Pink Lemonade Makeup Tutorial | Neon Pigment Eyeshadow

hey guys what’s up I’m finally back with
another tutorial guys if you’ve been following me you guys know that I just
got back from vacation it’s been a minute since I filmed I don’t think I
filmed in about two-and-a-half weeks so I kind of feel like I’m starting from
scratch again but your girl is back I got a good tan I am slightly falling
apart on the shoulder area from my tan I kind of look like well I don’t kind of
look my skin’s flaking Everywhere’s and it’s a fucking disaster
but I had a great vacation me and my boyfriend had a great vacation I was
completely unplugged I came back super inspired and super ready to just start
pumpin stuff out so I’m bringing you guys this pretty pink lemonade very
in-your-face makeup tutorial today to say the least because this is fucking
bright like this I love bright eyeshadows but this is probably the
brightest that I’ve ever done to date so I will be going in today and showing you
how I create this look using the Helen e cos metics neon pigment one is in neon
Ruby and the other one is in neon yellow I created this entire look using these
two pigments right here and my lemonade brings all the boys to the eart honestly
though it only brings my boyfriend to the yard which I’m okay with but it
might for you so you’re slick and ice all jokes aside
I’m so happy to be back I’m ready to crush it I’m just super inspired now
that I had some time to unplug and I really hope that you guys enjoy this
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in your face see you from 10 miles away pink lemonade and makeup look today then
please keep watching I live with my P Louise space and like I
said in the intro we are going to be going in today using two neon pigments
from Helen II Cosmetics neon Ruby and neon yellow so I’m gonna go into neon
Ruby to start this look off with my makeup check t56 and then I’m just gonna
pop this pigment right in the crease and then I’m also just gonna wing it out a
little bit as well going to switch over to a morphe m56 2 and I’m gonna go into
that neon yellow pigment and then I’m gonna start buffing that into the crease
as well this part did take me a really long time to do again because they are
neon pigments and they work best when you pat them on as opposed to swirling
them on like I’m getting a lot of fall out there this shade for some reason
always gives me massive fallout but that’s okay you can go in and clean it
up afterwards I would not recommend doing your foundation before using this
pigments because it’s gonna be a hot fucking mess and you’re gonna look like
you ran through a color run if you do stop and then when you get that nice
impact on you’re gonna go back in with the t56 with no additional product
you’re gonna buff away all that neon yellow that fell into the crease onto
the Ruby shade that’s one good thing about the follow it with this is that
it’s really easy to wipe away as well but again not with foundation don’t do
it okay I don’t know why my camera keeps going out of focus I don’t know what I
got in camera there um it seems like ever since I got dirt from my vacation
that my camera does not want to focus on me like do I look that different with a
dark tan come on anyways all I’m doing at this point now that I have these
shadows on is really going in with my five six two brushes and really softly
blending them into one another you don’t want to go to him here because then you
will start to lose the yellow pigment so just really lightly take your time blend
blend and until your wrist wants to fall off
off-camera and I did go in and cut my crease because I’m gonna go back in with
the neon yellow pigment in the crease to do that kind of liner in the crease so
again I’m going back into that yellow neon pigment and I’m just packing that
on the pea Louise base guys I’m super struggling with this look today I
started back to the gym this week and I went really ham today at the gym and my
like I can’t feel my arms and my arms are shaking and it’s making this really
difficult and then when you have that pretty much packed on how you want it
just switch over to a really thin angled brush and I’m going back into that
yellow pigment and I’m just stamping it along the edges of where the pink meets
the yellow again just to make sure that we have it really nice and blended on
and that there’s no skipping or missed hurts in the crease if that makes sense
guys again I did go in and cut my crease one more time so that the yellow pigment
is just a graphic liner basically in the crease so I’m gonna go back in with my
t56 for makeup Shack and I’m going back into Ruby and then I’m just going to
pack this all over the outer part of the lid you do not need to be precise here
because I am going to go in and sharpen the edges with a makeup wipe after I get
the lid done so just really worry about getting the pigment pact on I’m gonna go
in with my morphe m12 for going back into neon yellow and then you’re just
going to pack that on the rest of the lid and then I’m just going in with my t56
with no additional product and I’m just kind of buffing the edges of where the
pink meets the yellow we’re gonna go back into my P Louie’s base at this
point and I’m just gonna create a liner with the base right against the lash
line until it meets the pink and then you’re gonna go over this base again
with that ruby pigment so I’m going in with another angle brush and I’m just
stamping that Ruby pigment right on top of the base but you’re just gonna go in
clean up and that fall out that is literally everywhere and then you’re
gonna go in and sharpen up this eye look alright guys I am back I did my
foundation my concealer my lips I did basically everything else off camera
because I want the main focus to be on the eyes so I am gonna go finish up
underneath the lower lash line now if you are curious about anything that is
on my face today I will have everything listed in the description box below as
always but I just want it to focus on the eyes today so to finish up
underneath the lower lash line I’m gonna keep it very simple because there’s
already so much going on on the lid so I’m just going to go in with my angle
brush from morphe this is my r44 I’m gonna go back into that Ruby pigment and
then I’m just going to buff this directly underneath the lower lash line
I do not want to go super crazy underneath the eyes again because the
lids are already so fucking vibrant that I just want to keep it simple under here
and I’m literally just packing this entire pigment all underneath the lower
lash line also going to go in with my NYX full white eyeliner in the shade
vanilla is a really good water line pencil to use when you just really want
to brighten up the eyes a little bit and because this is such a vivid look I’m
just going to apply a tiny bit of that to the waterline it blends beautifully
it goes on really well and you can kind of just see that it makes my eyes look a
little bit more bright on the lower lash line and then for the final step oh my
god we finally got there I’m going into the neon yellow and I’m just going to
stamp that right on the inner corner this happening alright guys so that is
it for my pink lemonade a makeup tutorial today I really hope that you
guys enjoyed it let me know in the comments section below if you enjoy it
looks like this also let me know what kind of looks you want to see next on my
channel I do have a lot of ideas in mind but if there’s anything specific you
guys want to see let a girl know and I’ll do it for you anyways guys don’t
forget to subscribe before you leave and I love you I will catch you in my next


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