– [Kendra] We built a sprinkler! (upbeat music) – Our second cutest thing ever. – We bought a new TV, and it doesn’t fit. (Kendra screams) – It’s starting! – [Kendra] So is this Batman and a bride? – No, princess. – [Kendra] Oh, it’s a princess. Whoa. Are you guys dancing together? – Yeah. – Side, side. Side, side, now the
thing where you go turn, then turn the other way. – [Kendra] Wow! Where did you two learn to dance? – We learned when we were little. – [Kendra] When you guys
were little you learned? – Yeah. – We should now let the feast begin! – What are you guys doing for a feast? Are you eating lettuce? So this is our sensory bin
left over from summer camp, and what it is is it’s aquarium gravel. I just got it for like
four bucks at Walmart. (simple light music) Yay, you did it. Yay, good job! So last week was our summer camp, and it was packed full of fun stuff from morning ’til night,
all day, busy and fun. And this week is like the
exact opposite of that, and what’s funny is I’m actually enjoying this week even more. I enjoy some of those
downtime quiet moments that can actually be really fun. (rock music) (refined music) – We just made it look like water, right? – [Jeremy] So I know you’re Batman. Who are you? – Ballerina princess. – [Caleb] Soon we’re
gonna pass on to food. What food are we having today? – French food. Peanut butter and honey sandwich. – So I’ve gotten a little
burned out and bored with my menu planning recently, and I remember that one of the kids’ goals was to learn how to cook
more meals this summer. So this week we are working on that. I had each of the big kids
choose a menu item for dinner one day this week, and they’re
making the grocery list, doing the grocery shopping online for it, but figuring out which
ingredients and the amounts, and then they’re gonna help me cook it. So it’s a learning experience for them, and it sincerely helps me out. So Elise chose one of our
favorites, red and white pasta. But we have not had this
since going gluten-free, so we’re making some adjustments to make it friendly for celiac. – Okay. – [Kendra] You’re looking
for mozzarella cheese. – Right there.
– Good job. Here’s what they chose, and
I’m going to be doubling a couple of these so I can
put them in my freezer. So what do you think of making
a grocery shopping list? – I like it, it’s fun. It helps me to type, and help
me know where the letters are. And when I bake it, I want zero help. – [Kendra] You want to
do it all by yourself? – Mm-hmm. – [Kendra] I might have to
help you a little bit with– – Like with carrying
and pouring the pasta. – [Kendra] Yeah, you’re amazing. Caleb’s turn. – My meal is Santa Fe Chicken. – [Kendra] So we already
did the grocery shopping for all of this, and now
we’re gonna go to the kitchen and check and make sure we have enough chili powder and cumin. We need to find chili powder and cumin. – Cumin and chili. Wow, we sure have a lot of seasonings. A little salt shaker, so cute. Dill weed? Our second cutest thing ever. See-aim seed? – [Kendra] Sesame seed. – [Caleb] Culmin. – [Kendra] Wait, what’s that one called? – Cumin. – [Kendra] Cumin. (chuckling) That’s one
of the ones you needed. ‘Kay, so you’re also
looking for chili powder. – Kah-sher salt. – [Kendra] Kosher salt. – Milled chill powder. – [Kendra] Wait, what is it? – Mild, milled. – [Kendra] Mild what? – Chill. – [Kendra] Chill, or chili? – Chili powder. – [Kendra] Do you remember
what you were looking for? – Chili powder. – [Kendra] Yeah, you found it. That’s chili powder. We need more chili powder. So now we’re typing in chili powder. C-H.
– C-H-I… – [Both] L. – [Kendra] I. – I, I did I. – [Kendra] Good job, and then another I. – Another I?
– Chili. ‘Kay, now do you see
the options popped up? Do you see chili powder popped up? So now click on chili powder. – That’s the kind we had. – [Kendra] That is the kind
we have, so scroll down. I think I would like this bigger one. That way we’ll have more for next time. The last ingredient is cheddar cheese. Can you type up at the
top for cheddar cheese? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Isaac chose tilapia. That’s perfect, just add it to the cart. Okay, next ingredient. – So these both have the same amount, but this one is cheaper, so I got it. – Good choice. Going generic is often a great choice. It’s really amazing, if
they can do this now, think of what they’re gonna be
doing when they’re teenagers. They can just cook for
me, it’ll be awesome. ‘Kay, Laura, what did
you plan for your meal? – Two mac and cheese, two
salads, two apples, two grapes. – Two grapes?! – Yeah! – How are we gonna eat two whole grapes? – We can finish them today and tomorrow. – So why do we need two of everything? – Because we’re gonna have
it extra for three days. – Oh, it’s gonna be enough
to feed us for three days? – Uh-huh. – So why’d you choose macaroni and cheese? – Because I like it. (laughs) – Yes, do you want orange mac and cheese, or white mac and cheese? – White. – (gasps) You like white mac and cheese? That’s my favorite kind, too! Should we make a ginormous
amount of mac and cheese for our family?
– Yeah. – Thanks for helping me plan dinner. – (gasps) It’s starting to boil! – It has to bubble. It’s 12:00, officially 12:00. – [Jeremy] Is it noon right now? – Yeah, look. – [Jeremy] What are you guys working on? – Mac and cheese. – [Laura] All by ourselves! – [Jeremy] What are you working on, Isaac? – I’m making a amusement park. – [Jeremy] You’re creating one on paper? – Yep. – I saw one bubble raise,
but we still need more. And then once it’s boiling,
it’s gonna go boo-oo-oo. – [Laura] They’re coming up! – [Caleb] That looks so cool. – It’s starting! – Yeah, it’s starting to boil. How do all those bubbles get formed? – [Laura] They’re coming up! – [Jeremy] I wonder, that
is an interesting question. Why does it bubble? Maybe because it gets so hot
that it starts to evaporate. And then the air of evaporated water from turning from a liquid
to a gas has to escape, and that’s what’s actually
happening with boiling. I don’t know, we should look it up. – [Caleb] The bubbles come up the side. Look at all that. See, the bubbles come up
the side, it’s so cool. – Let’s just put ’em in. – [Jeremy] We gotta
wait ’til it’s boiling. – It’s boiling! – [Elise] I think we should put it in. – [Laura] It’s literally boiling. – [Jeremy] So you guys gotta
be careful when you dump it in, if you do it too fast or in
a way that splashes over, it’ll burn you, so be really careful. Good job doing it really soft. – I wanna do it. – [Jeremy] Let’s let Laura
try it, she wants to try. Good job, Laura. – [Caleb] That looks so cool. – [Jeremy] All right, now
let’s get the cheese in there. All right, mix it in. – Janae is helping me with a puzzle. – [Jeremy] Is she actually helping, or? – She’s taking them one by one and pushing them on the puzzle. Oh, that’s a good one. Yeah, get that piece. – [Jeremy] Yes, she’s
still in her pajamas. – Good job, where does it go? Right there, right? That one. Oh, it goes up there. Yay! Thanks for helpin’. Look at her proud little smile. She’s like, I’m helping. That one? – That one. – That’s a good one, where does it go? ♪ Teacher, do you love me ♪ ♪ Teacher, will you care for me ♪ – So Jeremy and Elise are
singing a duet at church in a couple weeks, and they’ve
been finding little moments to practice, and I can hear
them singing in the other room and it’s just beautiful. ♪ I need your love ♪ ♪ I need your light ♪ ♪ To show me how to be like Jesus ♪ ♪ And with the Savior as our guide ♪ ♪ I’ll share the light I feel inside ♪ ♪ And you will feel His love for you ♪ ♪ To show me how to be like Jesus ♪ – There’s monarch butterflies. – [Jeremy] Monarch butterflies? (gasps) There they are. These might just be moths. I don’t know if they’re
monarch butterflies. Hey, do you guys want to
help me build something fun? – [Caleb] Yeah! – Let’s go to the garage. So our plan is to build with PVC pipe a fun water toy for the kids. (upbeat music) All right, so the idea is that
we created a closed system with the PVC pipes, and then we’re gonna put the hose right here. Do you guys remember
when we bought this one? We might even add another hose in. We could have another
hose come in on this side. And we have to have a
perfect pressure system so there can’t be any leaks. – How will we get wet? – [Jeremy] We’re gonna
drill holes in the pipes so that it squirts out
of places we want it to. – Can we get wet? – [Jeremy] Yeah, of course. – Today?
– Of course. Okay, guys, you all go
get your swimsuits on. We’re gonna test with just this one and then hook it up and see if it’ll work, and then we can add more tubes as we go. – [Kendra] So this is like
a drive through sprinkler? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Hypothetically? So they hook up the hose right here. You guys think it’s gonna work? – Yeah! – I think it’ll take
a while, because it’ll have to build up, but once it does, yes. It has to get up there. – [Kendra] That’s a good point. So we bought special
connectors that are supposed to connect the hose to the PVC pipe. Is it working? – Not like I had hoped
it would, but let’s see if this will work. (gasps) There it is! (Elise screams) Our sprinkler has worked!
(Kendra laughing) – [Kendra] Oh, there
it goes, there it goes! – [Isaac] Even better. – [Jeremy] It did work.
(Jeremy and Kendra laugh) It’s gonna blow! Ahh! (kids screaming and giggling) Yeah, so one weak spot can
cause some serious problems. – It’s a million holes, it’s gonna be. – [Kendra] It’s gonna be super fun. – [Jeremy] You guys, that’s just one spot. (bouncy cheerful music) (screaming and laughing) – Hi, yi, yi, yi. (laughs) – [Kendra] Janae is not
sure about the sprinklers, but she likes the water table. – [Both] Mmm. (cheerful music) (screaming) – [Isaac] Guys, watch this! (drill whirring) (cheerful music) – [Kendra] They’re building
it, piece by piece. – It’s better if gravity is
on our side with the hoses. Have the hoses come through the top. So I thought that these
would screw together, but I needed a smaller size. – [Kendra] Smaller diameter tube? – [Jeremy] Yeah. – [Kendra] Is this gonna
be a success or a fail? We do not know yet. – [Jeremy] Look for
possible breaking points. – [Kendra] Oh, there’s a
possible breakage point. – Watch out, I’m gonna fix it. (screaming) I think what we’ve learned
is coming from the top doesn’t work unless you’re holding it. (Kendra screams) – [Kendra] That was me, you got me! – I didn’t mean to get you, I’m sorry. – [Kendra] And your camera. (slow motion scream) – [Elise] Wow, you’re tall, Daddy. – [Kendra] Do you guys
see what we’re doing? This is called trial and error. (indistinct singing) ♪ I’m singing ♪ ♪ In the rain, I’m singing in the rain ♪ – It’s not in the middle. – [Kendra] Jeremy, you might
get a little tired there. – It was a flawed system. – [Kendra] We built a sprinkler! Yeah!
(kids screaming) – This is way easier to
catch than raindrops. – [Kendra] Yeah. – I think I might’ve
drilled too many holes, so it’s not quite as
explosive for the kids. (pleasant music) (Elise screams)
(Kendra laughs) (kids screaming) So one thing I love with
kids is you can teach them the principle of something,
like this water system sprinkler that we created, and
then you can let them loose, and they can just build their own. – Long story short, we bought a new TV and it doesn’t fit in
the opening for our TV on top of our fireplace, and
that is totally my fault, I’m the one that measured and told Jeremy what size to buy, and I forgot to account for the little stand. See, it would totally fit… if there wasn’t a stand. So Jeremy is being an amazing sport, and now taking apart
the TV that he set up. – We could get a mount, but
because it’s so far back here, we just feel like it’s gonna
be better to get a smaller TV. – [Kendra] Well we’re
grateful that Best Buy will let us return it, but I feel so bad that Jeremy has to do this again. Not only can he assemble
a TV, he can take it down and fit it back into the box. – A true measure of success. – Manhood?
– Yeah, of manhood. (both laugh) – Let’s go get a TV that fits. I left the remote at home. So we have to go back and get the remote. – But they were really
impressed that we got it back into the box, they
said that never happens and that we did it nicely,
so I’m proud of you. – Kendra and I had so
much fun, for 15 minutes we just stood up here and watched Elise. She’s such a great
little girl, we love her. – [Caleb] Goodnight, J House out. (laughter) – [Jeremy] Go! (kids oohing and ahhing)

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