paperkumaco sticker haul + review ✨

Hello! It’s Seo from tbhstudying, and I’m here with a sticker haul! So, some of you guys might already be aware of this but I use a lot of stickers in my bullet journal and one of my favorite ones to use is from paperkumaco. I actually use her stickers quite a lot. I just finished one sheet yesterday and I’m about to use up these. But, I got some more stickers! As kind of a disclaimer, I will say, I am an affiliate of paperkumaco for the rest of the year. Because of that I did receive a gift card, but I did pay for shipping and I did exceed my gift card amount by a little bit- so I did pay for some of this stuff myself. And as always, my opinion is always 100% honest and my inability to open packages remains very consistent. I thought this video might be helpful as kind of a review and overall haul kind of thing because some of you guys might be interested in purchasing but you’re not entirely sure on what the purchase is going to be like, so hopefully this gives you guys a heads up on what to expect if you order from paperkumaco. First off, packaging is really nice it’s a bubble mailer and it’s sort of like this metallic rose gold so it’s super pretty, and it feels pretty secure because there’s bubble wrap lining on the inside. And, inside we have a little print card, and I ordered some sticky notes. I also ordered one of their sticker sets, and individual sticker sheets. Here’s just a better look at the packaging itself, sealed with a sticker [cute!]. I’m going to start with the stickers set. This is a set called “Into the Wild” and I got it because I was intrigued. Normally I’m a huge fan of the sets that paperkumaco makes because it’s all very neatly color-coordinated, and I like the fact that they had different sized circles because recently I’ve been really into circles. So here we have some circle stickers or like, dot stickers. And we have more here but these are patterned. Some larger pattern circle stickers, and it looks like we have some photo stickers here I like the way that this is all color-coordinated and I feel like the sets would be a very easy way to build a theme quickly, especially if you don’t know what kind of theme you’re going for. And, I always like the way paperkumaco sort of styles their different sets. I also feel like getting a set is probably more cost-effective in the long run. The texture of the stickers is slightly different as well. It’s not the typical paper that I’m used to, like, it’s a little more vinyl-esque. It’s not super glossy, it’s still matte as you can see, but the texture of the paper isn’t just normal regular paper- it’s some sort of different material. Next, we have the post-it notes. They’re all sealed in this plastic bag. I got three. One is this productive sticky note, and one is like the “stay productive Momo” pink sticky note. and then this is the “let the magic begin”. So I don’t really like sticky notes where the design takes up too much of the space. I like that these still have space where you can write things down without sacrificing space for design elements, y’know? I’ll test out the sticky notes with a series of different pens. So here, I have a Sharpie fine-liner . Here, I have a ballpoint pen And here, I have a gel pen so we can test all three types of pens out on the post-it note material. Here’s the test! And if we pull it off: little bleed-through. Seems to stick well, and let me test it with a highlighter. No issue at all with a highlighter either. Sometimes sticky notes have like a weird coating on top of the paper that makes it sort of hard to highlight, or hard to write but so far, no issue. Now we’re here to the fun stuff! What you all came here for, probably. It’s the stickers! I’m gonna try and be really careful because I’d like to preserve the sticker and reu- Nevermind, I guess I’m not reusing it. Maybe I can still- oh yeah, no. No, we’re not coming back from- yeah, no. Me and my bad packaging skills, I guess. 🙁 Here we go! Here’s the business card, and on the back they have their social media. And then a few sticker freebies. I did purchase this during the planner girls sale- I don’t remember what it was specifically called, but it was sort of like this collab sale between a bunch of different sticker jobs. These are exclusive to that sale only, I think. These are just regular freebies that you would probably normally get with an order. And, oh boy. Oh boy. Ya girl went nuts over the stickers. It looks like they worked with different artists. I like that they credited the artist right here so you can check that person out if you want later on. Now I’ll shut up and just run through the stickers, because that’s probably what you’re here for anyway. Let me give you guys some comparisons on the old stickers versus the new. These are some of the old stickers I bought from them, I know this one’s used but, hear me out for a little bit. These are stickers I have from their previous launches of new stickers and previous purchases that I’ve made. These are the old stickers, and then these are the news. Again, I’ve mentioned this before but the texture is different, the materials, the paper is different and it makes me feel like these stickers are more higher-quality, if that makes sense? The material feels like it’ll hold up better than this, which is just paper. So, this feels almost waterproof. Here’s my bullet journal for some reference. Like, the material of this vinyl sticker is sort of slick to the touch, and this has a similar slick touch. I’m not 100% sure if these are waterproof, and I’m a little hesitant to try out but here, let me try a little corner. Oh, my finger’s wet, and as you can see it’s not soaking through the paper material. This is why I’m bringing the used sticker out. If I wet my finger across it- I’m not sure that’s showing up on camera very well- but the paper is getting saturated and starting to tear a little bit under my touch. Compared to this and this, you can see that the water’s rolling off the paper versus this where it’s getting completely saturated. Dab that off because I don’t want my purchase to get ruined, but when I wipe off the water, it still feels normal whereas this is just tearing and- oh yeah, there it goes. There it goes. So, that’s definitely a difference from the average sticker shop from what I can tell. In terms of tracking and shipping, I was notified when the delivery was sent, when it was out for delivery to my house, and when it was delivered to my mailbox, so I appreciated that. However, paperkumaco is located in the US and I do live in the US so I don’t know if that’s just a US-specific thing. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase. The only negative, if anything that I can really think of is probably the processing time but, since paperkumaco is a small business and I did purchase during a big sale, while a lot of other people also made orders- it’s an understandable wait. I don’t know how long shipping times would take for international purchases since I am NOT an international purchaser, but overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. And I also noticed on the website that they were also selling charms. I almost bought a charm, but I didn’t have the money so there’s that. I might pick up one if you guys are interested in me reviewing the charms later on, or maybe the washi tapes But for now, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Also, I forgot to mention this but this a design that I remember buying a couple months ago maybe, before they switched their material for their sticker sheets. But what I remember it being, was a little bit more muted and the material that this is printed on seems to make the colors of the design a little bit more true-to-color to what you see on screen. And I’ve spent the last couple of minutes looking for the old sticker sheet, but I can’t seem to find it- but compared to the paper of this, the new sort of vinyl-matte material seems more true to color than what I remember the old sheets being. So that’s definitely a pro if you’re looking at the designs on your computer screen and debating on whether or not to buy them. Or that might be a con if you purposely want more muted colors than what you see on screen. And one more thing that I forgot to mention: I noticed this sort of strange groove, or maybe it’s an air bubble, but whatever it is, it’s the only sheet that I’ve noticed it on. I don’t think it impacts the way the sticker comes off. Actually, let me check real quick. Let me try to peel this bit off. Yeah, looks like an air bubble. And the cut isn’t marred by it. If you’re interested in making your own purchase from paperkumaco, then I do have a code for 10% off it’s “TBHSTUDYING”. It’s not an affiliate code. I think I mentioned earlier in the video that I was an affiliate, I’m actually not an affiliate, I don’t make any money from the code. I’m just a representative for the rest of 2019. So, you can use that code “TBHSTUDYING” for 10% off for the rest of the year, and I would highly recommend it. Good experiences all around and I’m super excited to use these stickers in my bullet journal, and I’m super happy to continue supporting them as I have done throughout the years that they’ve been open really, because I have some pretty old paperkumaco stickers. This is 100% my honest opinion, thank you so much for watching! Please let me know if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them about the order, and let me know if there are any other sticker shops or stationery things that you’d like me to review if this was helpful for you. So yeah, I’ll see you in the next video. Buh-bye!


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