Ooops! Might Have Overwatered your Succulents? (Plus Family Vacation)

Hello Everyone, what would you do if you feel
that you might have overwatered your succulent? In this video, we are talking about what you
should do when you realize that you might have watered your succulent too soon, so let’s
proceed. Key Point Number 1 on how to save that overwatered
succulent is to remove your succulent from its source of water. How do we do that? By gently removing as much of the wet soil
as we can. ’Cause Key Point Number 2 is that once you
have realized that you have watered your succulent too soon, the worst thing that you can do
is to wait it out and hope that the soil will dry before it dies. Remember, the longer you wait, the lesser
chance it has to survive. So, time is of the essence here. Key Point Number 3, remove most of the wet
soil, ‘cause your succulent will keep absorbing all the water that’s available to them. That is just how they’re built. The last thing you want is for them to keep
drinking at this point. By the way, it took some time for me to release
another video, ‘cause I was on vacation. You don’t have to watch it, but at the end
of this video, I’m also sharing some clips of our experience in Universal Studios, Hollywood,
but for now, Key Point Number 4, after removing most of the soil, place your succulent in
a cool, dry place. So, preferably indoors where the environment
is more controlled, such as by a window that is not getting direct sunlight. Do not expose it to extremely warm and extremely
cold temperatures. Key Point Number 5 is to allow it to air dry
for days. This is to make sure that the little amount
of soil that is still sticking to the roots are dry. Your succulent is better off without any source
of water while it’s recovering. You won’t even have to worry about them
going thirsty ‘cause at this point, they have more than enough water stored in their
leaves for their own good. So, let them experience that dry spell. All drought tolerant plants, such as succulents
and cacti are always better off on the dry side. I can never stress this enough. In fact, I decided to make this video for
you ‘cause I keep getting this same question. So, my goal in this video is to help everyone
who keep losing their succulents due to overwatering or watering too often. And speaking of goals, in my other channel,
I shared how to make an effective vision board, which has helped me a lot in achieving success
in my endeavors and I also share positive messages there and you can watch it by tapping
on the link up here or in the description below. Later in this video, I will also share something
that I think is super cute! I think it will cheer you guys up to see it. ‘Cause for now, Key Point Number 6, once
you see that the soil around the roots is dry enough, replant it in dry soil. Be very careful with this. Make sure that the soil does not have moisture
at all. Most commercial cactus soil mix would be moist
in the bag, so I highly suggest that you air dry that soil for days, too. In fact, I would even stir it up while it’s
drying just to make sure that that soil is completely dry. Key Post Number 7 is to leave it without water
for about 7 days in the summer and up to 14 days in the cooler months, like fall, winter
and spring after replanting that succulent. And to give you an update, here is this succulent
that we were trying to save earlier. Do you see these yellow leaves and healthier
greener leaves? She has definitely gone a long way with recovery,
right? And as promised, remember, I told you that
I’m going to share something that I think is super cute? Let me just show you these little baby succulents
that fell from the pot and decided to root here. This little lady here fell from this pot. When I saw her, I thought she just got knocked
off and got blown by the wind. When I tried to pick her up, I realized that
she’s rooted and she was actually growing here. So, I just allowed her to grow and not bother
her at all. She has been exposed to the elements. Rain and sun. Since it’s summer time here in Brentwood,
it has been really, really warm recently. In fact, it can go to the upper 90’s and
she is just being her pretty self, not minding the sun at all. Here’s another baby that came from this
pot. See how tough these little ones can be? Which reminds me of my message for you today,
and it is that “Your fortune depends on how well you count your blessings.” So, learn to count your blessing and appreciate
them, no matter how small it may seem. If you want to know more about this, you can
always click on the link up here or in the description below.


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