Pickleball Foot Pain with Dr. Pickleball- Part 1

Dr pickleball is in the house and if you want
to stay healthy on on the courts longer, he has some suggestions just for you. Don’t touch that dial. Hey everybody. It’s CJ Johnson. If this is your first time here, I’m glad
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when I post a new video. Today is the first of a two part series with
Dr Allan Rosenthal, or for short Dr Pickleball. He’s going to talk about a few of the basic
things that you need to be doing to keep your feet and your body healthy when you play pickleball. Well, let me tell you a little bit about Allen
and some of his qualifications. So he’s a sports podiatrist at the Advanced
Foot Care Center in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He’s board certified and a member of the American
Academy of Pediatric Sports Medicine. Alan, can you believe I made it all the way
through that? He is also a level one certified pickleball
instructor Now you may have already heard him. He is been on the Pickleball Radio Show with
Chris Allen. He’s also written for Pickleball magazine. So Alan, why don’t you tell us how you got
started playing. Well, first of all, I’m a long time tennis
player. I played high school tennis and I still like
tennis. One day a woman came in my office with a foot
problem, a heel pain problem and started talking to me and said, wow, this is a great sport
to transition into from tennis. I’m blessed with bad knees but good feet,
but really, uh, I love it. It’s a social outlet for me and an emotional
outlet for me. And it’s great exercise. When people start playing pickleball, what
are some of the things that they need to do or be aware of to keep their feet healthy? Wearing the correct shoe is so important in
any sports activity. You should be wearing a court shoe like this
rather than like this shoe right here, which would be a running type show. The reason being the tennis shoe allows the
lateral motion. It’s more stable, it’s got the right tread
pattern on the bottom that you need, and there could be differences in indoor and play. It’ll give you the right cushioning and shock
absorption. It will make your life on the pickle ball
court a lot more pleasant. One of my most popular videos happens to be
about court shoes and Allan and I were talking about this earlier. Right now there’s not a specific, quote unquote
pickleball shoe. He’s talking about court shoes in general,
but make sure you click on the show notes below. I will put the resource in there so that you
can find some things that’ll give you some ideas on what’s the best court shoe for you. A volleyball shoe would be good for indoors
shoes. Some peoples have ankle problems, K-Swiss
used to make a high top shoe or even a basketball shoe would be proper. And then I just noticing that even the shoe
that I’m holding up here, if you’re playing indoors. A lot of the shoes have what’s called non-marking. You don’t want to mark up the gym floor. So what are some other things that we can
do to stay healthy? To Stay healthy, obviously playing pickleball
is going to help you lose weight. You should be stretching. Dynamic stretching. I tell my clients, especially here in the
northeast, because they’re getting a lot of hamstring problems. I noticed now they perhaps wear either bicycle
shorts like Andrew Agassi used were on each is on anything finished shorts or the women
were these, um, compression pants to keep your legs warm. Before you play warm up a little bit and then
start your stretching program. First you want to want to do it by warming
up. So you want to get a little perspiration going
and you want to do some dynamic stretching, which would be almost like heel to toe walk
backwards, forwards. Jogging side to side. Then you may want to do some static stretching,
which would be what they call a wall push up. Now I tell my patients, do a slow stretch. You want to hold it for like 10 elephants,
you want to do your knees straight and with your knees bent because you’re stretching
out to different sets of muscles in the of your leg. Perfect
Hamstring stretching is pretty common. Then you go through the upper body. Obviously some of you probably watched this
and said, CJ, I already do that, but the fact is most of us don’t. We don’t replace shoes when we need to replace
shoes. We don’t always use the proper shoes and frankly,
most people don’t warm up or cool down. If you just started with those really simple
things, your going to keep your body healthier. Make sure you join us next Saturday when we
answer the two most often asked questions from the better pickleball community, plantar
fasciitis and issues with your Achilles tendon. If you got value from this video, make sure
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