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Today we are installing and testing – – these bicycle spoke lights you can find from Ebay – – do they work and look as promised? Hello there! My son wanted his bike to look a bit cooler – – and bought these wheel lights from Ebay . And disclaimer in the beginning – – you must check if these are legal in your country. In Finland the bike may have side reflectors – – and also even number of orange lights – – as far as they do not block other lights or signals. So you may have to configure this a bit – – to make them work according to the law. This product costs more than 20 € in Ebay – – so it should not be junk. It was delivered within two weeks – let us look inside! Here is the light itself – – 64 LEDs on both sides that is 128 in total. It is designed for 26″ wheel – – so in 29er there is some empty space. Battery – – should be in a waterproof case. Charger – – with a US type socket – – so I need some kind of converter here. I thought it could be charged via USB – apparently not. Some cable ties – – for a pro level installation and – – a magnet for a sensor- – and a USB cable for configuration. Let us test does it work at all – – so is it worth installation. Bright LEDs flashing! So there are some light patterns pre-installed – – and you should be able to configure them – – via this USB cable – which is connected to the light – – not to the battery as I thought. The light is synchronizing itself to the speed – – as far as it is over 15 km/h. The speed is calculated when this magnet – – is detected by the sensor. I am not so anxious to put this kind of stick – – between the spokes. What about the safety if it gets loose? And this battery – – may cause the wheel to be unbalanced – But teens make teen things 😀 I install this to the rear wheel – – front wheel could be easier and also look better – – but it was easier to find – – a good spot for the magnet from the rear fork. First find the proper position for the light – – and after that – – install the battery to the opposite side of the hub – – to minimize the unbalancing issue. Next connect the cables and the wheel back in place. The magnet should be installed in a position – – where it can be detected – – by the sensor in the light panel. On the other side of the panel there are two buttons – – mode and reset. BUT PLEASE TELL US WILL IT WORK? Surprisingly it seems to be working! Now when the wheel stops – – it blinks for a while and goes then off. So you do not need to turn it on every time. Let us dim the lights and have a look – – on the patterns and modes it has. I already checked that unfortunately I can not test – – the configuration of the patterns – – the software works only with Windows 7 – – so we must deal with these. So the product works OK! Actually it looks in reality even better that in the video – – because of the frame rate of the camera – – makes some delay there. But for the eye it looks just like it said to be. When it comes to the two operating modes – – I can not find any difference. Both of them scroll through the 18 images – – it has pre-installed in the memory. As said I can not comment – – on the possibilities the software gives. But with this standard setup you cannot for instance – – choose only one image to be shown – – it goes all through every time. There was our test today! Please give a thumb up if you liked the video. See you next week – as far as you have subscribed. Goodbye! In the description you can find – – an affiliate link to the product in Ebay. There is also a link – – to the converters if you need one for the charger.


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