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Almost 2 years ago we left behind for the chance of a sailing adventure of a lifetime It hasn’t all been smooth sailing since then But together we are learning and laughing our way through Our hope is that if we last long enough we can make our merry way around the world And this… This is the millennial falcon How does it feel to wake up to a full canvas underway babe? Surprise! Tiring, ha ha Well if I hadn’t of heard the engine going For a little while then I might have been surprised I thought about sailing off the mooring But it was pretty crowded and the wind was really confused in there Yeah… no it’s actually good to be underway Knowing that you’re already making moves And you’re already going in the direction that you want to go Even before you’re up, kinda thing So I’m up It’s a beautiful day for it I’m glad we delayed our departure by one day Because it was rubbish weather yesterday And today is like, a glorious sunny day I woke up this morning and it’s just a beautiful sunny day We’ve got like 13 to 20 knots Sort of on abeam/ broadreach And it’s great pointing us directly to where we want to go It’s a nice downwind practice for us Unfortunately we don’t have the pole back in action yet But that’s why we’re going back to St Martin, yeah I’m really glad we left. I hate sailing when it’s cloudy I really don’t actually mind how much wind or waves there are I just don’t like it when it’s cloudy It’s something about the ominous feel of a cloud really just messes with my attitude about the sailing day But if it’s sunny and you’re out here battling against the waves and the wind It’s like, yeah, what a beautiful day to go out and have a go, have a go at the ocean sort of thing It’s funny because he did actually say yesterday Ah, I’d much rather prefer to go today Because although it’s more wind we actually expected more wind he was like I just prefer to go today because it’s not as cloudy 7.8 knots
Are we? Wow
Well we were, we were We’re just pulling up to Marigot And we can see yet another Tayana 42 this will be the third one that we’ve seen think Ha ha, we’ve got such a popular boat It’s taken us about four hours I think to sail up here What is our plan this afternoon Check back in
Oh yeah we do Groceries?
Yes yeah, so we’ll do a little bit of a chore kind of things today And then tomorrow we’re going to actually start on the boat work So we’ll head to a… a… Fabricator
So tomorrow we’ll head to fabricator And we’ll get started on that spinnaker pole trying to get that fixed Having settled back into St Martin It was time to get our game faces on I did a mammoth provision for what I hoped would last 3 months… stocking up on all the essentials Meanwhile I had the mounting ring for the spinnaker pole repaired, although it seems I missed the memo about putting it the correct way up. We loaded up the tanks and filled up as much diesel, water and petrol as we could carry We spent a long time pouring over charts and weather windows We scrubbed the hull back to brand new And most importantly… We got a new dinghy!! We went to the markets on Saturday and… the same markets that we found our radar head from. Anyway, this market is freaking awesome We went in there, it was the last one for the whole season And we got a new dinghy!! We don’t have a name for it yet though so I’m not too sure what we should call it but yeah, there she is There have been some pretty fantastic suggestions On our Instagram though Ah okay
Some of them are awesome Yeah,
Ah sweet, so we’ll definately definitely have a name for the dinghy soon Ads, what are you doing? what are you doing? I’m…. I’m corpsifying the old dinghy Taking out all my old frustration on this thing Our precious little dinghy that’s been with us since the beginning who we hate to blow up We tried to give it away and no-one was interested it’s too hard No one would steal it, so… We have to chop it up and put it in a skip, which one of the locals advised us was the best way to dispose of it I wasn’t really expecting to be doing this the day before we depart to Bermuda But, such is life Hey Ads, what day is it? It’s leaving day he sounds so enthusiastic yeah, well… what are you doing? I’m just checking the forecast and i’m less than enthused because we should have left 2 days ago We were elated for reasons we can’t really control The disposal of the dinghy took a day longer than it was supposed to Like, the far end of the forecast had not sort of, filled in and so it didn’t really matter when we left So we weren’t too worried But this morning it looks like Towards the end of our duration It’s going to be like, filling in from the north So that’s a headwind in the last 100 miles, potentially Unless we can just squeeze in there before it fills in So we can’t afford to just drift around out there I think the motor’s going to have to come on if If it’s drifting material Anyway, we’re almost ready to go We’re about 15 minutes off leaving This will be the last land that we see For 7 days I think Or around about 7 days Except that island over there… I was going to show them that you plum I thought you were talking about that no… Adam is back to his captaining position behind the wheel Shush I’m sure you’ve all noticed as well This is serious business, a serious day Until we get on course and then I’ll go to my sloth spot Yeah, sure you will No I won’t… It takes me 12 hours to really adjust to everything The whole life thing Probably a whole shift actually It takes me a full 24 hour shift change With no problems, to stop checking everything Before I relax Adam’s the worst on sailing days because even now, he hasn’t eaten anything He hasn’t, like, barely, he’s got some water But he’s barely drunk anything He just goes around and, just I don’t know… Marches around like, what’s wrong with that What’s going on there? What about this? Or, and is really quiet as well Other than that, he just doesn’t eat anything Doesn’t do anything on leaving day I will… just after we’ve been at sea For 2 hours and the course is set There’s nothing to navigate around Once we’re good to go, then I’ll start eating And drinking, I’ll probably have another cup of coffee Put some music on
He’ll stay there the whole time We should put some music on actually We should actually Should we put millie’s opera on? Because she’s been so good so far Well that would calm me down Knowing that she’s pleased So maybe we should I think it just calms Adam down Adam just likes the opera I may not put this footage in but… you’ll see that I have my very asian Style sun gloves on I bought them the other week and Adam Was just laughing his arse off at me And he was like, oh my god, you are such a ginger But it’s just so fricking hot here And I get sunburnt in minutes So… I’m afraid that if you see me looking real, real nerdy Then this is the reason why Safety first!
Safety first We are screaming, I’ve got a reef in the main Maybe 3/4 of a jib We’re doing 7 knots, we have 21 knots of breeze At 120 off the starboard bow Starboard quarter sorry And we’re 7.3 knots Yeah! By this time tomorrow we’ll be 110 miles away I reckon Awesome, this is good news Yeah, so no, this is good, the forecast Was for 16 knot south east So the direction is right, I don’t know Maybe it’s a compression breeze or something But we’re getting little bit more wind than we though we were going to get And so we’re going a lot quicker, like 2 knots faster Than I expected to be going If we can hold this for the rest of the day That will get us a half day ahead Of the calm that’s coming on the 17th And if we motor through the calm That will get us a full day ahead Of the headwind front that’s coming through Bermuda on the 20th So, we should be good. We need to thread the needle a bit To try not to have to bash to windward So in the first hour its looking good Yeah!
It might be too soon to call Oh yeah, really getting your great side You’ve zoomed in haven’t you? Very much so How was your first day? Well it’s not over yet
but his your first day going? It’s actually been a really, really, really good first day I reckon I totally just jinxed us by saying that We’ve had like… we’ve been doing like 7 knots or so About 6.5 to 7 knots We’ve had kind of less than 18 knots most of the day Of wind sorry, of wind So we’ve had to shake out the first reef that we started with and And we’ve put up a full sail which is awesome We’ve just bee flying along, it’s been fantastic I went downstairs earlier had my little nap
in preparation for my night shift Adam went downstairs, watched a movie
and drank beer and peanuts for his… So you know, different levels there of comfort But Adam is significantly more relaxed I think And I’m good, I’m feeling pretty good And on the flip side ads, how was your day? We started out… we started out with about 22 knots coming out of St Martin Which I think was just compression and land breeze And it held at about 20 so we had a reef and a 3/4 jib And I was also looking for, looking to test our weather helm Because, I can’t remember if I said it But having changed the back stay before we went to St Barths We obviously messed with the rake angle a little bit And I hadn’t had a chance to check it And it was such a lovely, calm sail to St baths and back That it was only when we got a bit of a compression
gust coming back into Marigot Bay That I realized we had some pretty severe weather helm And so I backed off the back stay And I hadn’t had a chance to check it, and we’re Beautifully balanced. I got it right in one I think. We’ve had 15, we’ve had 18, we’ve had 23, 22, 25 knots this means that it’s well balanced there Short canvas, full canvas and she just leans over and takes off. which is exactly what we want. There is a little bit of weather helm in there But the autopilot just immediately trims it out and carries on And I think that’s reflected by our speed My mate Jessie who also has a Tayana lent me some diving tanks before we left Marigot And I got a chance to spent like 3 hours under the boat just getting her back to new And I’m so so glad I did Jessie, mate, thank you because I would have never got such a good job done With just my snorkel And I reckon that’s brought us a knot, if not more she’s like a new boat today Stop it HAHA! Khiara in her natural cruising habitat Hahaha Stuffing crackers in your face And hiding from the sun Go away! Behind the scenes access, Sailing Millennial Falcon Alright, I haven’t seen the green I think it’s for real gone now So when are you meant to see the green? Just as it disappears Definitely for someone with cataracts, definitely Do you want to tell that story? Ok so apparently So when we were having some captain’s hour drinks WithJohn Kretchmer, he’s like Oh yeah, I’ve seen the green flash… Is when you, it’s when the sun goes down And it’s against water and there’s like a flash of green light Just after the sun goes down And he’s like, I never used to believe it when I was younger But when I got older, saw the green flash And I totally believe it now Iv’e seen it a few times And Adam’s like, so you didn’t see it when you were younger And you see it now… you sure it’s not cataracts? And everyone around is laughing too because It’s like, check that out Adam and I haven’t seen it and all the older people Are like, it’s definitely there, it’s definitely there And we’re like, uh huh, sure… sure So if anyone has seen the green flash, please tell us Because we have not You might be seeing green flashing light because you spend all your time staring at the sun At sundown Fortunately for me, John Kretchmer Who has like, ham fists and is a giant man Took it in his stride and has a very good sense of humour So he didn’t box me around the ears for being a smart are It’s day 2 on passage up to Bermuda and we are.. we’ve just had a look it’s been 1 day and 1 hour I was asleep so I couldn’t do the exact 24 hours but In 1 day and 1 hour we have done 165 nautical miles, and we’re doing an average of about Well actually I don’t know but I think it’s about 6.5 knots So we have 700 miles to go And it’s gone to sleep, haha Oh ok I got it, it’s ok Yeah, so both ads and I were saying, we have smashed it so far! 165 miles in 25 hours Oh my god, that’s amazing! Our boat, thankfully, has just broken all
these records just when we’re on this passage So yeah, we’re super super stoked about that We’re making good progress I think that we’re a little bit ahead of our plan But we do have the calm days coming up So, although we’re trying to beat them,
I don’t know if we’re going to beat them really


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