Paige Wheeler – Digital Marketing MSc Student at Northumbria University

My name is Paige Wheeler I’m doing the master’s with Digital Marketing course at Northumbria University I’m from Virginia in the states and I chose Northumbria because of there reputation in the Business School and volleyball as well I’m a scholarship volleyball athlete here I love the fact that it is an international university so for me I’m not used to working with a wide range of people from different background different cultures etc so I think that’s my favourite part just everyday coming into school and getting to talk to people from different cultures The staff at Northumbria is awesome their helpful, their encouraging, their motivating and their extremely knowledgeable After I finish the course I definitely want to go into the marketing industry specifically digital marketing, I would like to focus on the creative side so digital campaign’s but I think the course definitely equipped me with other skills along with just the creative side so analytics, marketing metrics, SEO so I feel like I will be employable no matter where I go or matter what I decide to do The course has definitely encouraged us to be more entrepreneurial We have guest lecturers come in that have started their own business and that’s motivating for us because we can see that it is doable within our industry There is definitely support here as far as any social problems There is a front desk downstairs that can help you with CV skills, interview skills really anything you need outside of the classroom there is somebody there to help you Life here as a student is great, it’s a lot of fun when I’m here at class all my friends are here, I’m in class everyday and outside of class there is always something to do the university is always putting on extra curricular activities for us Coming here as an international student it can be scary at first but any international students coming in just know your coming into a warm, welcoming community I am more then proud to say I am a student and hopefully an alumni of Northumbria University

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