Pickleball Serve-Is This Simple Mistake Costing You Points?

Today we’re going to talk about
a very simple service mistake. It’s so simple. You may not know why it’s important
or if you’re making it stay tuned. Hey everybody it’s CJ Johnson. This one little and I mean one little
service tweak, may help you go from zero to hero in the serving department. But before we get to that, if you want to stay in
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whenever I post a new video. After you hit your serve are you aware
of where you’re standing in the court? If you are,
put a yes in the comments below. If not put not so sure or a no. One of
the most basic strategies to pickleball is to make your opponents hit the
ball while they’re on the run. It helps to increase the chance
that they’ll make an error. I found that when people hit the serve, they’re not always aware of where their
standing in the court after the serve is finished. If you inadvertently taken a step into
the court after your serve and you’re not aware of it,
you’re making your third shot harder, you may need to take
the ball on a short hop, which is hitting the
ball when it’s rising. Or you might need to step backwards to
hit the shot and you probably already know it’s easier to be moving forward
to hit a shot than it is to be moving backwards. If you need a few more serving tips,
I have created a playlist just for you. If you got value from this video, make sure that you give it a
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