OUR BATTERY DIED… ON A REMOTE ISLAND – van life day in the life

So we’ve got our rusty old van Ody
on to the Greek island of Tinos. We’re living the van life dream, sleeping next to the ocean for free and
hiking through beautiful mountains but today actually got off
to a pretty bad start. (Music) (Music) (Music) Oh, the battery just died and that’s really weird
because it’s been so sunny so it’s weird normally this happens
if our fridge was like, left open a crack at night but I don’t think it was, because normally if that happens,
then there’s like a puddle here. Yeah. So, it’s not that. At first I was actually
really stressed about it because when usually
when our battery dies and we are not in a sunny
place so, I was like wow! We are really up a creek without
a paddle as they say because there’s no campsite
on the island, and we have this little device
we can charge Ody’s battery that we can plug in. But this island
has no campsites. Then after talking to Lou he was
like, Dana we do have sun. So, fingers crossed everything
charges enough that we can put the fridge at one, it can
work and then we can use whatever is in the freezer
today, which means I think if the power comes back we can
have an “nice cream” today. Yeah. Which will be really fun but yeah it’s definitely a bummer because it’s not good for the battery’s
health and we don’t know if we’re going to get power back and we’re kind of like
stranded once again. So these keys control power and now that I took them out, it means that once our battery
starts filling up again the fridge won’t turn back on again
on its own when we are gone. so the battery can just
fully charge in peace. You’re so smart! So let’s get
all of this back in there. (Music) (Music) (Music) because our power is dead, I’m going
to have to use some bottled water to fill up our kettle because
our sink doesn’t work. We only have bottled water. I know, it’s only because
we’re on the island because there’s no
place to refill water so, we were prepared (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) It doesn’t look so bad what? I don’t know, it
doesn’t look so bad. No, I don’t know. What if we
get stuck at the bottom now? Yeah. I guess it’s true. I think we can
easily make it down, I just don’t know if we would
make it back up, all right. I think it’s too much. All right good, good. Let’s go there. I think that’s better. Lou Wow! Finding a spot to sleep. Oh, man Ody is such a baby. I wish we had a car that could go
down like somewhat challenging roads Yeah, but it’s okay. we got to be gentle
and he is old. He is very old so he likes
normal stuff, yeah. No off-roading with this dude. Yeah. this gravel road was already a bit of
a test for him and he performed very well. and this is a nice place
to sleep, it’s level, there is a beach, I think
we’re in good shape. Yeah, so yeah we’re getting
a lot of power right now and the battery is at 12.95 wow, so crisis averted, yeah, it used to be at 11.8 so hopefully, by this evening we
can make some “nice cream.” Whoa, yeah whoa 141. What so, what did we do wrong? I think it’s just so hot that the fridge
is using way more power than like, normal. Even on the same setting, if the
temperature outside is different will use way more to get down to the
same temperature because it’s so hot. So, it’s like we didn’t change anything,
it just got too hot oh, okay. Is Alice protected? Yeah, I
can’t even see them anymore Don’t you just like hate it?
I know but it’s just too sunny here, I got
to do it. You look really good. Oh yeah. Safety is sexy. Is it though, I don’t know. Ready? Aha. (Music) Bye Ody. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Which way? (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Want to go for a swim? Please. Oh, my gosh it’s so hot! Three, two, one. Oh, God it’s amazing, oh, Lou. All right moment of truth,
let’s check on the battery. So, pampararaam Oh, my gosh look at that. Our battery is back. I’m going to see if I
can just reach through, yeah, instead of taking everything out pampararaam. Yes, Lou. All right everything is back on. We have hiked, we have
swam, now is lunch time. I really want to
make “nice cream” with the frozen bananas and
strawberries that I had in the freezer but I don’t know if they’re
completely melted already because the power has been
out for I don’t know. 12 hours or something like that. Kind of mushy but I think it’s okay. I think if we eat
it first, it’s like the edges are really mushy. It’s going to be like a smoothie
bowl I think more than “nice cream.” It depends how strawberries are but it’s going to be delicious and I brought you a treat all the way
back from America. That’s very exciting I hid it in here are you ready? Mhmm,
very exciting. It’s one of your
favorite foods… GRANOLA. Oh, my God, yeah. Wow! Engine two granola. So this is oil free
vegan granola, which is a lot of things
to get in all one package but it’s very delicious. It’s a little soupy Here you go. Thank you. Oh, man this is going
to be delicious. With granola on
top, it’s so good. Oh, the cacao nibs, oh my God and strawberry is your
favorite “nice cream” flavor. It is so good, I thought
you’d like it, oh, my God. Oh, if I could eat this every
single day, I’d be so happy. Doot, doot, doot, doot, doot. Thank you my darling. I always forget
which one is which The shorter one goes on top.
I did it right! And the longer one
goes down here. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) We just finished a few hours
at our standing desk. I had to send a bunch of clients’ emails,
and Lou was rendering some footage for a different project
that we’re working on and now it is time for dinner.
I’m not sure what time is it. 6:45 we’re going to
make some pasta tonight with a lentil pasta sauce, which I’m very excited about
because we even have zucchini. So, it would be really delicious and yeah, another day in the van coming to a close we’re going to have
dinner and who knows read a book or potentially use our expensive data and
watch Stranger Things because I’m really addicted to this season,
it’s so scary what do you think Lou? Yeah. We can try if the internet will work.
I know it has a red dot here. This spot is a little bit more remote
so, our Wi-fi it’s been really spotty. Which is honestly a good thing because it means that we just
spend time off of the internet it is nice but sometimes
you know get it enjoy it. Okay, the options are
yellow or brown? That onion was so strong. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) Quick swim before dinner. (Music) I feel so much better this water here is incredible and dinner is already plated, so we
got to run back so it’s not cold. Dinner is ready. How epic is that, a swim
and it’s still hot. So, we’ve got the pasta
sauce, pasta underneath some cilantro and some miso. Did I say capers? Capers on top. It’s funny I was like so tired
all day but still so happy like, It’s been so beautiful. We’ve got to get swimming
twice, eat delicious food and yeah, I’m really happy. Yeah, I feel very
grateful today yeah, we didn’t get sun burn, somehow. The lentils are
so good in there. Yeah I’ve never made
it said split fava. Yeah, who knows? This is so good. It’s nice to have
something different. Mhmm Babe you are getting
covered in tattoos It’s cool, this has
like ingredients from the Lidl we went
to in the Peloponnese. Oh, my God yeah from right before we were
stocking up for the other island, all right and now we’re like, finally
using those dry ingredients and we are at the
island of Tinos. Yeah, we are in a completely
different part of Greece. I feel like it was important to like
raid the back of the pantries, yeah. (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music) (Music)


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