Parent Resources – FCC Online Tutorials

Welcome to the FCC’s online tutorial on
Parent Resources. Did you know that the FCC has a host of resources for parents? First,
navigate your browser to our website, Then, scroll down to the “Consumer Center”
heading. Here you’ll find the link for the Parents Place. In the Parent’s Place you can: find out
the broadcast television rules for children, look up core educational TV programming, see
TV ratings that the industry voluntarily applies to their programs, find out more about channel
blocking, internet access, telephone responsibility and indecency, research Media and Childhood
obesity, in addition to information on Emergency Situations. Today, we’re going to click
“TV Channel Blocking.” Here you can read about our V-Chip program, the Cable Lock Box,
and Set-top Boxes. All of the information is right here in one place. Remember to navigate
back to this page for all needs on TV programming and other telecommunications issues that pertain
to parents. Good luck!

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