Our Camping Supplies + Avoiding Bears While Camping 🐻

(optimistic music) – Hey you guys, it’s Dana and it’s time to talk about money and in this video I wanted to share with you all the things that I like to take with us
on our family camping trips. And we take those camping trips to save money and to travel affordably. (cash register chiming) Alright so I wanna talk about all the stuff that I
think is really important to take camping with us. Number one on the list is a van. So we do car camping. You might of seen some
of my car camping videos. I’m afraid of bears,
I’m very afraid of bears with good reason. I’ve seen those YouTube
videos where they are, they’re scary those bears and I don’t really wanna be waking up to having my head bitten through the tent. So, obviously if you are camping you can pick spots that
are not bear country, but it’s a risk, so I
like having some kind of hard top over my head and so we’ve been using our minivan. So in the back I have a tent that attaches to the back of the minivan and it’s fantastic, so it
just kind of fits over. You pop the hatch and the tent fits over the top of that and then it’s like we can sleep in the back of the van. So I have a lot of things that we put in there to make it look cozy which I’m going to show you. I really think that having
some kind of four inch foam mattress topper or just a
foam pad is important, right? Those mats you can buy, the blow up mats, number one they can be really expensive and I don’t really want to be sleeping on an air bed. I just think that it’s uncomfortable and then they a lot of times will deflate and then you wake up
sleeping on the ground or on the hard floor anyway and no thanks. I’d rather have something
that’s not going to deflate. So I think a four inch foam pad is really good to have. You can lay it on top of your cot or on the ground and
then your sleeping bag, whatever you’re sleeping. Even if you’re in a camper
and they have a mattress, I’ve seen people put the foam pad on top of the mattress. So I think that it’s a
good investment to make is a thick foam pad. This is a rubber mallet and this one’s a Coleman
with tint peg remover, okay? So this is great for pounding into stakes with your tent and then obviously you can yank out those stakes with the bottom of this
one, so yeah, rubber mallet. So these are new this year. Every year, let me just also say when you’re camping each year I think it’s a great idea
to make a list on your phone things that you think would help to enhance your camping
experience for next year or next weekend, however
often you go camping and then you can create a list on Amazon of things that you wanna get for the next time you go, right? So then when you have the funds available, when you save them up or whenever
when you’re getting close to your next camping
trip you can go ahead on and purchase them ’cause you’ll forget ’cause we only go camping
once a year at the moment every summer and so by the next summer I might forget what I
thought that I needed the summer before and
when I first get home from camping every summer, let me just tell you
every single time I say I am never doing that again,
I don’t wanna do that. And then six months later I’m like, ah, where are we gonna go camping? I can’t wait to go and I’m all excited. Anyway, so write it down and just be aware that
you probably will forget why you didn’t wanna go
back and you’ll be excited because it can be tiring to camp. I can’t get these open. Oh! Alright. What is this? Stainless steel, is it stainless steel? I don’t know, metal, there’s
no description on it. Alright these are glow
in the dark tent stakes and they’re serious. Alright so a lot of times the tent stakes that come with your tent, they’re plastic or
they’re just not very good and so you might break them when you’re trying to
hammer them in or something. That’s how ours are, they’re
not really that great. The tops of these tent
stakes glow in the dark. So when it goes into the tent, it’ll help you to see
where the tent ropes are. You know what I mean and plus these are more heavy duty, so we can really pound them in and they’ll just last longer, so yeah. Alright so clear containers. I think that they are
essential when you’re camping. We have a bunch of these but you can get these at the dollar store, Dollar Tree or Target, wherever but I think clear
containers, clear backpacks they make things so much
easier when you’re camping ’cause you can see what’s in the container if you have it stacked up or
if it’s thrown in the tent, you can easily look in the bag or the container and see what’s in there. It just makes things so much easier especially when you’re with kids. So you can find things quickly
and it makes things simpler. So within this little container here. Flashlights, right? You gotta have flashlights. Oh sorry, shined that in your eye. Flashlights for when you’re camping especially with kids. Have a lot of flashlights
so everybody can have one. I don’t know how many kids
you’ll be camping with, but they all wanna be
carrying a flashlight when you walk to the bathroom, it’s part of the fun
is to have a flashlight to walk around the campground with. So you gotta have ’em just so also you can see, right? You don’t wanna be up
in the middle of night and you can’t see what’s going on. See those bears when they come after you. Speaking of seeing, we have
these battery operated Christmas string lights, whatever
you wanna call ’em. So there’s three double
A batteries in this and these have been great. This is the third year with these lights and there’s a little
button on here you push and I stick them up in the top of the van or you can string them
around inside your tent. So, battery operated lights. I think that these are gold, I love ’em. They just make it a really
nice, fun atmosphere when you’re camping and like I said, these have had the same batteries in ’em for three years of
camping, three summers. So good stuff. These clips you can buy at
Staples or Office Supply and this is what I use just to string the lights inside the van. So I just take this and I stick it in the fabric of the van and then I put the lights
on in there, right? So that’s how I hang them up. If you have a tent and you don’t wanna be
poking holes in the tent, then just use little
binder clips if you can just to kind of clip the lights around. I think these binder clips are important to have camping in general just to clip stuff around
and they’re so inexpensive. Whistles, so I have a bunch of whistles. These can be a blessing and a curse, but if you’re trying
to gather your children to come back to the campsite or just for bears, right again, bears? If you’re out hiking I think
it’s good to have whistles. The kids like to have them to blow them. So have some whistles with you when you’re hiking or in the campsite. Okay matches, I have matches. Obviously you need
matches to start your fire unless you wanna be
like you’re on Survivor like I thought I wanted to do and you get a magnesium fire starter. I thought the kids and I would have fun trying to start a fire like
we’re on the Survivor show ’cause we love Survivor. However, we did not get to it last summer. So I still have this,
it is still unopened. We did not start a fire
this way, but yeah. Teach some survival skills. This is a rain poncho which I got at our grocery store for two bucks and so it could
rain when you’re out there in the woods, so I suggest rain ponchos. Just grab them and put them around just in case it starts to pour. Walkie talkies, whoo! These are fun, okay? These are, again, sort
of like the whistle idea, but the kids like to talk to each other at home and at the camp site. You can see the kids have kiddoed it up, ghettofied our walkie
talkies with stickers. Just slapped ’em on there for fun so they can identify whose
walkie talkie is whose. But these have been really good. I think I bought four pack
of these walkie talkies and they have worked out really well. They have really clear sound, and they seem to go really far. So these walkie talkies, I
think this is a good idea if you’re camping with a family. I was at Target once and they had these cute little cases. Like on an end cap and
these are playing cards. Ah! Uno, don’t go. Okay so these are playing cards and again this is a clear
container, you guys, and that’s why I like it because you can see that it
keeps it nice and organized and you can see what card
games are in the container and really stackable. So stacks of cards I think are essential for when you’re camping. Card games are the best. Also puzzles, we like to do puzzles. This is a 300 oversized
piece puzzle and fun stuff. Okay, probably you can play
music on your phone, right? But I have this crank flashlight and radio which is good, I don’t know, in case you run out, your battery dies. You can crank it up and
it’ll give you a light and also there’s a radio
on here with a antenna. So yeah I just like to have this when we’re camping, in the glove box. Alright, this is DampRid as
you can read on the container. I’m gonna be using this for
the first time this year, this summer when we go camping. This is because in the tent
or they have an RV picture on here or your camper, it
can get wet, I don’t know. When I’m sleeping at night in the tent it just gets damp and feels kind of icky so I think this is a good idea to have when you’re camping is some kind of moisture sucker. I have had these LE super bright head lamp for a couple years now
and I use it everyday ’cause I go jogging in
the morning in the dark. So in the rain, in the snow, the thing is still kicking,
it’s a good headlamp and when you’re camping
this is really good for moms and dads because it’s hands-free. So you can have the light up there when you’re walking to the bathroom or if you’re trying to fix the tent or scare a bear away. Whatever you’re doing, it’s
good to have hands-free and so this is a great headlamp. It works really well, it’s pretty bright. So try to get a headlamp I think if you’re going to be camping. Okay so binoculars, if
you’re camping, fun stuff. If you’re gonna bird watch. I don’t particularly like bird watching but my sister does, she loves birds and so she can tell you the names of all the different birds. The kids will enjoy it probably spying on their neighbor the next
camp site, don’t do that. Just having some binoculars around is fun when you’re out in the woods. So this is a tablecloth cover. The picnic table is at your camp site. It’s fun to have a
brightly colored tablecloth in my opinion on your picnic table. Okay and blankets, you guys. Definitely lots of blankets. You can use twine to
tie, make your blankets into little bundles. You can roll them up and
tie it up with twine, but I think that having stacks of blankets when you’re camping is important. If you can get the wool blankets, like the military grade style blankets, I think that, that’s best
for when you’re camping, but just make sure you have a lot. You like to sit around the campfire. Not too close to the campfire, but with a blanket on your lap, around your shoulders. It’s just cozy at night and in your tent and just kind of helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere when you have lots of blankets. When you are camping with
kids, little kids especially, you do not wanna have to leave your tent to go to the bathroom in
the middle of the night especially because they most likely will get up and say I gotta go right now and they don’t have time to wait to get to the bathroom or maybe like I was you’re camping alone with
multiple little children and you can’t leave
them alone in the tent. So I highly suggest having
some kind of bucket. Those five galloon buckets you can get from Home Depot or Lowes with the lid and that way at night
you just have somewhere to go, right, in the middle of the night and then you can carry that bucket to the bathroom if there is a bathroom where you’re camping and just dump it into the toilet in the morning and it’s not a problem, so I suggest having some kind of idea as far as how you’re gonna go in the middle of the night because it can be really
tricky, like I said and nobody really wants to
in the middle of the night to be tromping through the campground. I did a whole separate video talking about Dollar Tree things you can purchase for your camping trip. So I’ll try to link that up somewhere. Be sure to check that out
if you have other things that are essential to you or that you love to take
camping that I didn’t mention, feel free to comment below. I’m trying to think of everything else. Obviously some kind of bug repellent or sunscreen is important. Okay? So happy camping, it’s exciting and scary and exhausting but then
you always wanna do it all over again, so I suggest trying it if you’ve never done it and just so you can say
you’ve done that, tackle it. That’s what I always do. Tackle the fear and I
have a headache today, so I feel like I’m really looby. (laughs) Okay, that’s it for this video. If it’s your first time here, be sure to subscribe. I am here every single Tuesday talking all about money. So that’s it and I’ll talk
to you next week, bye.


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