Opening a Real Cursed Dybbuk Box (Gone Wrong) Very Scary Demon Box 3AM

Oh ladies and gentlemen what is going on
welcome back to the channel so you’re probably wondering what is a dybbuk box apparently these are boxes with demon
spirits trapped inside them sealed with candle wax and they’re being sold on
eBay now what are the chances that these things are real probably slim to none I
tried talking bre into joining this video with me and if you’re familiar
with my channel or you’ve seen our dark web mystery box video you know how she
felt about being there in that situation so you probably understand why she
didn’t want anything to do with me checking out a demon box being sold on
the Internet all right first things first
what would a scary video be without the head cam let’s light this candle now the
mood is set to be nice and spooky for you guys I’m pretty sure this is fake
but there’s always that what if in the back of your mind what if there really
was a spirit captured and I have it sitting in my house right now
I also received a little letter inside the package so let me read this to you
guys you can get the full understanding of what happens when you order one of
these items dear buyer thank you for your purchase
this Dybbuk box was put together by a practicing witch of the Black Arts
please be warned that tampering with a dybbuk box can result in demonic
attachment so I highly recommend if you are buying this item you are adding it
to your collection and not tampering with it people who have open diffic
bucks is in the past have had results affecting their personal lives in many
negative ways please be aware that Dybbuk boxes are not toys they contain
evil dark and dangerous energies to have around you your household or life even
bringing it into your home can cause unexpected activity occurrences and
attachments so please handle these items appropriately it is unknown what spirit
or demon was trapped at the time of the ceremony so please take this letter
seriously please do not open from the hunter of souls alright so here’s what’s
gonna happen so the first thing that I’m going to test out this box with is a EMF
detector this is a ghost meter but it actually does detect electromagnetic
frequencies electromagnetic fields so I’ve tested this out it works on the
light switches on the wall it works on like plug outlets this thing will pick
up electromagnetic energies and if you’re holding it in the air if it
starts beeping walls in the air it’s said to say that there is some kind of
electro energy around you and that’s what’s making it beep alright guys so
this is actually my first time trying any of these tests on the box I wanted
to include you guys and do it at the same time with you so let’s give this a
shot let’s see if it picks up any kind of electro magnetic readings out of this
box so here we go the meter is now at zero on the EMF reader and I am going to
scan around the box and if it starts beeping that means that it’s picking up
some kind of electromagnetic energy nothing so far like I assumed it’s
pretty much just a box so that’s pretty interesting this thing is very accurate and I am a
little bit nervous right now because it’s reacting to this box like that
right that it’s like dead center in the box and the thing that’s really like
creeping me out is when I move the box away it stops detecting it so I know
it’s not like any of my camera equipment or anything check this out
stop and when I put the Box closer there it is again
so that means either there’s some kind of electric current inside of here or
some kind of technology that could be making this beep or be there is actually
some kind of energy well there’s definitely an energy coming from this
box oh and you know what let me show you guys like underneath the table so you
don’t think there’s like something stuck to the bottom of the table that’s why I
got this thing on so I can let you guys see what I see so test one out of two so far gave me
some kind of result that doesn’t mean that it’s a demon in a box doesn’t mean
that there’s a spirit in there it could but as of this moment right now I’m just
going to assume that there’s something in the box that would be triggering the
EMF I’m very curious as to what is in the box now I’m not 100% as to whether
or not I’m going to open it I’m gonna try the next test out more than likely
I’ll probably open it because I really don’t believe there’s anything that’s
going to haunt me from inside this box that’s just me but I do want to know
what’s making the EMF detector go off so all right next up we’re gonna try the
good old spirit box for a moment here hopefully you guys can see on your on
the overhead view what’s going on just turn this guy on are you angry that you’ve been a lot
inside me boss for so long oh it’s not nice
I heard some whispering I’m definitely gonna have to analyze that in the post
editing and see what those whispers were saying but I did ask it if this is a
spirit do you have intentions of harming anyone
and I heard a pretty clear yes obviously when I edit I’ll play it back a couple
times to see if we could hear it a little bit more clear uh okay so now the
big question is what is inside this box you know these radio frequencies they’re
not really that accurate it was pretty scary when we were in the Pennhurst
asylum doing it but you know it’s just scanning through radio stations it’s not
supposed to pick up any radio stations but there was definitely a lot of voices
coming through on it just now so I’m not really gonna take that as like okay that
means that something here is trying to communicate but there’s definitely
something in here can you guys hear that all right guys I
can’t take it anymore I need to know why this thing is beeping when it’s next to
the box I’m gonna crack this box open right now and we’re gonna take a look
inside together and see what is making this thing beep there’s got to be some
kind of technology in here hopefully it’s not a bomb cutting the
quacks right now okay the wax is broken and it smells
really bad why do all these boxes that I open got
to smell like shit there’s a crystal in here is this what was making you beep why’d you stop eating all right so this
thing is not beeping anymore what the fuck the air conditioning is off right now
that plaque has been there for a few months guys there is nobody in this room except
me right now I mean look you can look all around here’s my hands there it is
again yeah fuck that I’m out of here all right
success will be in the car I am heading to my brother Chuck’s house for the rest
of the night I am not comfortable staying in my house at this moment in
time how do you explain that how do you explain that how do you explain the EMF
detector going off it was picking up some kind of electromagnetic field
inside the box and the minute that I opened the box it was not picking up any
kind of energy at all my youtube plaque started moving like clear as day it
literally fell off the fucking wall I can’t come up with a logical explanation
in my mind as to how that could have been moving
nothing that I can think of would make that seem normal

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