PlayAttack News Reinvented #10: Yet another birthday party, yet another jackpot, yet another ban 🤔

what’s up it’s play attack news your personal digest of the most exciting developments in the world of online gambling today and epic jackpots unlucky bastard took home from one of our brands the results of the mr. big casino birthday tournament where they gave away a VIP trip to Abu Dhabi yet another birthday party this time at frog casino with 300,000 dollars at stake a full online gambling ban in Cambodia and what it could mean for the industry so let’s get to it remember I told you about a dude who recently hit two jackpots in a row with our brands well it happened again this time with slot V casino no no don’t die of envy yet it was a different player this time with a stake of just 80 cents he won one hundred seventy two thousand eight hundred forty-seven euros we can’t tell you much about the winner for privacy reasons but here’s what really matters all three jackpots will get in the same slot divine fortune by net ends no wonder it’s become the most popular slot across all our brands so you know where to find it use the force young padawan from September 16th to October first mr. bit casino celebrated its birthday with the tournament’s so unbelievably huge that it had to be split up into chef but the wildest round was of course the finals Abu Dhabi riches we gave away a ton of cash and an epic trip to Maui Bobby and when I say ethnic that’s not even an exaggeration the winner is flying business class to the best hotel in the city for a whole week getting a ride in a luxury car dinner at a slinky restaurant going shopping on our dime and even getting some pocket change to have on hand you’re probably wondering who’s the lucky bastard going on vacation well this is true Congrats dude hey I heard it’s a trip too I don’t have plans around that time just saying you know I’ve been thinking we’ve never talked about front casino on here and we should it’s play attacks oldest and biggest brand with the Maltese license and the highest player count and these aren’t just any old place but players with EU passports and an average deposit of $150 and that’s one of the reasons why frog casino is usually the brand that has most of the slot premieres new features the widest selection of promo materials the biggest bonuses promos and tortas and right as we speak Frankie is celebrating his birthday by the way I recently noticed that our brands got really competitive about throwing the sickest birthday bash Frank decided to cool it on the fancy gifts and trips they’re giving away plain old cash a $300,000 to be exact the players and affiliates got separate tournaments the one through the affiliates is kicking off today and runs through October 27th will split $20,000 between people with the highest FTD count just like this plus another ten people are going to rake in an increased 60% revenue share for a whole month and now about the players their tournament has several rounds and to be honest two of them are already but we’ve got three more to go pure magic round with the prize fund of $50,000 and 15,000 francs the greatest round with the same prize fund and the final sky is the limit round with a prize fund of $100,000 in which the top three players win a whopping $50,000 $30,000 and $10,000 check out the link in the description for the terms and the full list of prizes why go invade and as usual let’s wrap things up on a serious note Cambodia has totally banned online gambling and has demanded that all websites and business entities engaged in it close up shop by the end of the year it’s like yes our country really needs money for development but we’d rather raise funds with tourism than with taxes from gross casinos said Kimberly’s Prime Minister Hun Sen good question let’s ask our anonymous expert he’s the one who picked this news bit anyway hey man hello yes well Cambodia isn’t exactly the world’s largest online gambling hub but gives the thing the Chinese government is in full support to Cranberries crackdown in China online gambling is kind of sort of banned but not really I mean there is a ban but it doesn’t prevent Chinese players from leaving around 1 trillion one here in online casinos the government is been letting it slide but Cambodian they inspire them to close up shop which would deal a major blow to the industry or maybe not you never know actually I should probably get going right who even hired this guy anyway I think that’s it for now leave us likes subscribe and leave a comment or two see you in 10 days Thai job


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