PARENTING TIPS from Two Moms with 18 KIDS! GRUMBLING KIDS, Fault Finding, Complaining + MORE!!

– Hi, we’re in my kitchen. Yay! This is my friend, Tricia Goyer. I have so many inspirational
things I want to share. This is Tricia’s book,
The Grumble-Free Year. But Tricia has written– – 75. – 75, I’ve been saying
she wrote 60 books but no, she’s written 75 books. I just wanna tell your whole story. I’m gonna try to paraphrase it. – You say as much as you want. – This is just such an encouraging thing. So mamas out there with
littles, listen to this. So, if I have this right,
Tricia homeschooled and raised three biological children,
followed the God dream. You know I love God dreams. Followed the God dream
flutter in their heart that she could be a writer. So, in her early 20’s, I think, I got this.
– You’re like hitting it on. – Oh, I got this. I feel like I feel the Holy Spirit coming. It’s inspirational.
(laughing) So in her early 20’s, she went at it. She decided she was a writer and with her small children
in tote, she went at it and you went to writing conferences, you wrote magazine articles and so, here she is now with 75 books. They have also, in recent years, adopted seven additional children. So Tricia is– – Because I had nothing else to do. – Nothing to do. So, she’s a homeschool mom. She’s mom of 10. She has adult children. You have grandchildren. – Yes! – She’s got, the youngest is nine. They’re doing all the things. My kind of people.
– Every stage of parenting. I guess we’re out of the
babies and toddlers though. – Right, right, she is out
of babies and toddlers side. I don’t know what that’ll be like, but it’s coming for me. So, Tricia has written a new book called The Grumble-Free Year. We are going to talk a lot
and here’s what I wanna know from Trish, okay mamas? I wanna talk about grumbling, fault-finding, and complaining. – Yes. – Because when I have
kids who grumble who will remain nameless, (laughing) I remind them, hey kid,
the Bible says we should do all things without grumbling,
fault finding and complaining. – That’s right. – I just say that verse a lot
and I don’t have much time to think anything else about it. So, teach us things, Tricia. – Teach us things.
(laughing) – Teach us. I know you all are gonna have questions. So, you can put your
questions in the comments and I’m sure even Tricia’s
gonna come around and answer em and put ya to resources.
– I would love that, yeah. Okay so, we, am I talking to you, am I talking to them or am I talking to– – I don’t know. (laughing) There’s nothing
professional going on here. So Tricia, let me tell ya this too. So Tricia has come to
spend a few days with me and we are gonna do some
fun videos like this. We are also cooking up
a bunch of grumble free recipes.
– Yes. – Tricia has something
really exciting coming for you as well. We don’t know who we’re,
we’re gonna talk to each other and we’re gonna talk to
you in some configuration. – Because we have so many
kids and we adopted our seven kids from foster care. So, there became a lot of
anger, a lot of struggles. My last book was called
Calming Angry Kids. Just, I didn’t know how to
deal from three kids biological with not a lot of anger
problems to all of a sudden, we have kids with big anger problems. So, we kinda got past that but there was, we found that in our home,
there’s just a lot of grumbling and a lot of complaining, fault finding. We are bringing, there’s
three different sibling sets that we’re bringing together. So, there was a lot of comparisons, just a lot of just ickiness in the house. So, my husband and I said,
“We need to do something. “We need to stop the grumbling.” So, we came up with this
challenge where let’s go a year and try not to grumble. Now we knew when we got started that we’re not gonna be
able to go through that. – Right.
(laughing) – But we wanted to work on it. So we wanted to find things– – It’s good to have a goal. – Yeah, we wanted to find
things that we could do. So we started memorizing scripture, started reading Bible
stories like the Israelites were grumbling around
through Exodus and Numbers. – Didn’t like that mana after a while. – They grumbled and grumbled and the kids were like, “I am
so tired of their grumbling.” So that was really good. But there was a lot of things and then, it’s hard to figure out like
how can we make these changes. – Right. – So, when we got down with
the kids, we talked about, okay, how do each of us grumble
’cause we didn’t want to be policing each other all the time either. – Right. ‘Cause we also get Pharisees. – Exactly.
– Yes. – So, we’ve started out with
talking about each person’s grumbling style. So, like the little girls tend to whine.
– I’m gonna start looking. – Yeah, it has a list in there. – Yes. – All their grumbling styles. My older girls will be more condescending, I mean, with some of the younger kids. And then we have the
ones that are just doing the eye rolling, the– – Would it be? – Grumbling styles, I think,
yeah, a couple chapters in. You’ll see a whole list of their grumbling styles.
– I wanna see it. I wanna see a grumbling styles here. – So, just started with a conversation ’cause I said ya know, when we grumble, we need to catch ourselves
and it’s not just our words but sometimes, it’s rolling
our eyes and it’s our attitude. – Mm hm. – So, the girls really saw,
the older girls especially. So we have seven girls in a row and then a little guy at the end. – Seven girls. – Yeah, so there’s a lot. – There’s a lot, there’s
a lot of feelings there. – So, we really looked at ourselves. So once we did that, we
wrote it on a whiteboard and it just helped them to
see when they started whining, they realized that’s grumbling or when they started maybe
slamming a cabinet door when they’re supposed to be doing chores that that’s part of grumbling too. So, we just went through
and did that first and then, as we were going along, I realized okay, I’m trying to do all
these things with my kids but really, I had a lot
of grumbling in my heart. – Mm hm. – Because there’s a lot
of people in the house. It’s a lot of noise, it’s a lot of mess. – Right. – And going from three
kids who were almost adults to all of the sudden,
the house full again, it was a little bit overwhelming. – Just a little bit going on. – Here is the list. So we have complaining with
Grace and whining was Alexis and murmuring or muttering was Sissy, criticizing Anna, which
was one of the older ones, and then all of us, the moaning, like, “Ugh, I don’t wanna do this.” – I sigh all the time. – (laughs) I know! – And now my kids sigh. – Yeah. – So, is that a grumbling.
– Yeah, so when you tell them to do, so, you need to
go pick up your shoes. (sighs) That’s what we’re talking about there. – I think what I do too is like, I don’t realize I’m
doing it but I think it’s a stress relief, almost
like a breathing exercise like (sighing), but I don’t
mean anything with it. – Okay, yeah. – I just find myself doing it.
– You’re trying to like, get it to control, yeah. – Yeah, I think it’s a stress relief, but I have kids that do it too and I don’t know why
they do it but (laughs). – So griping, so they
all come up with griping. So I’m the one that’s walking around. You’re leaving your shoes around, you left some wrappers
here, you need to do this. – I was just doing, “Okay
kids, get the Nutrigrain wrappers up, we’ve got company.” – Yeah.
(laughing) So, our little guy growls. – Okay. – So if he’s upset, he’s like (growls). – I have a growler, yeah. – So ya know, they’re
not like talking back. So they’re thinking like,
I’m not disobeying but growling is the same thing.
– Right. – Protesting, so she’ll just
argue with anything I say, our Mattie there. Fussing, Allie is the little one. She just fusses a lot
and then, discontent. And then really, we
realized that all of those outward grumblings is just
’cause we’re discontent ’cause we have an idea of what we want. Like I want a clean house.
– Right. – My kids wanna watch YouTube. I mean, just all different things. And then you want something
but something someone, something else is getting in your way. So you’re gonna grumble
and complain about it. So yeah, that really was
kind of the root of where we came from, it’s just
understanding that all of us do it and no one likes it. God doesn’t like it and
the Israelites didn’t go into the Promised Land
because they were grumbling. – Mm hm. – So, really looking at
a heart and at first, it was, “Okay, we’re
gonna try these things,” and we were getting very far. – Yes. – But then, we just needed to look like, okay, we’re trying to stop
the grumbling but what should we be doing? It really is replacement with gratitude, being thankful. – Yes. – And once we started
looking to be thankful, that started making a big
difference with the kids. So, when things started changing
is when I realized like, but I’m not, nothing’s
changing because I’m not encouraging them to do the right thing. – Okay. – So, a big change happened
with one of our girls who, every time she went to go do her chores, she would complain or argue with me. So, I’d say go clean the kitchen
and she’s like blah blah. Well then, she wasn’t
really doing the grumbling ’cause she’s trying to work on that but you could still see she’s
not having a happy heart and it’s not really changing things. So, you’re like,
something needs to change. So she was in there one
day cleaning the kitchen and she’s wiping down
the counter and I’m like, “You’re doing a fantastic
job wiping down that counter. “I’m so thankful that
you are really putting “time and attention.” Pretty soon, that one little corner, she’s like wiping down this.
– Just do it all, yeah. – Because I was praising her. – Right. – And I was thanking her
because they do say that, “Mom, you always tell us
what we’re doing wrong,” which is my grumbling. – Sure. – Instead of telling us
what we’re doing right. So, the more I caught myself
telling them what I think you’re doing right and great job. So then, pretty soon, that
whole day, she spent like 30 minutes just wiping everything down. I’m like, this is amazing!
– Just come over! – So now, ya know, a year has passed, she’s like the best one in the kitchen. – Oh wow. – Her day is Saturday when she has kitchen and I’m like oh good, the
kitchen will really get cleaned. But it started with me
praising her and thanking her, being grateful for her. Before I’d be like, “Oh wait,
you didn’t wipe this part. “You didn’t,” and who wants to go and work for somebody or help somebody
when they’re just gonna pick apart what they do. – Yeah. – So I really, that made a huge difference realizing our kids need the
respect and they need to know that what they do matters. – So Tricia also has something in her book she shares about how her
family used a gratitude jar and made it work for them. So what is a– we’ve never used one. – Okay, the funny thing is– – I’ve seen the free
printables for a gratitude jar. – The way I did it at first did not work. – That’s how, don’t do
a gratitude jar this way and then here’s how you do it. – Yeah, they’ll check under. So, the funny thing is ’cause we did this. I knew I was gonna write a book
’cause I always write books. – Yeah. – I knew it was gonna
be a book, so I was like prepping to write.
– Whereas I’m like, I’m just gonna do a video. – Yeah, exactly. So, I was keeping track during the year and part of this, I’m like
I don’t know if this is gonna be a book ’cause
it’s not workin’ out. – Yeah, we’re spending time messing up. – But I would come with ideas
like okay, let’s do this. Let’s do a gratitude jar. So, my idea was that
every time they grumbled, they had to go write
something in the gratitude jar of a gratitude. – Okay. – So I thought, this was a great idea. We’re like turning it around. Well, my daughter’s the
one that comes complaining all the time about doing her chores. I told her to go do
something and she grumbled. I’m like okay, you’re gonna
need to write something. “I don’t wanna write something “for your stupid gratitude jar.” – Right, right. Keepin’ it real, sister. – That is two things you need to write. – Uh huh. – And then I follow her down
the stairs and she’s grumbling. By the time we got to the
gratitude jar, that is nine things that she was supposed to write. – Nine things, be thankful! – So then, she’s like, and
just throwing it in there. I’m like this obviously did
not change her attitude. – Right. – This did not work. We need to do something different. So, instead of trying,
like when they’re having a bad attitude, try and switch. I mean, when you have bad attitude, do you want someone to
– Tomorrow at 10 o’clock. – come up and say, “You need
to change your attitude.” – Be thankful now, yeah. – Be thankful now, like no. When I catch them being
thankful about something, let’s put something in the gratitude jar. Or when we’re doing our morning devotions, when everyone’s in a positive attitude and we read a scripture
or we’re thinking how amazing God is, let’s put
something in the gratitude jar. So, in those moments, it’s
capturing those moments where we’re already feeling thankful and then they love it. Then they’re putting stuff in. Then later we go and look and remember, yeah.
– I was gonna say, how do you pull them out? Do you have like a night?
– So then later, and it’s really not. We have it, I mean, you
could do it like every month but basically when we see it getting full, let’s see what’s in there. So like, oh I got that
new pair of shoes now or I started basketball
and met a new friend. – ‘Cause if you have 50 pieces
of paper in front of you all with thankfulness
and you read them all, you would be feeling a lot
different by the time you were– – You remember the things that you were thankful for.
– Yes, you remember all the things and the things that the
Lord has done in that, yeah. – And you can see different
people’s handwriting and things that they’re grateful for. So we’ve done that. – So that’s how you
used it for your family. – Yeah, that’s how we
used it for our family. – That’s wonderful. I wanna do that. I should do that. (laughing) – Don’t do it the way I first did it. – Right. We need to catch the thankfulness and then load it up, oh,
they would love that. I think, and you probably
found this with your kids too. I can think of a few
children who would purposely just go around saying
things they’re thankful for to write more for the gratitude jar. – Yeah, yeah. – Like I could see Amelia
like, “But there’s five things. “I need to write them down.” – And pretty much every day,
one of my kids was like, “the dog.” – Right. – The dog was in their multiple times in the same handwriting. First off, he can spell
that word and then ya know, he just loves the dog, so. – Yeah, that’s right, that’s
right, we love the dog. And then, you had mentioned earlier to me but our friends on YouTube don’t know, you all had a course during this year when you think this is the year
we’re gonna quit grumbling. You had a huge event happen
that was not expected. – Right. – So, listen to what Tricia dealt with. – So, we have our kids, our
seven kids living in the home and then my husband and I
and also my Grandma is 90 now and she lives there too. So, we’ve been taking
care of her for 20 years and she’s just plugged
along, she’s just been great. – Yeah, she’s one of the kids. – Well, just a couple months
after we were in this, she fell down and broke her back. – Yeah. – It was Thanksgiving morning. We were all getting
ready to go for the day and we hear a crash and called the EMT. Well it ends up she has a broken back and she’s hospitalized
and they wanna send her to a rehabilitation hospital. I’m like, we just need to bring her home. She was disoriented, she
didn’t know where she was. She has dementia too,
so that’s a struggle. So we brought her home. We’re caring for her. Well, because she has
dementia, she didn’t remember that she broke her back. So, in the morning, we’d
hear her trying to get outta bed, so I had to
put an alarm by her bed. So, in the middle of this,
I’m like I don’t have time to think about this no grumbling thing. I’m just in survival
mode taking care of her and think, ya know, okay,
we’ll just have to think about that grumble-free thing later. – Right. – Really, as we were going
through it, I realized like, the kids were helping ’cause
they saw I needed help with Grandma. They were going in there,
they were checking on her. They were taking her food. It was just like caring
for another person, it made us naturally grateful
that we still had her, that she was okay. – Right and she could come home. – And she could come
home and she was with us. But she couldn’t remember
that she broke her back. But we would hear her. Our homeschool room is in our dining room. It’s right next to her bedroom. Praising Jesus. She would just sing
songs of praise and hymns and the kids, I remember
sitting around the table. We’d all pause and listen and said, “We grumble about the weather or about “we don’t like the clothes
we have to wear or whatever.” She has a broken back
and she’s praising Jesus and she became a Christian
when I was in 2nd grade so she didn’t even grow
up in a Christian home. – Right. – But she loves God and
just loves singing to him and praying and so, even
though she couldn’t remember breaking her back, she
remembered to praise Jesus. I think it just reminded my kids like, the more we do something,
it is hard-wired in us. Because she was hard-wired to praise and she didn’t grumble,
like she wasn’t in there grumbling and complaining that
she couldn’t get outta bed. She was praising God and
just all my kids were like, “Okay, we need to be more like Grandma.” So even though it was totally unexpected, it ended up being such a
good thing for our kids to witness her.
– Serve. Gravel, yeah, that’s wonderful. Yeah and gets there since
they have all kinds of history that they came from as well,
gets their mind off onto something someone else is going through. – Yeah. – And helping Grandma get through that. – Yeah and even my Grandma’s
story ’cause my kids love to talk to her about it
’cause she lived in a box car. – Oh! – Yeah, so her parents
were immigrants from Mexico and she was born in California
but they lived in a box car. Her dad had turned a box
car into a little house and they had their bed and
the kids had a trundle bed and it was, I mean, you
hear about this in books, ya know, the Box Car Series. – I know, I’m like oh,
Tricia read this novel. Yes.
(laughing) – But that was her life. I mean, she talks about it.
– That’s wonderful, yeah. – So every time they complain, she’s like, “I only had one dress.” And really, she only had one dress. – We’ll share Grandma’s story. So, my mom’s mom, excuse me, my grandparents had my mom in their 40’s and they were settled by then. But in their early married life when they had three
children, my Grandma lived in a chicken coup pretty much.
– Wow! – With three children. And the neighbors knew
that they were struggling and they’d bring em
over like bread and jam and different things like that but yeah, they lived in a chicken coup. So, it’s just, but those
were those times then. – Yeah, it a hard, I mean,
the Great Depression, and she tells us stories. My Grandpa was in Kansas
and he lost their farm from the death pool and
moved to California. I mean, all these stories,
but to have my Grandma sitting there telling
them the stories, it does, it means a lot.
– That’s wonderful. So, Tricia’s book, The
Grumble-Free Year is available now. You can get it. You can look in the description below and I’ll have all kinds of
information there for ya. You can get the book and read it. I know I’m going to read
it and I’m gonna take notes and I’ll be sharing more about
it over my Insta stories. But I also wanted Tricia to give us, like you’re a mama, you’re watching this, you need help with grumbling today. – Yes. – So, help me today,
help these mamas today before we can read your book. What do we do, Tricia? – Yeah, I think the first
thing we need to do is, well first of all, look at our own hearts. I think it goes back to
unfulfilled expectations, like we expect things to go a certain way and when they don’t, we grumble. So, first of all, when I
catch myself, it’s like, what am I expecting in this
moment and is it realistic ’cause most of the time like,
getting everyone out the door at church, ya know, everyone’s shoes and everyone ya know, it’s
like unrealistic unless I figure out ahead of
time what I’m gonna do, when I’m gonna prepare.
– Right. – So when I find myself worked up, realizing like ya know what, this is life. These are kids. My ideas are unrealistic. Like we can not fulfill this. – I was telling Tricia
earlier, I feel like, and this is like old goat
Mama stuff so if you’re a young mama and you don’t feel this way, (laughing) but I feel like I
just live my life in a position of surrender. I don’t do it perfectly at all. Jesus helps me but so many of
you moms wanna know ya know, Jamerill, how do you do this
or how do you handle that or how are you always happy
or whatever you think. I just really feel like all
day every day, it’s just surrendering back to the Lord. – Yeah. – So, let’s all work on that. – So I think that’s like, has to start with us, yeah.
– I forget, yes. ‘Cause then if I’m
tangled up or running late or whatever and then
I’m like okay Jamerill, it’s because you’re not fully
surrendered to this day. – Yes, exactly. – So know that things are gonna happen. – Yeah. – And check yourself. And then also, when we catch
our kids doing something like we mentioned before,
if it’s the smallest thing, thank them and praise them for it. They’ll want to do that more and they feel connected with this ’cause I know if I’m
the mom that’s grumbling and every time they see
me, I’m like complaining about something, they’re not gonna want to spend time with me. We’re not gonna build a relationship and the coolest thing now
with the three adult kids is I have great relationships with them. They love the– – See, Tricia made it. – Yeah! They’re adults, they are, they have jobs. – Yes, yes, went to college,
did all kinds of great– – Yeah, so they actually do it. – Yes, she’s done! – And we have that relationship. – Yes, that’s wonderful. – It is, it’s like sealing my lips. Of course I could see all
the stuff they could fix. – Sure. – But really just praising them when they do the right things
makes a huge difference and then they want to spend time with you and do stuff with you
and connect with you. So it’s even more than just not grumbling. It’s building that relationship. – Right and going after their hearts. – Yes. – Right and all the, yes. – And then the gratitude jar,
like catching being thankful, just in everyday life.
– Gratitude. See, it doesn’t feel overwhelming to me to try to do that. Sometimes, these things that we should do or the list of things we should be doing, it’s very burdensome. – Yes. – But it’s also something the
kids can do independently. – Yes, they can. – I just need to get a jar, yeah. – A jar, little slips of paper. – Little slips of paper. – And you could even tie the little string
– The little pencil, oh yes. – so the pencil stays by it. Otherwise, you’re looking for a pencil. – We’ll be grumbling about the pencil. Where’d my pencil go?! – We spend time with older
people or other people just hearing their stories.
– Oh yes. – Hearing their stories, like my Grandma, we love hearing her stories
of the Great Depression. We have friends from church. One friend grew up in Venezuela. So this was like, tell us about your life and I mean, when they get
a view of other people and their experiences,
like we have so much. Like we’ve been given so much. – Right. – A lot of people.
– It’s just a pencil sharpener, Jamerill, you will be okay. (laughing) – A lot of people have
gone through hard stuff, so I think that really makes a difference and then, well, life is precious. When we were doing this near the end, my husband went in for
a routine colonoscopy and ended up, like, his
heart stopped on the table and they had to resuscitate him and they had to– – How long ago was that? – That was a year and a half ago. Yeah.
– I’m so sorry. – So he was hospitalized, well, I go to pick him up. So I had a writing day planned. All my kids had camp during that day. – Of course, when you’re, yes. – All my kids have camps during the day and I’m like I’m gonna
have a day to write. And my husband was like,
“I’m having a colonoscopy.” Our oldest son was gonna drop him off. I need you to pick me up. I’m like, “I had a writing day planned.” Like this is my mama day that I don’t have all year long! – Yeah. – So I’m ya know, kinda grumbling, but ya know, trying to be positive. I’ll still have the rest of the afternoon. I get there and the
doctor’s waiting for me in the waiting room and his heart stopped during a routine colonoscopy. They had to resuscitate
him and then he, well, I won’t get into any more details. He ended up in the hospital for five days. – Wow. – So, it’s just like
realizing all the little stuff that we grumble about.
– At that moment, yeah. – And complain about and
we’re trying to overcome this, like I could’ve lost him, ya know? – Yes. – So I just realized that life is precious and just look at the bigger picture instead of all these
little things that we just have our attitudes down because of. – In addition to Tricia’s new
book coming out this week, will this make 76 now? Do you know, or 75? – Yeah, that’s 76. – 76 books, okay, kind of a big deal here. Tricia has written a
free book just for you. So if you look down in
the description below, I will also have it linked
in the first comment. You can click through that and
get her brand new free book. Tricia has over 30 years
experience being a Mama. So she’s already done, multiple times, all the ages, all the stages,
and she’d doing it all again. It was that much fun. So you need to get her
free ebook because it has a lot of insights into motherhood, tons of practical organization tips. She even has some
grumble-free recipes in there and we’re all about easy,
grumble-free recipes. – Exactly. – So you need to click through
and get that free book now because it’s amazing. She did it for us. She did it for you. So, in addition to the grumble free year which we’re gonna all work
on that, myself included. Looking back at your motherhood journey, if with the mamas out here who have kids, all ages stages, give us two
or three things to help us enjoy our motherhood journey. – Okay, so one of the things
that actually came from trauma counseling with the kids, but it works with everybody. I was trying to discipline my kids to get them to behave right. I mean, that’s what we do. That’s what we do.
– Right. – The therapist said I need
you to spend 10 minutes a day with this child and so, first it was the two and a half year olds. It was destructive and tantrums and stuff. 10 minutes a day just focusing on him. And focusing on what he’s doing. So, we’d have a little time in his room with his special toys that
we’d only use during that time and I would praise him. Like great job lining up those cards. I would have complete attention on him. If he said something, I
repeated it so he knew for that 10 minutes, it was just about him. Later, with my teen, she had me do, a different counselor
had me do the same thing. So, let’s go paint each other’s nails and let’s go run an
errand and get a smoothie. It was just that 10 minutes a day. You know, when we have a lot of kids– – Right. – It was a lot harder focusing.
– ‘Cause 10 minute doesn’t sound like a
lot, like a lot of people are probably saying 10 minutes, but– – Right when you have a lot of kids. – When you have a lot, if you can do that 10 minute focus time ’cause
you have big family time. – Right. I mean, we’re with each
other all the time. – Yeah, right. – So what I try to do
is if I see a kid that is acting up, they just don’t,
they seemed outta sorts. – Mm hm. – I know that’s the kid
today that I need to spend that 10 minutes with. – Yes. – So I will think like,
hey I’m gonna run here, you wanna go with me? We could go pick out some
special dessert tonight and it just doesn’t
have to be a huge thing. Just for them to know
that you are noticing them and I think so many times,
when they’re having a bad mood or something and we’re
like, you need to calm down, you need to go to your room instead of drawing close to them. So I think that has really,
just spending that time, seeing the kid and realizing
they need something right now and drawing close. It gets easy to get on them. – Sure. – So, that would be one thing. And then I think overall,
understanding different kids, just the way they’d get love or feel loved in different ways. So those love languages. So some kids– – I’ve still never read that book. – Some kids want the time but
some kids just need praise. Like some kids or some kids want, like if you could pick up a pack of gum at the store for them. So just think about different kids, your different kids too. Like today, what was one little thing if you could take 10
seconds that would make this child feel special. – Right. – And do that, so if it’s, one of my girls likes to draw and I’ll say, “What are you drawing?” Like I just know, in my
mind, I kinda go through my kids and thinking, I’m gonna notice when she’s drawing today, I’m gonna pause and go
over and look at that. So again, it is about
like focusing on them with how they receive
love or what would seem meaningful for them is really important. – That’s good, good stuff. – Yeah. – Anything else? – And then also, just taking
time with God’s word with them. So, ya know, when we start our homeschool and you don’t have to homeschool. You can do it even if you have– – Right, right. – But just spend that time in God’s word ’cause I think so many times,
we want to prepare our kids for the future. So we’re teaching them
how to budget, how to shop and how to cook. All these things but
like, God’s word has what they’re gonna need. – Right. – And even when we first adopted kids, we’d have this time before homeschool and like, why is this important? We need to do our math. And I said this is gonna give
you the answers for everything in life, so just read
a scripture together, putting ya know, little songs on, singing those together. Any time you could really– – Do worship music on YouTube. – Worship music, yeah!
– All the time. – On YouTube. We’re doing a Bible
study in Daniel together. – I was gonna ask so, because
moms would probably ask too, how you set up your devotion time. What I find myself doing a lot is like starting in Genesis
or starting in John and we read through. But do you do that or do
you look for specifics? – So we’ve done different
things at different times and I think that’s okay. Like sometimes– – Oh yeah, no– – So, right now, we’re
doing, it’s actually community Bible study. And so, community Bible study,
we go there on Wednesdays and it’s non-denominational,
so people from all different churches come or women from all different churches and they actually have
homeschool classes for my kids. – Oh, that’s wonderful. – So my kids get to go there
but we all have homework. So, we’re going through
the book of Daniel. So, the older teen girls and
I all have the same homework. So I sit down with them. We read the passage. – I love it! – And we look up the Bible
verses and the little kids have the same homework
but it’s just easier. It’s more like a
crossword to go with this. But we’re all sitting down all together. So it’s easy when we’re in the car, when we talk about something,
we’re all on the same page. – Absolutely. – So, in the past before
though, we have picked a book of the Bible
that we’re gone through. Like I said, when we were
doing the grimel for a year, we did Exodus and Numbers,
which they’re like, we are so tired of this. – Right. – Or we also read the YWAM
which is Youth With A Mission, missionary books, we love those. – That might be the ones I have out here. Hold on, I’ll show you.
– You do, I saw them on your shelves. So they’re Youth With A
Mission and I actually interviewed the authors on my podcast. – [Jamerrill] Oh, I love it. – So, they are awesome
and they’re missionaries and people in history that just live amazing lives and I
think it helps our kids. Yeah, that’s our favorite. – I’m gonna say (laughing), this, I think we might’ve
read it 10 times. If you want to start any of these, this one, Amy Carmichael is, I mean, oh, I have two Cameron Townsend. I need, when I find double
books, I pass them on. – Well we haven’t read
this one yet ’cause this is our homeschool for this year. But all these we have read. – I saw, homeschool
mom talk, have you seen at the conventions where
they have all of them? And do you have them all?
– Yes. – Because I need them all. – We don’t have em all but
this is the story we hand that. So, we were looking at them and then, my little nine year old,
I said, “Go pick out “a new missionary book.” She was going up, so they’re all like here and she was going like this. And she was looking at the top. – Uh huh. – And she was seeing the size and I said, “Why are you doing that?” She goes, “I need a thick one.” I said, “Okay.” She said, “‘Cause if they’re
too thin, they die quickly.” (laughing) – Oh, that’s funny. – So that was our yes. – Oh that’s great, but
yeah, these are wonderful. – Yeah, they’re great. So we’ll do that and we’ve just, and we also do prayer
journals where we will have prayer journals. I actually created some
prayer journals for the kids. It’s called Mommy and Me prayer. So, they write their prayer and I write a prayer.
– Do you stay out of the scripture? – I do. – Okay. – Mommy and me prayers. – How do you sell them? Where are they?
– On Amazon. – On Amazon, okay. Those will be linked below. (laughing) I was about to say if
you don’t sell those, you should sell those. – Yeah, so um– – I have all the Tricia links there. – So basically, they write a prayer and then I write a prayer
’cause it’s so cute. We kept the little journals
when they were little, like they’re handwriting, I can hardly read what they’re saying. Like things they’re thankful
for or their prayer requests. And they love having that but I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way I can write something for them. So I just wrote like, thank
you for Buddy’s creativity and the way he just
cares for his siblings. So then, not only does he
have his little scribbles, he has my prayers for him too. Yeah. But even if it takes
10 minutes, 15 minutes, just spending that time
with them because now I have adult kids. I mean, to see them serving
God and they have kids. So, my grandkids, ya know, seeing them do the same things with them. My grandkids are like eight and six. So, ya know, to see my son spending time reading the same books and doing the same
little things with them. It just knows like, like
it seems in our days when we’re busy that that’s the thing that kinda gets pushed,
but make time for that. Like, leave the kitchen dirty,
but spend time in the Bible. – Right, we leave the dishes
in the sink all the time. – Yeah, it makes a difference. – So, as I said, we’re gonna
chat in the comments below. Tricia will show up in the comments below. – I will. – And don’t forget to check the first link in the description so
you can get a free book from Tricia as well and
we’ll see ya next time with another brand new video. Bye bye.


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