Pickup Making Tele Style Bridge Pickup Bobbin Built out of Walnut

what’s up guys it’s chase from chase’s
workshop and in this video we’re going to build the bobbin for a Telecaster
bridge pickup I’m not gonna wind it in this video I’m basically on get it to
the point of winding maybe just a few things I got left to do on it before I
want it and I’m gonna do that next video so this would be be a 1 of 2 on this
this whole thing one of the things I figured out on this is I’m not going to
use I’m not using fiber board I’m gonna use walnut for this guitar for this
pickup and one thing I found out real quick was is how finicky it is trying to
build a pickup out of wood now when use fiber board you can
basically just pound a magnet into this into the hose and you don’t have to
worry about it splitting it’s just gonna it’s going to go right in when using
wood if the if the magnet is too big for the hole once you get them all driven in
there it’ll split and you’ll see here in a little bit of me splitting these
things so I’ve made some mistakes in this video and I did edge of a mouth so
you get to watch them so that pickup in that one the bridge pickup in that
guitar right there I was just like you guys when I started building pickups I
had no idea how many windings to put on the pickup to get what sound so on that
one I just decided how I’m gonna start with a hot number and I started with
ninety seven hundred and fifty windings on there and the pickups way bright to
me too much for my liking it’s really bright and it’s almost way too bright so
I’m thinking with this pickup I’m gonna step that down to about 7500 windings
and see how that sounds that one has a loco five magnets in it this one’s gonna
have Annika five magnets it in it the differences are that one’s got a South
polarity on the bridge this one’s going to have a north polarity like I said the
one who are going to be different I’m not gonna do a back plate on this one
just to see if that what that actually does if it changes up anything or
anything different on there and I haven’t really decided know how I’m
gonna do it with that one yet because the backplate on the bridge is actually
what is actually what grounds the bridge on the the Telecaster so I might have to
do something I don’t know I don’t know how would get away from not having to do
that yeah in the first part of this video you’re gonna see me building some
of these guys here I actually I think I just built one and what I’m doing is I’m
trying to figure out exactly what the right size hole I need to make with the
CNC machine to get the magnet in there tight but not split the flatwork because
you’re good to say like I said you’re good to say here in just a little bit of
what all that so guys if you have any questions or comments and especially any
suggestions of anything I’m doing here that’s either wrong right or I could do
better please put them in the comments I’m not gonna I’m not
I take criticism very well and I’m learning here and we’re all learning
together and we all need to help each other that’s my biggest thing on this
whole doing this whole channel and everything is we all help each other I
need your help just as much as you need mine guys I hope you enjoyed the video
if you do give me a like if you liked it please subscribe thanks for watching
guys alright so here’s the first test piece that I’ve made like I said I’m not
going to I’m gonna use probably use a walnut instead of this I’m just wanting
to make see if I can get these things to fit in here good I don’t want to be too
tight but I don’t want to be too loose either so I mean that’s kind of the deal
now I’ve taken the I’ve got a sander outside that I’ve taken and I’ve kind of
or a Ledge there so it’s just not a sharp piece going there claw times if
you try to drop this in it’ll push the wood down and basically cut it and it’ll
make them off-center so I’m kind of experimenting with what how
much second I can do that with this is actually drilled out to 0.19 I’m gonna
try to use this other one I got here the biggest problem with these is is trying
to hold this dang thing when you’re trying to hammer it and trying to hold
it straight so I’m just going to use this other piece I’ve got here kind of
Center it up then I can just work this one off here like so
and that held in there pretty good you can see on the back that’s the point 1 9
which is this size right here hole so that’s problem go with it as you can
tell here I didn’t cut I didn’t have the big enough piece to cut it so when I cut
my walnut I did this kind of experiment with to make sure that the wood was
gonna be the right size and everything so you can tell here it’s it’s kind of
too small and this thing they’re pretty tight I think a little epoxy in there
might will help so next thing I’m gonna do is we’ll go outside and I’m gonna cut
out some pieces of wood this size 2 out of walnut so we can do that I’m gonna
give you a thickness right quick on this guy 1:08 35 is the thickness on this guy
here I just tell the block I cut a little block with the miter saw over
there and I think I’m just going to Center this up and I get a lot of
different blocks out of this one piece I hope so
here we go okay so guys we got the blocks now so I’m gonna cut these to
thickness I might leave this one separate here a minute I’m gonna cut
these to the thickness that I need for the guy here so we’ll cut them this way make sure my
tables big enough I’m so scared to crap but I’m here and
I’m like this but this is really long the way I can do it down here there’s two pieces you got the two
pieces cut out here one of them did really well this one got a little ain’t
got to recut one of these for that but we’re go ahead and cut the bottom
popping off of this one and I’m just going to use some painters Teddy use
some painters tape and some superglue that’s on there I’m good to zero now there’s my Z Wow there it is I just feel like the walnut
looks better and the out of there but there’s our final bottom bottom bobbin
now we’re gonna do is make it top bottom all right I just cut out two more of
these guys and he’s turned out pretty good there pretty good right thicknesses
problems now we’re gonna do the top Bobby and there’s our top bobbin yeah we go
here we go there’s our top bomber okay so we got our two pieces here now
I’m just gonna clean them up with some sandpaper I’m I definitely want to try
to get this burn mark off of this I’m gonna do it with you watching like this
but just taking the sandpaper and hit the edges clean it up a little bit looks pretty good I think it’ll be art
once I put some stain on it so there’s that I believe these are gonna fit in
there really nice all I want to do is I’m gonna take these magnets all six of
them and I’m just going to basically do the same thing I did to the other one
right there and that’s just put them take them and spin them against the
grinder and kind of put a work this sharp edge down to more of a Phillip
right there okay so I went outside and I basically contoured or not contoured I
guess I guess you get to call it you would call it uh shave this sharp edge
over to where it’s more of a rounded on all sides it is and it’s very simple to
do just put it in the ground or hold a angle on it and just spin it your finger
and it’ll it’ll do it and it might not be the best way to do it that’s the way
I did it so it is what it is I’m gonna check make sure that these
magnets don’t already have some polarity too so yeah they do this one’s obviously
north there see what this one is just kind of leaning north/south so I’ll put
that one up yeah that was definitely south north there oops did not want to
go together try this one south north crap go to the north up so let’s get
this guy here make sure it’s North it is alright get this good down in there go
holder it something as simple as this is to hold this thing in here is pretty
nice you can change the polarity on this but these things have been sitting for
so long with the polarity that’s already kinda they’ve had for a while here’s the hardest part getting this
dang thing or here on there now this you just gotta come no disaster well guess
what I get to do like another one of these I can use this one to prolong it I
can use these to line this before I put the top on baby so that’s one day I’m gonna make another
one of these pieces here this top piece and do that but as far as everything
else it turns it turned out pretty good I pushed one of them a little farther in
there they don’t mind too but it is what is the back looking pretty good all the
pieces they’re all placing north so that’s what we’re gonna do okay so
here’s day to try to I guess what I’m trying to say so I’m I just kind of got
this broken flat work top flat work just put on here to maybe help me outline
this and I’ve got another top piece here so I’ll try this again maybe this one
would be better than the last one failure to oh my gosh okay I’ve got to
do something different here I think I’m gonna have to make these I’m gonna
change it in fusion 360 and make these holes bigger on the top bobbin I just
can’t get the sign together without cracking it mmm some want to change it
I’m gonna change the file in fusion 360 to I’m gonna go with the bigger one that
I made on these guys here which is the point one nine two cuz they’re a little
tight these are actually the thickness of
these are point one nine two so it’s trying to make these hoes a little bit
smaller for them to fit in there tight so I want to go in there and change that
up and make one of these with that size hole in it so stand by well our here’s
the third one I think I’m gonna try to set it down like that and do it maybe I
don’t know just I’m going in there better yeah well that’s turning up pretty good
I’m gonna go ahead and see if I can’t get these things driven all the way in
here I think one of the things I was doing more than anything really was when
I was driving this top bobbing home I think I was not hitting this square and
so I was breaking it with the hammer looks pretty good but this until
definitely this side goes goes down over here okay so I kind of got this
contraption set up here I don’t know how well this is gonna work I’m just
basically holding the magnets I’m just scared that if I keep panning on this
thing I’m gonna be interested break this know I need to do the same to the top do
you can tell here the top is a little bit off so let’s flip it over do the top
so this one are here sticking out just a little bit more than the others nothing
you see that might be hard to see on screen but anyways so I’m gonna hammer
that down a little bit that’s pretty good let’s take a drill the hole here and two
holes here well there it is now I’m gonna take it
and we’re going to dip it in some lacquer make sure it’s good and clean
first but that’ll be the next step and then once that gets done I’ll probably
go ahead and drill these holes for the mount and then drill the holes for the eyelets for the wire to go here so then
the next video all let’s do is put windings on this bad boy will get that
lacquer all right so here’s the guitar lacquer glass guitar like her
all I’m gonna do here I’m going to first of all tie this thing up here just got a
guitar string hopefully that’ll work good enough open this highly smelly
stuff up hoping you can see this I’m just gonna slaver they dip her in
there was let it sit in it for maybe a minute or so but that would soak up a
lot of that lacquer things got bunch of bubbles coming out of it hmm it’s kind
of cool only thing Sam Renaud hope you can in
the video it’s like a stream of them right there coming up out of the rut
next one of the hose for the magnet pull it out and see okay I’m gonna take this out here and
hang it up then I’ll get the camera and bring it out there where you can see it
better there it is I’m gonna let this thing dry for a while it’s definitely a
lot better than the fiber one I’ve done on the bridge the first time so I’m
hopefully everything will turn out good on it floor guys that’s it for this
video I’m like I said this would be part one of probably up to two videos and
this is the actual final piece I’ve got done here so it’s turned out really well
it turned out a lot nicer than I thought it would I think the the walnut looks
really unique on there and as you can see I’ve got one little spot here I’m
have to kind of smooth out – before we widen everything in the next video I’m
going to drill the hose here for the the mounts and then I’m gonna draw the host
for the eyelets and hopefully all that will go what just as well as this did
other than breaking the two top pieces but it was and also – I’m probably gonna
end up building a back plate for this one – because the more and more I think
about it the harder it’s going to be to fix something on here to mount this
thing in the first place that’d be easy just to build a back plate and throw it
on here so that’s what I’m gonna end up doing probably guys I hope you enjoyed
the video if you did give me a like if you liked it please subscribe thanks for
watching guys


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