Paxful Affiliate Program

we all want to make it to the moon but aside from trading or hot lane what else can be done with bitcoins buying and selling this popular crypto can be a bit tricky sometimes or with its volatile nature and all but did you know there’s a super easy way to earn a passive income with bitcoins earn money effortlessly all you have to do is share a link and every person you convert will earn you some easy cha-ching I’m talking about the packs full affiliate program let me give you guys a quick rundown for every customer who signs up via your link you get 50% from our escrow fee that’s already half the price of the total income that paxville will get and for every signup that your friends incur you will also earn 10% of their income starting to see how this adds up fast yet there are over 2.5 billion people in the world that have no access to financial services at the packs we’ll solve that problem everyone should have a way to pay online people can swap over 300 payment methods for Bitcoin and our user base is growing fast so how do you get started once you’ve created an account and received your free digital wallet head on over to packs fills affiliate page to get your customized link now all you have to do is share this link on your social media pages you can share it on your Facebook tweet about it or post it on your Instagram for gamers you can even share the link while you’re streaming on Twitch you can even email it to your friends and family after that just leave it there and wait for people to start clicking away easy and effortless give it a try and let us know how it goes for you for more information visit PAX Volcom you [Music]


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