Pickleball Strategy-How to Get to the Net-FAST!

Would you like to learn how to hit a shot
that’s going to make it easier to get to the kitchen and you might just be able to defeat
a couple more bangers? Today, our favorite US Open champion is going to show us how to
do just that. Stay tuned. Hey everybody, it’s CJ Johnson and I am here
with four time, count them, 1-2-3-4, four time US Open champion, Laura Fenton Kovanda.
Laura, welcome back to Tahoe. Oh, you know, one of my absolute favorite places to be.
And it’s my favorite place to have her because today she’s going to teach us how to hit the
reset shot from the transition zone in the court. So Laura, there might be some people
here who aren’t familiar with what a reset shot is or why we want to hit it. So let’s
start there. Why would we want to reset a ball? Resetting the ball meaning means that
we want that ball to go back into the kitchen. So resetting it if we put the ball into the
kitchen it allows us to move forward to the kitchen line. So a lot of times we get caught
in the middle of the court, which is part of the game.
But if we drive a ball, that ball is coming back at us even faster, and I don’t know about
you, but most of us over 50 aren’t as quick as we used to be. So if I drive the ball,
the ball is coming back faster. I don’t have as much reaction time. So if I reset that
ball into the kitchen, it allows me to move forward and get into that point. Speaking
of being over 50 now, I know neither of US looks like we’re over 50 but we are and if
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know whenever I post a new video. So now that we know why we want to reset a ball into the
kitchen, how do we actually do that? One of the biggest things that I see in players
if a ball is at their feet or even up here at their body, is that the paddle is parallel
with the net. If I swing at that ball going straight across, the net is coming back at
me fast. Instead we want to open up this paddle face so the trajectory of the ball automatically
goes up off the paddle. Same thing in my body. If my paddle is parallel, it’s not going to
go up. I need to open that paddle face so the flight of the ball automatically goes
upward to go back down into the kitchen. How many times do you get a ball coming through
the air at a slow speed and it’s so juicy, You just want to rip the heck out of it. Okay,
but what are we gaining? If I rip that ball, that ball is coming right back at my feet
and I’m in the middle of the court. I don’t have very much time to react to that.
So instead I still want to open this paddle, even if the ball was up here. So the ball
goes up to go down into the kitchen and now I can move forward while that ball is traveling
through the air. Laura how often should we practice this shot to get better at it? Well,
like anything, I mean CJ, the more you practice anything, the better you get. To me that honestly,
this is probably one of the most important shots in the game because we have to play
the game from the transition area. And if we can’t put a ball into the kitchen, you’re
gonna have a really hard time winning points. So technically like before a tournament, I
will practice it at least two or three days with a partner hitting balls at my feet at
my body until I feel comfortable that I have consistently returned that ball into the kitchen.
I’m like, okay, I’m good to go. I’ve got it. My motor memory’s got it. I don’t have to
think anymore about it. It just happens. So if you got value from this video, make sure
that you give it a thumbs up or share it with your pickleball playing friends because together
we can Train Smart, Live Bold, and AGE WELL.

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