Pickleball Rules-Ever Forget Which Side You Should Be On?

Marcy K. just recently asked Can you help? Hey everybody, it’s CJ Johnson. Does finding your place in the court ever feel like a fire drill? Today I’m going to show you how to use the
rule book to find out where you should be standing on the court. Because this channel isn’t just about pickleball instructions. It’s about all things pickleball
from instruction, to gear to certainly the rules. If you don’t want to miss out, make
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post a new video. If you’ve ever forgotten where you’re standing on the court and I’m
pretty sure that that’s happened to all of us, this rule and knowing how to apply it
while you’re playing, will help you find out where you should be. It will also help you
find out if your opponents are in the correct position. First, let me give
you a little tip on how to use the rulebook. Since this is a subsection of rule four, you’ll
get a better understanding if you look at the section and the main rule. Section four
tells us that these rules refer to the serve, serve sequence, and scoring rules. Rule four
B refers to player positions, I. E where we’re standing or receiving on the court. To take
it one step further. Rule 4.B.1 states server and receiver, the correct server and receiver
and their positions are determined by the score and the players starting positions in
the game. Now if you move down just a little bit further,
you’ll notice that rule 4.B.6.B refers to doubles. So we know that this rule is talking
about serve, serve sequence, scoring rules, and specifically doubles. The starting score in every game is
0-0 or an even even number. In the beginning of the game make a notation of which side
of the court you’re standing on. In this picture, I am standing on the right side of the court.
I also want to make a notation of where my opponents are standing. You’ll notice that
Jeanie is standing on the even or the right side of this court. Anytime during this game,
when my team’s score is even, I should either be receiving or serving from the right or
the even side. Anytime during the game when my opponents’
score is even Jeanie should be either receiving or serving from the right side. Play starts.
I served and my team won the first point, my partner Dayne and I switched sides and
I get to serve again. The score is 1-0 since my team’s scores odd, I’m now standing on
the odd side. Since my opponent’s score is even, Jeanie is still standing on the even
side. Think you’ve got it? Take a look at this picture.
The score is 7-4 and I am serving. Are we Correct? If you said I’m out of place, you’re
correct. Our scores is odd or 7 since I started this game standing on the even side
of the court, I should only be on the right or the even side of the court when our score
is even. I should be serving from the odd or the left side of the court if the score
is 7-4 I hope you took a look at the other team as well. You’ll notice that the
even side, 4 Jeanie was standing on the even side at the beginning of this game. Therefore
she is in the correct side of the court. So in order for this to be right, 7-4, I should
be standing on the odd side and I should be serving to Jeannie’s partner Peter. If you
need some additional help, make sure that you click on this link for a video that will
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