Pickleball Third Shot Drill-Volume One

Are you getting tired of hitting your
third shot into the net or hitting them so high that a smash comes back at
your feet that you can’t return? Then you’re going to want to develop
some touch on those drops and that’s what we’re going to focus on today. Stay tuned. Hey everybody, it’s CJ
Johnson. Without a doubt, the drop shot is one of the most difficult
shots to hit consistently in this game. Now in the last video we talked about
the mechanics of the drop shot and if you missed that, stick around to the end of this one
and I’ll make sure to give you a link. Today we’re going to focus on some
drills to help you to develop touch and consistency with the shot. This is the first of my three
favorite drop shot drills. Speaking of consistency, if you want to stay up to date with
all the latest in gear and fitness and instruction, especially for people who are over 50
make sure you hit the subscribe button and then the bell notification, that way
you’ll know whenever I post a new video. As I mentioned in the first video, a drop shot builds on the mechanics as
well as the touch and the feel that we get when we hit a dink shot. By using that dink and then moving
further and further away from the net. That gives us a basis to help us to
develop more consistency with this shot. This drill begins with us
hitting a dink from the net. Every time we hit that dink we
take one or two steps backwards. Continue taking small steps backwards
until you’ve reached the baseline. Once you’ve gone back to the baseline, now work your way forward back to the
non-volley zone. Whenever you miss, it’s your partner’s turn. If you’d like
to make this drill a little easier, make it cooperative, meaning the person at the non-volley zone
hits a ball that can be easily or more easily returned to the kitchen. If you’d like to make it a little bit
harder the person at the non-volley zone should be more aggressive and try to hit
the ball back to your feet making that drop shot more difficult. A word of caution, as we age, our balance decreases and we
start to shuffle our feet. It’s important that when you’re working
your way back from the non-volley zone, you pick up your feet. If you
shuffle, you run the risk of falling. Even if you don’t think your balance is
getting worse, if you’re over 40 it is. The good news is there are things
that you can do to improve it. Click on the link that’s coming
up above for some suggestions. If you’re not sure how
to hit the drop shot, here’s the link that I mentioned at
the top of this video. Go back here, work on your mechanics. In the meantime, get out this week and practice because
next week’s video builds on this practice drill. If you got value, give this a thumbs up or share it with
your pickleball playing friends because together we can Train Smart, Live Bold, and Age Well.

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