Oxford Canal & Huge TV Mast Install

Hello, thank you very much for watching. I’m sorry it feels like I’ve vanished off
the face of the earth this past couple of months, but I’ve been so, so busy. I haven’t sold Alice and moved to the Netherlands,
like one viewer asked me! I’ve still got her. Traveling along the waterways and still loving
every minute of it. The last two months have been super, super
busy. In the middle of December, I flew over to
Romania for a week. That was for Victron to film the fit out of
a VW van. That was really, really good fun and you can
see the first two episodes of that, I’ve included links in the description below. There’s about another two episodes to go with
that series. Then obviously there was Christmas and then
when I came back from Christmas and right up to the sort of middle of January, I’ve
been busy on another project but that’s all finished and completed and now I’m free to
travel around the system again. This is the lovely Oxford Canal and I’m travelling
south. I was up on the Coventry Canal. Inside the boat is starting to look very different
as well. I’ve got some friends on board helping me. The oak sheets of wood that I had horizontal
above the gunnel – the more I put on of those, unfortunately, the darker Alice got inside
and to be completely honest, it looked a bit like a sauna! So that’s all come off. The sheets of wood have been cut and they
are going vertical below the gunnel and I’m much, much happy with it. Also, another key change inside is the cable
tray down the centre of the ceiling. While sitting there and once you’ve put something
in a place, and you sit and look at it for a while you feel very different about it and
I felt different about it so I’ve removed that. It felt like the ceiling was too cluttered
and it felt like the ceiling was a lot lower thank it actually was. So that was removed and
I’ve gone for a more traditional style of cable trays either side of the ceiling and damp-proof MDF sheeting that almost
a bit, looks a bit like fake tongue and groove, that style will be bent over the ceiling throughout
the entire boat and it looks a lot neater. The foil came off and luckily, I had a number
of rolls extra so I’ve just refoiled bits and pieces. Another great thing that’s gone into Alice
that’s been made during the month of December and bit of January is a brand-new oak,
solid oak TV cabinet. The Carpenter has been busy making it from
scratch. That will be featured in another episode coming
up because I’ve gone into quite some detail of how he’s done it and what he’s done and
why I wanted things in certain places. So that’s gone in under the gunnel. I’ve got a brand new television and that works
fantastically and obviously lots and lots of content coming up. Some of it will be the Oxford Canal some of
it will be fitting out the boat inside but in this episode I am starting the Oxford Canal
up at Hawkesbury Junction and also preparing a new mast for the new television. [Music] Back in June last year, you may remember,
I featured the type of mobile broadband I was using. It has worked really well since then but when
Alice was in the tunnel in November I trod on the cables and they pulled out of the aerial,
oops! So, along with new cables, it’s time to
install a new television aerial and a longer and stronger mast. The pole is a standard scaffolding pole but
it’s aluminium, which is far lighter. The pole will be fitted into two brackets. One hole bracket that will support the mast
and the lower is a cup bracket. Both have tightening hex key bolts, to stop
it banging in the wind. I used one of the holes already at the stern
that was used for the previous mount and drilled a 12mm hole. The holes steel edges were painted with primer
to avoid rust and when dry the brackets were mounted. I stuck some window tape behind each bracket mount
to avoid water sitting there and rusting the wall. Instead of having a directional tv aerial
I purchased a new dome omni directional version. This means I can just put the pole up when
moored and not fuss about aligning it. The aerial is fitted to the top of the pole
using three screws and has an amplifier inside, which is powered via the tv lead and f-connector. I received a number of helpful comments in
the previous video about how to make a water tight connection with the cables. This time I am using heat shrink that is lined
with glue. forming a watertight seal. On the N-type connectors on the bottom of
the WiFi aerial I fitted two N-Type to female BNC adaptors. I purchased two 5 metre leads with pre fitted
BNC connectors on their ends and they simply screwed onto the adaptors. As the heat shrinks diameter needed to be
big enough to go right around the aerials N-connectors, whilst it was still hot I added
a cable tie to the end of the heat shrink which brought it together nicely against the
cable. It was then time to raise the mast.
I’ll detail the tv end of the install in a future episode that also includes my new tv cabinet. I’ll also show you how the cabinet was made
and where I plan to put it inside the narrowboat. We are really cracking on with lining Alice
out and I’ve been busy filming all of it. [Music] I’d like to give a big shout out to the
following Patreon supporters. Tom Barber
Benjamin Lembree Andy Copsey
Talenin And a mega thank you to Charlie Balke. Thank you to all of you for all your support. If you’ve not already subscribed, please
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about future releases. Until next time, see ya later.

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