Our REAL School Night Routine (with 6 kids)

If you guys are wondering how I get
downstairs nowadays, I just scoot myself down like- like so. Just ignore that. We’ve
got six-six little human beings living here, okay? Don’t judge me. Hello LANDing Crew family
Today’s video is a school night night time routine for our family
of 8. We have six kids: a 15 year old, a 13 year old, an almost 12 year old, and
then we have a 3 year old, a one-year-old, and a baby so our night time
routine is a little bit crazy. The kids recently just started back to public
school after 3 years of being homeschooled so we’re kind of still
finding our routine. Our 15 year old and 13 year old are in public school: 8th and
10th grade. And then our almost 12 year old, Noah, he’s special needs. We
homeschool him. We will also be doing a morning routine so definitely stay tuned
for that. So how we do it because we have 6 kids is usually we have the older
kids shower in the morning- hey baby And then the 4 youngest they shower at
night. It just works best that way Usually we just do it youngest to oldest
and just work our way down but some nights when we have a- Hi. What are you doing? Do you want to say hi? Tonight Liam, our almost 20 month old,
he’s really cranky guys so we’re gonna go ahead and get him taken care of and
get him in the bath. The kids have already ate. Usually I would show that
but, real talk, I broke my foot last week Tonight we had Arby’s. It was yummy
So, let’s get started Hi Liam Is it time to get dressed? You’re funny. You funny.
I no- you’re funny Alright gotta put your shirt on
Okay! What’s on your shirt? What is that? No! Come on. Do it for Daddy My turn!
You do it, show me Yeah! Good job. All the way! Bath time.Yeah. You’re the most excited out of all of them What are you doing? Whatcha watching?
I colors It’s supposed to be sleeping time It’s supposed to be sleeping time [laughs] what are you doing Nellie? [Stephanie laughing] Lonnie: let go You’re harder to dress than Liam Guys I think she’s gonna have curly hair Best smile ever So last in our night time routine, as far
as the hygiene department, is our son Noah who’s almost 12. I’ve done a couple
of like hygiene routines with him So this is gonna be kind of the short
version. If you want to watch a longer night time like hygiene routine that he
does. I’ll link it below. Let’s go ahead and get this done. He never likes doing
it, it’s always a battle but you know sometimes you got to get clean. Noah It’s your turn.
I want this quick I know, we’ll be as quick as possible Do you want a bath bomb? Okay, what color?
Green. We do not have green. All we have is
like pink, yellow, purple Do you want the bath slime?
I want bath slime No it is late, Mommy is not doing that mess
Fine let’s see what other colors we have aside from green.
We have a yellow right here, look. Sure Taken his bath, now he’s gonna brush
his teeth. Gotta help me. Yeah, of course I don’t like my fan on. Okay.
I have a shirt for a reason So thank you guys for watching our
night time routine. I hope you guys enjoyed it. It’s not as inclusive as our
morning time routine because that’s when the older kids are getting ready but
that’s basically what we do Guys … I like- I ate chocolate and somehow it
ended up up there. I was supposed to hide the evidence
Nellie, she usually plays but this time she played until she passed out. But we love
you guys and we will see you tomorrow [ending song]


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