Pickleball Drills-Reflex Volleys for Faster Reactions

How would you like to improve your
reaction time when you get into a volley exchange at the net? This single person
drill is going to help to improve your reactions in no time at all! Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson. If your feeling that your reaction time is a little sluggish at the net. This drill is going to help you to get faster see the
ball better and best of all you don’t even have to have a partner to practice
it. Speaking of fast reactions if you want to get the best pickleball
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post a new video every Saturday. To set up this drill up all you need is a wall. You
want to take and mark the top of the net, which the center of a pickleball net is
34 inches. Once you’ve done that I like to mark a box for the volley. A good
volley is going to be just above the net. This little box made out of masking tape gives me a target that I can easily
see. Then the last thing I do is put a piece of tape down seven feet away from
the wall that marks the non volley zone. As I’m doing this drill there’s a couple
things that I like to keep in mind 1. keep the contact in front
which means the paddle is out in front of my body
2. it’s a short punch not a large swing. 3. Focus on the ball.
I follow the ball from the wall all the way to the paddle. 4. Keep the wrist quiet but the grip pressure light. 5. Stay on the balls of your feet do not get flat-footed. I like to start with a wiffle ball I hit it just a little bit higher a little bit softer. It comes off the wall a little differently than the regular pickleball and it
gives me a chance to get focused on this drill and to get some confidence. If you’d like to learn more about why I use a wiffle ball and how to use it the
volley exchange with a friend make sure you click on the link that just popped
up on your screen. ‘hether I volley against the wall or do
this with a partner I do this drill before I play pickleball. It helps me to
see the ball better, react quicker, stay on my feet and just be ready to play
pickleball. Do you practice volleying before you go
out to play pickleball? If so how do you do it? Put it down in the comments below. If you like this video make sure you let me know by leaving a comment down below,
giving it a like or sharing it with your pickleball playing friends. Because together we can Train Smart, Live Bold, Age Well


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