages are
really simple and easy to put together, and it works great. Now, if you are still learning how to become an online marketer, then we would suggest
something like MyLeadSystemPRO. They have customizable capture pages in addition to a whole
bunch of other stuff. They include the
customizable capture pages, plus they have the training
that you’re gonna need that’s gonna actually
walk you through exactly how to become a successful
internet marketer, not just training on creating funnels or capture pages, but actual training on everything related
to internet marketing. So if you’re at the
beginning of your journey, still learning, we would really suggest MyLeadSystemPRO, MLSP, as your tool that you use for
customizable capture pages. Now, tool number three
that you have to have is then your lead
magnet, your lead magnet. So this could be a PDF, a video, something that you create yourself, or there’s stuff that you
can actually purchase online and get the rights to
that you can offer people. So in that example I used
previously, your main offer is an exercise program or
some sort of meal program. Then a good lead magnet,
something you give away for free in exchange for their
email address, could be something like one day of
meal prepping instructions, right, how to meal prep day one, how to go to the grocery
store and make good decisions, the 10 things you need to
get out of your house today if you wanna lose 12 pounds in
the next month, or whatever, something that fits your audience. Someone who’s interested
in that lead magnet, is likely to be interested
in whatever your offer is. So it needs to be congruent and make sense to what your end goal is,
what you want them to buy. You can create something like this yourself using Canva, free tool online. We’ve got all kinds of
tutorials on how to do it. I’ll make sure there an
info card here for you on one of our tutorials that teach Canva. We can do a little bit of research online, come up with some great
information that people in your target audience
would be interested in, put it together in a nice PDF
download that they can access, or you can shoot videos. You can do that as well and
provide it in a video format. It’s totally up to you, but
you need some sort of value that you are offering in
exchange for their information. That is how you build an email list. So these three things: an
email autoresponder system, customizable capture
pages and lead magnets, how is that gonna work together? Well, wherever you end up
making your mark online, whether that’s YouTube,
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, whatever, you’re going to offer
something of value for free, your lead magnet, in exchange
for their contact information. Well, in order to collect
their contact information and to give them the lead magnet, you’re going to need
customizable capture pages. Once they opt into those
customizable capture pages, they then get added to your
email autoresponder list. And from there, you’re gonna
continue to market to them, provide them value long-term, creating a really loyal audience and raving fans and returning customers. Now, some of the nice to have’s: number one, your own website. For us, it’s Your own website is great because again, all of the social media
accounts can disappear at a moment’s notice, and
so having your own website is your own real estate online
that nobody can take away. So it’s always a good idea to have. Do you need it to get started? No. I know a lot of people
who’ve made a lot of money who don’t have websites. You can do it without
having your own website. However, long-term, you should
plan to have it in the end. When I say website, I’m
really meaning a blog, something that provides value, great information to your target audience. It’s another way to build an audience, engage an audience, and
to sell to that audience, collect leads, build your
email list, and make offers. Tool number two that’s a nice to have is a Facebook Messenger bot, something like ManyChat,
which is what we use. Facebook Messenger bots are great. It’s very similar to what you
would do with an email list. You’re building a list of
people that you can message. However, we always build it
secondary to our email list. Email is first for us, always, and I suggest it for you as
well, because you own it. It can’t be taken away from you. ManyChat is great. There’s really high open
rates, meaning when you send the messages to people, a
lot more people will open it if it’s sent through Facebook Messenger than they will an email, so
it’s a great thing to have. However, if Facebook stops letting people have Messenger bots,
it’s gone in an instant, and if that’s the only thing you’ve built in your business, you’re
really in trouble. So that’s why we always suggest doing that as a secondary thing. It’s something that you can add long-term. It’s a great tool to use. It’s a great thing to use
to build your business. However, it’s a nice to
have and not a need to have. You can actually get signed
up with ManyChat for free, but once you hit so many subscribers, then they start charging you, and it goes up and up as your
list keeps growing with them. If you wanna actually see what
a Messenger bot looks like or how it works, just
head over to our fan page on Facebook, Todd and LeahRae,, and then click the Send Message
button and just say hello. You’ll get added to our system,
and you can start receiving messages from us through
Messenger using ManyChat. So we use this to send people our content whenever we’re creating YouTube
videos that are published, when we’re offering webinars
and doing different things. We leverage our list to do that. Now, tool number three
is also a great tool, but not something you need at the beginning, a webinar service. Personally, we use
EasyWebinar, because it has great customer service and
everything that we need. Now, a webinar service
is just gonna give you a platform to actually hold webinars, whether they’re live or automated. Webinars can be used to
provide valuable training, live workshops, meetings, whatever, to your existing
customers or team members, but they can also be used
as a way to make more sales. Todd and I leverage webinars
a lot for making money. They are very, very effective, but you’re not gonna wanna do
that right at the beginning. Leverage the done for you stuff, whatever’s coming with your system, your affiliate marketing program, whatever you’re working
with for making those sales. You don’t need to start
doing webinars right away. That’s a skill that
you can learn later on, and then you’ll need a webinar service in order to actually do those webinars. Now, with these six tips sorted into piles of what you actually need
and what you will need later, (Leah laughs)
I hope that you find that helpful and that you understand that we really just wanna
set you up for success. If you’re serious about
building an online business, you definitely want to
click the link at the top of the description for some great training that’s gonna help you be successful building your online
business as soon as possible. Now, please note that
we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if you’re new to the
channel, you’re gonna have to subscribe so that
we can help you do that. Say hi in the comments so we can welcome you to the community. Again, this is LeahRae
from Head over to this next
video, and I’ll see you soon.


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