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What is going on Amazon sellers or hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers, my name is Beau Crabill And in today’s video this is gonna be part two of a four-part video series on preparing for the holidays If you have not checked out part one yet definitely do so there will be a link down in the description But in part one we went over on Understanding what products should you putting a focus on for selling in the holiday season? And if you’re not selling those products then don’t worry You don’t need to put any more time and focus on preparing for those now in today’s video part 2 I’ll be going over on the research of those products So understanding what to do when we want looking for and to expect with price changes What to look for and what to expect with sales ranks changes so that you’re well prepared And you’re not making mistakes on buying too much inventory? Or you realize that the prices are way too high right now when you’re looking at them or maybe actually to maximise on some opportunities For selling at the highest price possible. So the lowest price possible which many people will do during the holiday season So what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna dive into my computer I’m going to show you some product examples each product example It’s going to making a point on either showing you how prices can change in the holiday season how sales ranks can change or the holiday season how you can adjust To make sure your song in the highest price possible and how to adjust when looking at sales ranks. So you know how much? Product to actually buy and to be selling during the holiday season now in tomorrow’s video We’re gonna be going over some guidelines and specific dates for that. So stay tuned for that out right now I’m gonna dive right into my computer So the first product I’m looking at is this Disney doll, and this Disney doll You can see right now is suffered $24 really funny story on this the reason I’m showing you the same exact product is because I was selling this product was actually offered to me for $7 right before the holiday season and I actually didn’t I’m selling this product till way later on because when I was first offered to it It was only hovering around sixteen seventeen dollars. There wasn’t a lot of margin – and there was a lot of sellers So when I was looking at it, I was like okay, there could be an opportunity with it But prices may fluctuate and this is a relatively new product when it came out But now this products been on the market for quite a while. It’s hovering around $24 right now and let’s go into Keepa So the first thing what you need to do if you have not yet download keep up to Chrome extension it to be very crucial For understanding how to use this for preparing for holiday season. However, if I go down here what I’m showing you right here is pink dots and These sales ranks. These green lines the pink dots represent the buy box price If you don’t know the buy boxes, I have some videos on that very important topic, but it’s right here I’m just showing you the buy box prices and these sales ranks now as you can see there’s quite a change with this and the reason I’m showing you this is Last year, we can see around during the summer January February and most of the year you can see it was hovering around 24 bucks Sometimes got allows nine dollars, but around the 17 range as you can see It’s 17 dollars sometimes 1819 but then once they hit the holiday season, you can see right here. This is August September October November It starts to skyrocket with the price you can see it’s being 29 dollars and 89 cents $44 was the max was at so during most of the year it was selling for $17 and at the peak during the holiday season that was selling at 44 95 Now the next product example I want to show to you because I want to later talk about supply and demand And how you can actually understand how that will change But this is just an example showing you what the change in prices can do later on this video We’re gonna discover on how we can actually figure out if those will go up or sometimes even down So the next product I’m going over with you Is this Star Wars blade builder Jedi light saber? And the person we’re showing you here is with the changes with sales ranks so I’m gonna go into keepa I’m gonna X out of anything that Does not have to do with sales ranks and also price I’ll keep prices up because we just went over prices We now understand prices can change So as you can see look on the computer during the holiday season, the price has really changed quite a bit We don’t have enough data back here because keepa was not tracking back then in 2016 But we can see during the whole de season the price actually went down But if we just look at the sales rank, we notice that the sales rank goes down down down down down Which means it’s selling faster in November It starts a peak and then the price shoots up for some weird reason right after a cyber Monday, and then right during the Christmas season The sales rank drops dramatically as we can actually see it gets as low as 668 So now we can see that products start to move faster during the holiday season now later on this video I’ll be going over about how to adjust to actually more units you want to buy But what I want to talk about right now is about supply and demand as you can see with this product right here there’s price changes and sales ranks changes, and we can have to see a pretty strong correlation with These products and what I mean by that is the sales ranks going down products selling faster but so is the price the price is also going down so It doesn’t really matter if you’re selling a lot of units if you’re not making any money I’d rather sell units at a profitable price now as we can actually seen here when the product I could shoots up in price so does the sales rank usually what causes the sales rank to go down and up is because of the price so The price isn’t going up because the sales rank goes down. Right and we can see here when it gots to the max of $39 we can see that the sales rank was at 5500 so its 5500 of bad sales rank Well, let’s check. If we go into this free tool calculator right here and go 5500 and Again, it’s just an estimate. So this is showing 5500 or 5,000 Whatever amount but we’re just giving an estimate right here In the united states we go into toys because that was a category we’re looking at hit calculate sales That’s still 510 products. So there’s one I’m bringing this up that that’s still 510 units sold within a 30-day period is You want to be selling at the highest price possible? So when you’re looking at a product like this and you know that okay, it’s a toy. It’s in the holiday category It’s selling well, I can see the previous keepa history last year. That’s key point You want to be looking at last year’s data during the holiday season, you’re gonna figure out there’s probably gonna be some price changes So price goes down and let’s say you only have a couple hundred units or fifty units Then you probably want to wait it out because you’re gonna understand that people are gonna sell out There’s me less supply and you’re gonna go raise a price for a higher price Does that make sense but let’s say you had a few thousand products then a few thousand units That’s not gonna work out well for you because you’re gonna actually have to sell when that’s happening so kind of just to recap that point where I’m trying to make is that there’s me multiple sellers in there and Some people are gonna have a lot of units so they’re gonna want to sell it right now They’re gonna lower the price to get more sales. But if you’re someone who is doing the research beforehand and understanding, okay Well, yeah, this is someone a couple thousand units per month But I probably shouldn’t order as much because I can maximize my profits by selling at $39 thirty six dollars than great. Now if for some reason you’re still profitable at the $22.75 then feel free to go order as much as you want. But that’s just the point I’m making there So we just covered price changes So, we now understand that prices can really go up during the holidays and looking at those dolls That went almost up three times much also went over how products can change with sales ranks saying that these blade builders star wars Products were going really really down in selling faster. Then we also went over supply and demand and preparing you so you can adjust on The price you can sell your products at you may have to wait out depending on how many units you know That’s on the market how many units other sellers have and then also how many units you have? so what I want to cover now in the last point is going to be adjusting for how many units you actually want to go order and have in your store for the holiday season and a really good product example for This is going to be this gorilla Joby tripod pretty much what this product is is many people will get a phone and they want to stabilize Their photos or videos and they can swap their phone onto this tripod and someone like that Many people buy these during the Hornet seasons and many people buy this right after Christmas because they got a phone now with this product we can see there’s actually no sales rank and that’s fine because how I’m gonna show you this product is We’re going to assume that we’re looking at a product that has That is consistent all year round with this sales rank If a product has a sales rank of 2,000 and would say video games in the month of July But then during the holiday season say in November in December It also has a sales rank at 2,000 even though it’s the same sales rank. It’s going to sell faster during the holiday season There’s me more units sold because there’s more volume going with that. So how do you figure that out? How do you figure out how many units are actually going to sell? well what we’re gonna do is actually look at the reviews and let’s say we’re assuming this product as a ranked sales rank of two thousand twelve months out of the year and Let’s say that sells a hundred units per month If we figure out that there’s twice as many reviews place during the holiday season. So let’s say November and December Or you could do December in January because some people place reviews after 30 days getting the product I like to do December January Say it has twice as many reviews then we can make a pretty fair guess that it’s acting to get 200 about sales Does that make sense? So I figured out he’s going to customer reviews see all customer reviews then you scroll down to most recent and Let’s just count these past couple months. So October and September so it passed 60 days. Let’s see. There’s been one two three count that last one in October or August 28 so for reviews But now let’s go scroll down to the holiday season. So we go to the next pages We’re in July may March let’s go four Okay, December, so let’s go 5 we’re gonna do December and January, you know already tell there’s more going on here so we see there’s one two This should be extra ten so that’s 12 13 14 15 16 So there’s 16 – that’s close to 4 times many reviews So what I would assume is that this approximate self four times as much now Is that a best guess because could this holiday season be less and slower for this product? Yeah, but it’s gonna give you a good estimate on preparing on how many units these actually could potentially sell higher assuming It’s a product. That’s consistent all year round. Does it make sense? So that is it for this video now in tomorrow’s video and day three we will be going over About some guidelines and rules. You need to follow first selling in the holiday season So some sellers may not even be eligible to sell in these specific categories And then also making sure your products are checked into certain dates But in this video, we just went over the product research methods if you have any questions at all Feel free to drop them in the comments If you like this video, feel free to give a thumbs up subscribe to this YouTube channel So you get notified for all my videos and the rest of the series? feel free to follow me on any type of social media platform all @beaucrabill, B-E-A-U C-R-A-B-I-L-L Have a great day You


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