Pickleball Third Shot Drills- Volume Two

This is the second in a series of drills
designed to help you to develop some consistency with your drop shot
from anywhere on the court. Hey everybody, it’s CJ Johnson.
No doubt this is a tough shot. But a consistent drop shot
from anywhere on the court, is going to help you and your partner get
to the net more quickly and ultimately win more points. This is actually the
third video in the drop shot series, and in the first one we
covered the fundamentals. In the last one it was the first drill
in a series of three drills that are progressive. If you haven’t seen those, wait until the end of this video and I’ll
share a link where you can go back and you can review those. Now, no one likes having to go back
and review and if that’s you, make sure that you hit the subscribe
button and then the bell notification. That way you’ll know every
time I post a new video. Today, my friend Ernie is going
to help show us the 9 point drill. Place nine small pieces of tape on the
court, three up at the non-volley zone, three in the middle and three
on the baseline. In this drill, one player stays with the net
while the other one does the drill. Start by familiarizing yourself with
the footwork beginning at the non volley zone. Pretend to hit a dink and then
move to the next mark on the court. Be Slow and precise. Once
you’re at the end of the court, take a couple steps backwards
to the next mark and repeat. Continue this until you arrive at the
baseline. Once again, a word of caution. We’re moving laterally and backwards. It’s important to pick up your
feet and to use good footwork. Go only as fast as you can
be precise. In other words, start slow and make sure it’s a strong
solid movement then add a little speed. If you need help on your footwork,
make sure you click on this link. Now it’s time to add a ball. Your goal is to drop the
ball into the kitchen. Whenever you miss, go back to the
beginning and start all over again. If you want to make this harder, work your way to the baseline and then
see if you can get back to the net using that same pattern To make it even more difficult,
make this drill, less cooperative. Have the person at the non-volley zone
attack any ball that bounces above the height of the net. Here’s the link that I promised to
take you back to the previous videos. Make sure to join me next week for
the third and final drill, which will take us all the way back
to the baseline. In the meantime, get out and practice these two drills.
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