Outlet Shopping With My College Roommates

Good morning, everyone! Today, I’m starting off my day in Santa Monica, CA and getting brunch at The Independence! * music plays * Okay, where are we guys? Judy: Outlet!
J: What outlet? Judy: Camarillo!
J : Camarillo! Christine: In the middle of nowhere! First coffee. And she’s gonna– she’s gonna get coffee for us because C: Unni.. noona time
J: Noona? Unni– unni time C: Oh! unni time C: I only have a little brother so I like think of myself as noona I’m older to them both by a month. Judy: No, you’re not.
J: I am. C: We have the same birthday.
J: They have the same birthday. C: We’re twins. But we were— The three of us are all 91 (1991) We’re gonna start at Barney’s. Everything is cheaper at these outlets. I might buy workout clothes to motivate me, and she’s gonna try to take me to yoga tomorrow. C: You’re not gonna come with me.
J: I’m gonna try. I’m gonna try… They don’t have any faith in me. I picked something up at Theory. It’s so much cheaper than Korea, okay? Everything is… Let me see J: This looks better.
C: Come ask Joan’s viewers You’re cute. C: Wait, I like the other one better
J: Really? I like this one. They look the same. I like that one. The other one looks tighter. C: Are they the same size? Judy: They are the same size. I don’t know. That’s Theory for you. You’re not getting anything? It’s just one shop. But like they’re having a massive sale and we signed up for a VIP membership, which is free, and there’s like a bunch of coupons in here J: So we’re just…
C: Yeah so we want to like ??? and put things on hold. J: Yeah, we did it.
C: Because we’re trying to be responsible We are, we are. C: But we’re probably gonna go back right before we leave and get everything. J: Right! But for Theory, like I was like eyeing certain things and then it’s just like… 70% off here J: So much cheap.
C: Yeah. We walked into Coach and everything is an extra 50% off. How do you feel about that?
C: Huh? How do you feel about that? C: Really great. We all picked up stuff from Coach because it was 50% off. Judy: So cheap!
J: I know! Outlets are amazing. I bought like three things for under $100, which is so cheap for Coach. But we’re just gonna walk around… some more. Judy, why are we here? Judy: No idea Oh, I know why. That ahjumma over here. Ahjumma-to-be. C: So heavy, though. C: It’s 40% off Let me see if it’s on the list. C: Dude, it’s so expensive—
J: Hey! Hey hey hey– It’s a 2% off purchase 75 or more. C: Yeah, everything here is like $300
J: You should just go for it. Judy: Wait, are you gonna get a yellow? Can you pick?
C: No, I just saw this. Judy: Which would you pick? J: Okay, let’s go to Saks Judy: I tried to buy a rolling pin once as if it’s like you never baked in your life. J: What’s a rolling pin?
Judy: Exactly. It’s like the thing with the thing Judy: Like that, you like roll … Judy and I are the same when it comes to kitchen life. Judy: Hey that’s not true, I’m better
J: No, no. No. This girl, boiled milk in the boiler. These are so cute. Judy: Honey thing
J: Honey! Judy: Wait why don’t you want this? J: She wants like useful stuff.
Judy: Okay, that’s so ugly J: We’re like into these.
Judy: It’s so cute! So cute. Okay, Christine. Have fun. We are gonna— C: I’ll meet you at Saks
J: Okay, bye. Judy: Don’t forget to buy this J: Yeah, don’t forget. After a long day of shopping, we’re now (C: gonna start) finally eating dinner. Judy: There you go. J: Oh! Thank you!
Judy: You’re welcome C: What?
J: Oh my God– C: It makes you look so small.
Judy: But it’s so big! That’s so big. Look, Judy Judy: Oh my God! Judy: We’re like, is one roll gonna be enough?
J: It’s enough. Judy: Oh yeah.
J: Wow, that looks amazing. C: I hope we get that much food, shoot! Judy: Not complaining. Hi, everyone! I’m back home from a long day of shopping. It was a good time catching up with Christine and Judy again and… Yeah, it was just a very chill day. Now they’re watching Game of Thrones. I don’t watch this show so, I’m just packing and getting ready to go over to Steph or Skim’s place because I’m gonna be staying with her for the next two weeks or so. And then I’m gonna go see my brother. I know a lot of you guys miss him, but yeah. Today’s vlog is going to end here. I know it was really short, but know what, there are going to be the days where my vlogs are under the ten minute mark, and I hope that’s okay. I don’t even know if it’s gonna be under the ten minute mark, but usually throughout the day, I have an idea of how long each vlog is going to be. So I have a feeling that this one’s going to be short, but, Tomorrow, I’m gonna be hanging out with some YouTubers, I believe? So you guys will see who tomorrow. All right. I’m super tired and exhausted because I’ve been out for like 10 hours today so, So I hope you guys enjoyed watching. Here’s the shoutout of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed my vlog. And I’ll see you all, tomorrow! Have a good day! Bye!

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