Passive Income Report: How I Earned $27,742.01 In January 2019! (PROOF)

– Hey, what is going on, you guys? Welcome back to the channel. Hope you’re having a great day so far. What we’re going to be doing in this video is doing an overview of all
of my affiliate earnings from 2019, January 2019,
the first month of the year. But what I want to do is go
through a breakdown each month and show you guys what I’m earning. I can’t show you guys the exact sources just because some of my affiliates do not want me to share the
fact or share the numbers, the behind the scenes of
what they’re paying me. For that reason, I can’t show
you guys the exact figures. But I will show you guys as much as I can every single month. I was planning on doing
this earlier in the month. But all of a sudden, I
looked down on my calendar and I was like we’re almost
all the way through February. So, no time like the present. I’m recording this now. But at some point, each month, I’m going to do an income
report and an income breakdown and show you guys what my
passive income earnings are. Now I want to go ahead and preface this by saying there are two different sources where I derive passive income from. YouTube, some people say it’s passive, some people say it’s not. We’re gonna pretend that it’s not passive even though I think it kind of is. So, we’re not including
YouTube in this video. We’re only gonna be talking
about the different influencers and companies I’m affiliated with and showing the earnings
from those sources. The other thing we’re gonna
show here is course sales. I do have a stock market investing course that I created about a year and 1/2 ago. It’s heavily discounted now. That is something that people purchase just by nature of looking
through my video descriptions. I don’t actually promote
it in any of my videos. I haven’t in at least
probably six to eight months. But people do see that
link in the description. They’re curious enough to click on it and I get a couple sales
of that course a month. That is my different sources there of what I call truly passive income is my affiliate commissions
and my course sales. That’s what I’m gonna show
you guys in a minute here is exactly what those numbers come out to. I do have something I’m
gonna share with you guys at the very end of this video if you’re interested in learning more about my business model and particularly affiliate marketing. If that’s the case, make sure you stick
around to the very end. Okay. We’re not gonna be doing this
in any particular order here. I’m just gonna be showing you guys these as they’re popping up on my screen here. The first source for affiliate income is my Amazon affiliate
links in the description of my YouTube videos and in some of the courses I have created. I include links to purchase
books or equipment on Amazon and I earn a commission in the process. I also earn affiliate commission
in the form of bounties for the Audible program. Audible is a e-book company
that basically gives you e-books that you can purchase. You sign up and you get one
a month for a certain price and I earn bounties on free trials. That is another way I earn from that. We did 423.55 for the month of January. The next one is a course host
that I am very familiar with and a lot of people use it. I am an affiliate for them. I have a free course I put together called Course Creation Companion. That is basically a lead
generator for affiliate sales here for the actual platform. People actually go through that course and decide they want to
make their own course. If they end up using
my link and signing up for a membership with that
course-hosting platform, I will earn a recurring commission. In January, we did 591.30 in commissions. Next up is a crowdfunded
real estate platform I am affiliated with. I’m getting traffic for that
for my Investing Simple blog as well as my YouTube
review video that I have up. I’m gonna be doing some more review videos of these brokerage accounts
and investing platforms in the future. But we did $900 for the month of January for that real estate investing platform. Next up is another investing
platform I’m affiliated with. We had a really good month with this one. My best month to date, we
did $2,797 in commissions from that platform alone. For a lot of people, that is like their salary from their job. To have that coming from
one commission source is absolutely amazing. The important thing to note
here is I didn’t do anything for any of these sources of
income in the month of January. For those of you that
follow me on Instagram, you know I was in Mexico for
10 days out of the month. I certainly was not working
or putting out reviews. It was my best month to date in terms of affiliate commissions. The next one we have here
is another brokerage account I’m affiliated with. We did $4,500 in commissions. Again, absolutely unbelievable figure. That right there is like close to 50,000, a little more than $50,000 per year if it continues at that pace. That was a record-breaking
month for that one as well. I think it’s just because in January, a lot of people are getting their new year’s resolutions in order. A common one is to begin
investing and saving money. I think more people are opening up brokerage accounts in January. But we’ll see how that trend
follows throughout the year. Next up, it’s another investing platform. This is a peer-to-peer lending
platform I’m affiliated with. I only have one video about this. But it still generates about
usually one to $200 a month in commission for me. For this month, it was
$190, which was the top end. It was actually again
the record-breaking month for this one. Then we have another brokerage account that I am affiliated with. This is a much smaller one not in terms of the commission. It’s a smaller up-and-coming
brokerage account. We did $5,540 in commissions. And then there’s a couple
of different influencers I’m affiliated with. These are people that have
their own digital product or online course. I’ve done collaborations
with them on the channel. A lot of that goes to ClickFunnels. That dashboard is absolutely terrible in terms of showing you
guys these earnings. Instead, I’m just gonna show you guys any of the PayPal transactions
that came through for them in the month of January. I’m gonna be having a running tally on the screen there as well
just to show how much I earned in passive income for
the month of January. Finally, we have course sales. My course revenue is a very
small piece of this pie here. We did $885 in course sales
in the month of January, which brings us to the grand total that you guys are seeing now. I’m not quite sure what it is. I have to run the numbers myself and see. But that is how I generated
that amount of money in passive income in January, a record-breaking month for
me for affiliate marketing. What is absolutely
amazing to me is the fact that I only started
implementing affiliate marketing into my business back in June of 2018. At the time, I was running my
stock market membership site. I wasn’t really able to make
any more money with that. It was relatively stagnant. Pretty much for every
member that would join, somebody would leave that group and I said, “There’s got to
be a better way to make money “with an online presence.” That’s when I began exploring
affiliate marketing. I’ve had really, really
awesome success with that. But I will say is I had a
massive following online. I was very easily able to
plug affiliate marketing into that mix and have
the success that I’ve had. Without an online following,
it does take a while. You have to build that following and then incorporate
affiliate marketing into that. But if you have a long-term vision and you’re okay with the
amount of work that’s involved, I think affiliate marketing
is the best business model out there for people looking
to make money online in 2019. Now as far as this video, like I said, I want to do this video
every single month. But I don’t want it to get super boring where all I’m doing is
showing you guys screenshots and basically saying,
“Here’s how much I earn,” because that’s gonna
get boring pretty quick. What I’m going to do in
the videos going forward, I’m gonna be answering the
questions you guys have about affiliate marketing. If you guys want to comment down below what are the questions you
have about affiliate marketing, making money on YouTube
through affiliate marketing or on a blog or with
Instagram or like a podcast, whatever questions you
guys have, drop them below and I’m gonna answer a
couple every single month when I do this income report for you guys. As promised, like I said, I had something I wanted to share with you
guys at the end of this video. I’ve gotten so many requests from people asking me about my business model, how I’ve been able to
grow a YouTube channel, also my Instagram page that I own and my blog, People are very curious
about the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing
and my online business. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been putting together a course that basically goes
through and shows you guys how I was able to build
these audiences online and implement affiliate marketing. I’m looking for a test
group of 10 to 15 people to go through that course for me and provide me with some feedback. You’ll also be asked to provide
a video testimonial as well. It is going to be complimentary. We’re not gonna be charging
for that small group. I have an application. It’s the top link down
on the description below where you can apply. We are ideally looking for somebody who already has a YouTube channel. If you’re already established on YouTube, that’s the type of
person we’re looking for because it’s easiest to
implement affiliate marketing when you already have the following. If you don’t have a following, you have to build it first and then begin implementing
affiliate marketing. That is our ideal tester for this course is someone who already has
a following on YouTube. But that being said, even
if you are not included in that initial test group,
we are going to be extending a massive discount to this group when we launch that course
in a couple of weeks here. That discount is not going to
be available anywhere else. So, you’re going to be
among the very first group to get access to the course and you’re going to get a
massive discount on that course just for being somebody who applied to be a part of that test group. Anyways, guys, drop your questions about affiliate marketing down below and check out the top
link in the description if you want to apply to be
a part of that test group. But thank you, guys, so much
for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I will see you in the next one.


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