OSV 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion | Outside Van

We’re in Portland Oregon we came down to
check out Outside Van and we’re gonna go through one of their custom builds. Okay
no we have not gotten a new van but I somehow magically got into a new t-shirt
that said we’re in Portland Oregon we came down to check out outside van I
wanted to come down because they make some really cool 4×4 conversions that
I’ve seen online but I wanted to see one in person this is a Mercedes Sprinter
4×4 on the 170 chassis they do a lot of custom work let’s go inside and see what
this is all about it felt great driving very
well-put-together nice stout engine this has the 6-cylinder turbo and got a lot
of nice pickup but I liked being up a bit higher because a four-wheel drive
actually lifts the van and it’s nice to be up high and have a better view of the
road without side van you can start with a basic shell and insulation
wallcoverings floors and just go up from there this customer decided to go with a
kitchenette up front there is a nice isotherm frigerator a little bit of
storage underneath the sink here does have a Dometic sink there is an outlet
here on the side and three nice sized drawers and these are actually bamboo
drawers alabaster diesel stove as well as Webasto diesel heater the cool
thing about these is they’re very efficient and they draw from the same
fuel tank as the chassis there is a straw that goes into the fuel
tank to feed these things but it won’t let you go below a quarter of the tank
so this won’t empty your diesel tank and leave you a quarter tank to get out to
the next gas station the control panel is up here this particular van has two
AGM batteries the 2000 watt Magnum pure sine inverter
that control panel is up here there is a light switch as well as an LED dimmer
switch that’s pretty cool then webatsto diesel heater control
panel is here and then there is zamp solar on the roof that control panel is
on this side there’s a lot of storage up above the kitchenette and I have to say
one of the things I’ve noticed with outside van this stuff is built to be
very secure these are some of the most solid cabinets I’ve seen they’re made
out of marine grade wood and these are meant to take a beating when you’re
off-road and everything is moving around those are solid they also have soft
clothes locks the other thing I was really impressed with when we were going
through the factory is how much time and effort they put into just covering the
walls so there are a few different types of insulation you can get again they’re
using that marine-grade plywood along the side sound deadening material as
well as up above it is very quiet in here we’ve had a few instances as we’ve
been filming where a helicopter has gone over and you can barely hear it come
through this customer opted to get 2 max air fans one in the front one in the
back they do have an option for a 12 volt AC system that will run off of your
battery so you don’t have to worry about having a big inverter to feed your AC
the 12 volt is very efficient another interesting feature with outside
van that I haven’t seen elsewhere are the shades they use on the windows these
all are buttoned up and then they simply fold down and they’re class at the
bottom all the way around when you’re done unclasp it fold it back up and if these are really getting in your
way just take them off completely I really like the open floor plan of this
van there’s no bathroom they do have options for showers porta-potties but
this is just open very simple there is the platform bed this I find very
interesting because there are two rails on either side you can take each one of
the three sections out of the van or just stow them away or put them all in
together and you have a giant bed each one of these platforms is rated to
hold up to 500 pounds above it there is the exoskeleton shelving unit this is
also really stout it does have a way to remove it so you can pull the whole
thing out very modular design but this is awesome you put some heavy stuff in
here and you’d be fine in this particular van they have the max
tracks rail system on both sides of the van as well as the floor in the rear
these can be used for all sorts of different modular type mounting systems
this customer has gone with a couple different bike holders but you can do all sorts of things even
string a hammock between both sides of the van I think that would be awesome be
out in a national park have the door open gorgeous view breeze coming in
sitting back in your hammock reading a book that’s what I call a nice day in
the back there is an outdoor shower since there’s no shower inside you can
open both backdoors have a little magnet curtain going down
take your shower back there for anyone who likes to camp out in a cold they do
have the freshwater tank inside with a neat little feature they’ve cut a slit
along the box so you can see the freshwater tank and see what the level
is at inside without having a meter one less thing to go wrong there are LED
lights along the ceiling they have LED strips under the cabinets
and down below in the back so you can see your cargo at the back of the van
there is an outdoor shower they’ve added this aluminum bumper and the matched
track rails are right under here these doors also open all the way you have a nice big open area in the
back there are also max tracks rails along both sides of the van there is a
crank for the manual fiamma awning your water tank is on this side batteries
over there vinyl flooring and just a big open space to do whatever you want with
all the customization you can do on an outside van Kate saw a version that was
a shorty on the 144 wheel base I think but it had dual sliding doors on the
side I think she would love that because you open both doors you get a breeze
going through and then she would set up her hammock their core van would
actually be a very good option for someone who’s looking to build out their
own there’s a lot of thought and effort that just go into their core van the
wiring is there the flooring is done and then you can up fit that however you
want it now whatever works for you people always ask me what type of van
should I get my response is always the type of end that works best for you so
having the option to do whatever you want or design it how you want usually
works best for people because you’re not getting something right off the lot the
great thing about a core van is you can take some time to play around with it
see how you’re using the van and what options you’ll need down the road bring
it back in have it up fitted to whatever your desires are or budget overall this
van it’s simple very functional and very well built and sturdy of course you can
go and make these as complicated as you want to but sometimes life is simple in
a van and I think that really applies to how we use ours and what we like to do
so looking at this it really strikes a chord with us and we like the simplicity
of it Thank you so much for watching. If you
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