Pewdiepie Airplane flew over NY LWIAY – #0076

Heh-heh-heh! How’s it going, bros? And my name is– *Demonic sounds* Welcome to LWIAY, everyone! Youtube’s favorite show back at it again. Another week. Another week filled with wonderful memes. Now, obviously a lot has happened.. ..As always. *giggles* uwuuwuw so cute Um, we ended the “Subscribe to Pewdiepie” meme. And I just want to say thanks to everyone for being respectful about that and understanding I think most of all. Uhhh.. Maybe, there will be some old memes slipping up. It’s done! Okay? The thing is done and we’re moving on. That’s right, everyone! So let’s just JUMP into it. I drew Pewdiepie and Marzia in Studio Ghibli’s style. Oh, my god. That is absolutely amazing! *pitch voice* Oh, Maya~~ *giggles* That’s incredible. There it is everyone! *laughs* I’m so happy I saw it live. Look at that beauty. «Subscribe to Pewdiepie» Now, this is what I mean. Some old memes are gonna slip up. Obviously, they worked on this for two weeks. The meme is still over, ok? But.. eee..– This felt to me like a wrap of– Wrap-up of the whole thing. And they changed everything on the website to – ” thanks PewDiePie” instead. I actually saw it live. I don’t know if you guys saw it already. “There it is! That’s it! That–” It was so hard to see, and then he disappeared out of nowhere. Yeah. -Oh, my god! I see it! *laughs* Look at that! Look at that! That’s so incredible. -The banner didn’t fall! Too strong! *laughs* -Look at that! A nice wrap up to say the least. Thanks to everyone for.. Uhh.. ..Donating and organizing this. I think it’s so cool. I think it’s a perfect example of the positive things that people did. But, you know, we had fun everyone! So let’s just move on! Me: *does literally anything* My grandma: Incredible job! *laughs* Thanks, Grandma. 🙂 Thanks. “So I was scrolling through random rooms, and found this gem.” Wow! *laughs* Absolute- *laughs* Now that’s being creative! In a good way. Good job! Pewdiepie 9 year-old army Piston Cup T- *laughs* “Thank you PewDiePie” Thank *you* guys! “Pewds and Marzia have both disappeared from social media 3-4 days ago. And the last couple of videos are clearly Pre-recorded based on the time of upload. They’re marrying somewhere. I’m telling you. And it’s been exactly a year since the proposal.” Well played! Dacen for noticing all these things. Honestly impressive. I like how I cannot hide anything from you guys. TOO BAD YOU’RE WRONG THOUGH! *burps* We didn’t get married. You dummy, dumb schmuck capum. “Remind me guys to never become a rapper” “What the f- *censored* is that even supposed to mean?” I think I’ve said tha– this in so many moments. It was mainly when people kept doing the.. The challenges. I can, at least, be somewhat decent at it. Yeah, I’m not good. But, at least I can make a song. Not some completely cringe. I’m so proud of this community. I’m so proud of this community! *while laaughing* なに? (Nani?) Let’s show this to Felix in case he thought that Idubbbz was his friend. What the frick idOOBZ How frickin dare you? Kiss my gir- GF Just like that? Without her consent Shame on you. How tall is Ian? Jesus Christ? No. Say it ain’t so. No. *NO!* Hello, it’s me. Dark PewDiePie *demonic sounds” I’m here to bring up the fact that I am drinking my favorite drink of all time, G fuel. And I’m saying that unironically. Even though it sounds sarcastic G Fuel Enter the code “PewDiePie” and you get 10% off G Fuel. Try it out. Maybe you’ll like it There’s a wide variety of flavors Hopefully I will get my own flavor one day. That would be a gift from the gods. But until then, keep slurping my dudes Things that will end in 2019 Game of Thrones, Avengers, Star Wars Subscribe to PewDiePie. This is so sad Ayy congratulations to your corporation Guess if you want one miner boy you needed that unbreaking We make a game that allows users to be as creative as that they want,. The game becomes very successful The game gets overrun with annoying kids driving a lot of people away from the game. The game gets overrun by annoying kids driving a lot of people from the game It suddenly becomes unironically relevant in 2019 because all the annoying kids have moved on to Fortnite *laughs* I legit wanna play minecraft again. Daughter? Did you do it? (#1 on Trending) Yes I think I know where this is going. And what did it cost? (Ending the “Subscribe to PewDiePie” meme) Everything This is so sad. I’m shaking and crying Finally the day has come the war is over. Beating a music company with two songs Beating YouTube’s algorithm- Finally! We made it on trending guys. So happy Literally stayed up until 4:00 a.m. To make this. I hope you like it Meme. Review. Hell yeah hahaha PewDiePie uploaded 28th of April and in the sub to PewDiePie meme “Attention New Yorkers. Will be flying on April 29″ The timing could not have been worse. I’m so sorry. It’d be neat if my promposal made it to- Your proposal? Oh, *prom*posal. I know I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but I think you should go to prom with me Well, that’s not your opinion, so you followed through. Ten out of ten. That is so sweet. Have a great time and prom Turning eighteen. Becoming a double nine year old Double nine year old! Got this Coca-Cola can since 2013 and I’m still watching Pewds. That’s pretty dope Thank you. For still watching This person tried to unlock your phone. Goddammit. I did it 9 year olds! I met Felix and Marzia, they were so nice. I was too starstruck like a doofus So I forgot to tell him that he has created an amazing community and no matter how the media portrays him We know that he’s a kind genuine person and I’m proud to be part of this community That is so sweet. When Felix is holding the camera. When Marzia’s holding the camera I think I need to buy a better camera T-Series may have won more subs, but Pewds won more hearts. And that’s a fact! Thta’s right everyone! Asian kids coming home with a B on their report ” *Please don’t kill me! I’m stupid. I can’t hel-” *laughs* I CAN’T HELP IT Last week I asked you nothing. But this week I’m asking you… Will you go to prom with me? (so cute) Oh It didn’t work. Oh It’s okay, I’ve also been rejected for prom. It’s okay And it’s not gonna hold against you your entire life. You’ll be fine Me when I accidentally punch a wolf in Minecraft: “Please. Don’t kill me. I’m stupid. I can’t help it” It happens to the best of us. Oh my god. God. Damn *laughs* I even have the face! Where do you pause at the right moment? God damn. That’s scary What letter of the ca- alphabet will I get instead of *E* ? Phil is turning 69 this year. Dr. Phil on your birthday. Meme Review! It has to happen. I don’t care if you strike all my videos Mii-M (proof that Pewds is smart) View. I know it’s “Review” but why is it Ree? (Really Pewds?) Oh! REE! *laughs* (I’m really starting to think he has indeed some problems) *laughs* I’m so stupid! I can’t help it. (Don’t get too sad Pewds. It happens… I think) Pewds doesn’t know how to play his own game But he also doesn’t know how to sing his own song “Bitch lasagna, whichever will it-” no, those are the lyrics. It’s my song I MAKE UP the rules! Manga: Anime: Netflix Adaptation: There it is everyone This is by TheKingShyGuy. Okay, what do we got? Yep, doing a bunch of shuffling. Oh, all aces! Very epic Okay, yeah. Then what? Yeah, they should all still be there Did I miss something? Yes, what is he doing? Okay *Le Gasp* WOW! What now? Oh #thankyou- PewDiePie (ye he mumbled his name, but he says it) That’s awesome. Thank you Brofist? Question mark? At a hundred million! Meanwhile brofist to God. Thank you guys for watching this video See you tomorrow! Check out merch. Link description. Three more days. And that’s it *in a cute high-pitched voice* bye. Bye :3 What? You never played Tuber simulator? *D I S B E L I E F* You know, it’s fun right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion But give it a try, and then you can tell me if it’s good or not. Not convinced yet? Okay I’ll cut you a deal. The game is available for free! And that’s a great price (These subtitles took me longer than I expected. Be sure to support Pewds. Hope you have a good day lads 😀 )

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