Perfect Life Youtube Guide: Clarity- the way to Financial Abundance!

Hello and welcome back to my channel on the key learnings of Millionaire Mind Intensive. We are on the 8th video We are on the 9th video, learning number 8 Uh, sorry which video is this 8th or 9th? I’m not very clear about it. let’s get some clarity! So we’re on learning no. 8 from Millionaire Mind Intensive. “Clarity is the first step towards financial abundance. As Steve Maraboli, rightly said, “It’s a Lack of Clarity that creates Chaos and Frustration, & these two emotions are a poison to any living Goal” Now, same rule applies to the journey towards Financial Freedom, Financial Abundance. Clarity in your Goal, Clarity on how you’re going to pave the way towards your goal. Clarity on how you’re going to manage your time, your work, your expenses, your finances, is the stepping stone towards Financial Freedom. We should get very clear and figure out. Where our money is coming from? Where is it coming to? And where is it going? We should be very clear on the path that the money or the finances coming towards us take in our Life. We should go into details and check which activities have maximum spends That’s how we’ll be able to manage our finances very well and this would mark the beginning of financial abundance in our lives. Financial Freedom for us. So, that’s it for today. Always remember that clarity is the stepping stone towards Financial Freedom. I’ll see you guys in the next video for Learning number 9. Till then Cyaaaa

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