Pan Grilled Spanish Salmon with Tomato Sauce

so Spain is famously known for their
consumption of seafood why well for one because we get it in abundance thanks to
the Mediterranean coast and the Atlantic coast in northern Spain but secondly
because it’s so delicious and very healthy for you so with that being said today
we’re making an amazing dish of grilled Spanish salmon with a tomato sauce
guys this is one heck of an amazing dish loaded with so many flavors very healthy
easy to make and it comes together in under 30 minutes
perfect dish for one of those busy week nights or even better for a relaxed weekend lunch
next to una copa de vino tinto now to make this dish
I’m gonna be using some fresh salmon if you guys don´t have access to fresh salmon
in your area no big deal you can just buy it frozen just make sure you fully thaw it
out and then you pat it down with some paper towels to remove any of that extra moisture
so it has that beautiful texture to it and for the second thing make sure you use a
good quality extra virgin olive oil as you guys know you know in Spanish food
this is what we use as our fat and is what really flavors a dish so make sure
use a good one for this recipe I’m gonna be using an olive oil from Barton olive oil company
they sent this to me to try out here on Spain on a Fork this
is there estate blend made with a variety of Tuscan and Spanish olives but it’s
grown in their small orchard in beautiful Paso Robles in the Central
Coast of California essential to this recipe beautiful stuff link below
where you guys can get this directly from Barton alright guys enough of me talking
let’s get to the recipe we’re gonna get started with our salmon I have this
beautiful fillet here this is 450 grams which is about 16 to 18 ounces again
guys if you can’t buy fresh salmon in your area you can totally use a frozen one
that you fully thawed-out and pat it down with some paper towels I like to cut out some
of the excess fat and then I’m gonna cut it into four evenly sized portions and we’ll season each salmon fillet
with some sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper next up I’m gonna heat a nonstick
frying pan with a medium-high heat and I´m gonna grab some of this Barton extra virgin
olive oil and add about one tablespoon into the pan after heating the oil for
two minutes and again you don’t want to go any longer that way that extra virgin
olive doesn´t lose that beautiful flavor let´s add our salmon fillets into the pan
seasoned side down three minutes after adding the salmon
into the pan I’m gonna start flipping the fillets to cook the uncooked side
the thickness of these fillets is about 3/4 of an inch after a total cooking time of 6 minutes
that’s three minutes per side I’m gonna start removing the salmon fillets from the pan
and transferring them into a dish now using the same pan with the same heat
I’m going to add 1/2 of an onion that I finely diced and two cloves
of garlic that I finely minced and mix them around with that oil making sure to scrape up
anything that was left over from that beautiful salmon about one minute after adding
the garlic and the onions into the pan they´re ready to go just because this
pan was already so hot I’m going to add a half a teaspoon of sweet smoked Spanish paprika
and mix it all together until it´s well combined once everything’s well mixed and you wanna do
this pretty quickly that way that paprika doesn’t get a bitter flavor to it
I’m gonna add a quarter cup of white wine into the pan and start mixing
everything together now if you don’t want to use white wine in your recipe you
don’t have to you can just skip this step but the white wine adds a beautiful depth fo flavors
into the sauce about one minute after adding the wine
into the pan and all the alcohol has burned off I´m gonna add a generous
1/2 cup of canned tomato sauce season everything with sea salt
and freshly cracked black pepper and mix it all together until it’s well combined once everythings well mixed
I´m gonna lower the fire to a low-medium heat and let this simmer between three to four minutes our sauce has been simmering for about four minutes
in the low medium heat at this point I´m gonna add the salmon fillets back into the pan
and heat them through between 1 to 2 minutes about two minutes after heating our
salmon through in this beautiful sauce this dish is done let’s go ahead and
remove it from the heat and I’m gonna garnish it with some slices of lemon
and some freshly chopped parsley okay guys our dish is done
this salmon looks absolutely beautiful let’s get in there give it a try and see
how it tastes let me tell you this looks so good here we go Bravo such a beautiful flavor to this
dish I’m telling that tomato sauce complements that salmon so well
the salmon beautiful texture to it you know the thickness of these fillets we’re
about 3/4 of an inch thick so about 3 minutes per side and then we add them back into the
sauce so they fully heat through beautiful flavors easy to make done in about 30 minutes
actually a little bit under 30 minutes about 25 minutes before I go I’d like to thank the folks
over at Barton olive oil company for sending over their estate extra-virgin olive oil such a beautiful extra-virgin olive oil
I truly love it highly recommended it again guys you´ll find a link in the description box below where you guys can buy it directly from Barton Olive Oil Company if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
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